Any U.S. bees who've moved to different countries? Deciding where to live…

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I moved to France from the US Virgin Islands. My son was one of my main reasons for moving. The crime and money issues were and still are terrible. I made the right decision with him in mind. He was able to start school at 3 for free and it would never have been possible back home. 

The price of food and quality of fresh fruits is also much better so we are eating way better here than we did before. I gained 25 lbs since my move and it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever been above 98 lbs.

What I didn’t consider was how isolating and how depressed I would get being so far from my family, my culture, my language, and my home. 

The temperatures are such a drastic change and they play a big role in my depression. I was so used to sun all year long that winter I’d something I still haven’t adjusted to.

I have to say that things are getting better, I made a friend and it doesn’t feel so lonely though it’s difficult to stay in contact with family because of timezones issues. I’d still make the move knowing my son has a better life and more options available to him over here.

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OP do you mean Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland? I moved from Canada to England (DH is British) and I really loved it there. It is hard at first when you don’t know anyone but I love starting over in and exploring new places. 

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Hm I’m a LI-NY bee and have lived my entire life on the island and we personally love it here even though it’s god awful expensive but that’s the cost of being close to the city and the beach (and family for us), I would assume it’s close to Seattle COL though. NY just started mandated paid family leave Jan 1, not sure how it exactly works though but it’s a step forward. Last year they introduced paid in-state college tuition if you qualify-again don’t know the requirements you would need.

There is a big Irish population in ny though but I will caution you that even though we are a predominantly blue state-the Island is mainly a republican strong-hold. Don’t know if that matters to you though…overall schools are good and quality of life decent.

I look forward to the summer every year where we almost live at the beach lol plenty of parks and overall stuff to do (go west to the city or go east to the country) don’t even get me started on all the great stuff mid & upstate have to offer!

If I had to choose to live abroad though it would have to be Europe or Australia. That “free” healthcare/education is very enticing…

Totally get that this is a really hard decision, start with researching more places you might want to relocate to and if possible go for a visit and get a sense of the lay of the land. Too many people I know say they wanted out of the NE (relocated across country and international) and some did go and love being transplants then others come back and will never move again lol. Only you know yourself well enough to be able to decide if this is something you’re comfortable with.

Good Luck! 😊

(If you have any other questions about the island I’d be happy to answer to the best of my abilities)

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I am from California and Michigan. Took at job transfer to work at Volvo Cars in Sweden with Ford.  You pay 50% tax but you get so many benefits.  Two years maternity and your job is still there when you get back. Great public transportation and good work/life balance….but it was dark all winter and light all summer.  Joined an English/American group so I met some people and most people spoke English in the country which helped.  I then moved to England to work at Ford there. Benefits were ok but the managers forced us to sign contracts that waived the 40 hour work week limit.  Even though they couldn’t fire people, they found ways around it.  The healthcare was ok but not as good as Sweden…although mostly free.  My employees in Sweden had much higher salaries than England even though the cost of living was cheaper.  The Republic of Ireland might be better outside the Brexit debacle but I am sure they are still feeling some of the pain.  As other’s have said, it is hard when you don’t know anyone.  It is always harder to make friends moving somewhere new as an adult.  You have to find groups, work or activities so you don’t get depressed.  You may have the same Visa problem going over there as he does in the US.  It has been made much harder now and being married doesn’t guarantee everything. From what I remember in the UK, it has gone to a lotto system now but I could be wrong. 

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Not American but from Canada and moved to the Netherlands. I think it’s always nice to experience a different way of living, even if you’ll eventually repatriate. It really grows you as a person. 

The hardest challenge has been missing our friends and family and living life with all the availability and convenience of North America. But we are adjusting and it is becoming easier. 

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I’d 100% move to Ireland for your family. 

I get so cross on here when i see USA bees who don’t get maternity leave, pay ridiculous amounts for child care, crazily expensive health insurance etc. Everything is user pays.

I live in New Zealand & like Ireland we get maternity leave paid for by government (6 months) and a year off with job kept open. From 3 years kids get 20 hours free daycare. The government pays lower income working families with kids a supplement weekly. Dental care is free for under 18s. Under 5s get free doctors visits.  Also we have free healthcare for everyone here. University costs are in line with Ireland as they’re partially funded by government. 

Also the rest of Europe is so close!

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