(Closed) Any tips/advice about permanent birth control?

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I have known women that have had their tubes tied but it was done right after they had a baby so they were already in the hospital anyway I would look into a vasectomy its less invasive I think its just local anesthetic and then he goes home the same day. what does your SO think, its his body so it would be up to him. from what I have read its the safer option of the 3

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I had my tubes tied the day my daughter was born, almost 17 years agol!  It has been great not to have to remember to take pills or worry about getting pregnant.  My sister had her tubes tied a few years ago (not after giving birth).  It is surgery.  Plain and simple.  We both recovered as any surgical patient would.  Only I had a newborn baby to care for (and a 2yr. old as well) at the same time.  I think it might have been easier for her because she didn’t have little ones to care for during her recovery.  The recovery from the procedure is recovery from surgery.  But, IMO it is well worth it!

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My dad had a vasectomy when my lil sis was 4 weeks old. He said it was the best decision he could have made. Very little pain, and no more worries. (My parents were done after 5 pregs and only 2 kids.)

I had my tubes tied and have never regretted it. I don’t have to worry about forgetting BC, and there’s no drugs in my system. It was done outpatient, and I was back to my same self after a day of rest. The worst part was recovering from the anesthesia. I felt groggy for about 5 hours. 6 years later…no problems!


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I had my tubes tied just after my fiancee and I got engaged.  We both agree that we don’t want any more children (I have a daughter from my first marriage) and I couldn’t be happier.  My biggest problem was the line of questioning I got about getting it done when I was “only 28′ and “might change my mind.”  Our thinking was that even though it was more invasive than getting him snipped, it was better in the long run because there was less risk of something going wrong.  I love never having to worry about BC anymore!  The surgery really wasn’t that bad as far as pain goes.  I was sore for a good 4 days and then I was much better.  Good luck deciding!

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I’ve had lots of friends and friend’s husbands who have had vasectomies. Not a single issue (other than a lot of whining, ha ha ha). The only one who had a, let’s say side effect, was the one who didn’t quite follow the “don’t have unprotected sex until we confirm that you are shooting blanks.” Um, yep, they got pregnant!


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My Fiance is “fixed”.  He had a vasectomy before we met.  He has a daughter from previous and I have 3 kids from previous.  I had always envisioned having more kids when I got married and I never would have gotten a tubal myself.  I still try to convince Fiance to reverse it but somedays when my kids drive me crazy I’m glad he’s “fixed” lol.

In one way it makes me sad because my youngest (they’re twins) are 6.  I would love to have another one.  But in other ways its really nice because we don’t have to worry about birth control. 

I had the Implant when I met him and I liked it but then I started having my period every 2 weeks and it was heavy sometimes plus I started breaking out really bad.  So I took it out and got on the shot to regulate my periods.  I stopped that after I was regulated and like I said its nice to not have to grab a condom or remember to take a pill every morning etc.

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My Fiance had a vas, and he was a big baby for a week, but I think it was more “poor poor me” He is one of those sickest person in the whole world guys and wants to be pampered.. lol. But he tells everyone it was sore, and uncomfortable, but he never took the pain killers so it must have not been that bad.He really didnt want me to have the tubes tied because it is surgery and you have to recover for 6-8 weeks. He rather make it short and sweet, and less pain to me if possible. DOnt know if this is Too Much Information, but intimacy has never changed than before. Everything works just like it did before, but with less stress.

My mom had her tubes tied, and was 24 years ago after delivery of me. She said she found out after there are rare side effects like crazy cramps and such she never had before and didnt realize that she was having after probably because of.

Money wise, Vas’s are way cheaper too. alot of insurences dont pay (some health clinics help you out if you qualify)

HeWe also had a Pre-Snipping party. to let all the “homies” be together one more time. lol… my Fiance is weird.

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I had my tubes tied 2 hours after I had my youngest daughter. They had to dig a bit to find the left tube but it was only because I had surgery when I was 15 that messed it up. I bruised quite a bit but nothing a little percocet didn’t fix. No side effects from the anesthesia or anything-my darn epidural didn’t hold for my surgery πŸ™ I have my moments when I regret having it done- I’m 24 and my friends are all just now getting engaged so they’re going to be having babies soon and baby fever hits me reallllllly hard. But, all in all, I am glad I did it.

Hubs would have havd a vascectomy but he didn’t have insurance at the time since we weren’t married. I was already in the hospital so I figured I’d just do it πŸ™‚

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This past Summer I had the Essure implants. Best decision I made no hormones or worry of taking a pill.

It is non-surgical, but you do need to be under a twilight anesthesia (I think that is what it is called). Plus it can be a pricey procedure fortunately my insurance paid 90% of it.

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