(Closed) Any vegetarian expecting bees out there?

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I haven’t been eating much meat since getting pregnant (I’m 18 weeks now) because it all sounds disgusting! I had trouble with protein too. I tried very hard and have managed to eat more peanut butter, beans, dairy contains protein as well and greek yogurt is a great option because it’s super high in protein compared to regular yogurt. Eggs are a great source too.

A few other bees had suggested to me protein shakes, but I haven’t gone that far yet. I don’t like shakes, smoothies etc… so that’s a last resort for me.

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I’m vegetarian normally.  My Darling Husband said I should eat meat now since I am PG but I cannot even imagine it.  I just eat what I normally eat lots of greens(spinach and kale are great), lentils, beans, cheese, cheese, cheese, yogurt and milk.  I don’t think you need to go as far as protein shakes.  As long as your are taking a supplement you should be ok.  I see my doctor next week so we’ll see what she says!

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I’m not PG but I’ve been a vegetarian for many years. Do you like beans, whole grains, lentils, nuts, seeds??? All good sources of protein and have tons of other health benefits too. A super easy way to make a complete protein is combining beans with whole grains and adding your favorite vegetables.

And I second the suggestion about greek yogurt, tons a protein and if you like regular yogurt, the chobani greek yogurt is pretty sweet and an easy one to switch over to after regular yogurt (some of the others seem more sour and thick).


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@MrsB1015:  Lentils are a legume, they can be found with the dried beans in your supermarket. I make a thick soup out of them, which is really filling and tasty.

You basically saute (I use olive oil) diced carrots, celery and onions until slightly softened, add a few cloves of minced garlic until fragrant, then dump your rinsed and picked over lentils in and cover with broth. I use chicken broth typically but I’ve also used vegetable broth. You can also add some water if you don’t have enough broth to cover the lentils. Then just let everything simmer over low-medium heat for about an hour. I like to add some diced turkey kielbasa at the end for extra flavor but you can leave that out.

As far as cooking with beans, you could make a really tasty meatless chili with various canned beans – black beans, chickpeas, kidney beans. I’ve used seasoned chickpeas in place of the meat in tacos.

Eggs and Greek yogurt are some of my favorite protein-rich foods, though I’m not a vegetarian.

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TVP and quinoa are both incredibly high in protein, and you can mix them into anything as well as use them like you would use rice.

Also MUCH healthier than stuffing yourself with dairy products lol

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@MrsB1015:  iheartnerds pretty much covered lentils before I could get to it! 🙂 They are like beans, but smaller and take WAY less time too cook. (You can buy them in the bean/mexican aisle at most big supermarkets.) And by less time too cook, I mean if you compare them to cooking beans from scratch. If you start eating beans I highly suggest cooking them from scratch. In my opinion, they always taste better and it helps prevent the infamous gas that comes along with beans! Just soak them overnight, dump the water, and simmer for like an hour or until they are tender. You can also use a pressue cooker if you have one. 

My absolute favorite soup is vegetarian and super easy to make. I leave out the canned tomatoes and replace them with fresh tomatos that I’ve simmered down for a little while. http://cookeatshare.com/recipes/black-bean-soup-moosewood-85548

Quinoa (as mentioned by CountryRose) is also awesome. Its a fluffy grain and a complete protein. Can be difficult to find in regular grocery stores, but comes in the bulk sections of Wholefoods. The quinoa plant makes a natural pesticide coating the grains, similar to what soaps are made out of. So just remember to rinse the quinoa before cooking!

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I use lentils in place of beef in tacos. I put them in a deep pan with vegetable stock a taco seasoning. They are so amazing, peoplemalways tell me they prefer them to regular tacos.

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– Switch from “white” grains to whole: whole wheat breads & pastas & brown rice.  More protein than the original AND the extra fiber will take longer to digest, giving you more sustained energy.

– Nuts are awesome.  If PB&J gets borring, try other nut butters, like almond.  Toss a handful of nuts into your salads!

– Try out some soy-based ‘fake meat’ products, but don’t rely too heavily on them.  I try to limit myself to 1-2 servings a week.  They can be great to suppliment while you transition and learn new recipes (or when you’re really really lazy and just want an easy tofu dog dinner XD )

– Tofu.  I know it seems daunting at first, but its great.  Its basically a flavorless sponge, it’ll taste like whatever you cook/marinate it in.  I like to simmer mine in brothy soups.

– Like PPs mentioned, beans and lentils are great, too.  My favorite lentil recipe is “sloppy lentils” http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2009/10/sloppy-lentils-in-the-crockpot.html

– Lastly, remember that you don’t actually need tons of protein per day.  I don’t know the specifics of how it changes while pregnant, but 2 servings of protein per day is sufficient for an average adult.  If you’re super tired, you might be lacking in iron, not protein.  In which case, be like Popeye and eat your spinach!  Haha!

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