Any Wedding Day Regrets?? Poll

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  • poll: I would change...
    Different vendors : (14 votes)
    11 %
    Different Dress : (8 votes)
    6 %
    Change guest list (add or remove some people) : (18 votes)
    14 %
    I would have told myself to relax and enjoy the day more! : (18 votes)
    14 %
    Different wedding location : (3 votes)
    2 %
    Money! Smaller or Bigger Budget : (13 votes)
    10 %
    Different or no bridal party : (8 votes)
    6 %
    Other (feel free to explain!) : (11 votes)
    9 %
    Nothing! I loved my wedding : (34 votes)
    27 %
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    • Wedding: October 2017

    I wish i had brought my dress somewhere else for alterations .  The seamstress was a nightmare.  I loved everything about the dress except it was sleeveless.   The bridal consultant told me it was easy to add sleeves and we picked out some material and ordered it.  When I got to my first alteration appt the seamstress had no record of it and was actually very rude about it.  She told me that my dress wasn’t meant to have sleeves and nobody would have told me it was possible.   I showed her the receipt,  which was also in her computer.  She then backtracked and said that of course we could add sleeves,  it’s just a different choice but completely doable.  She took measurements for other things and said she’ll order my sleeves and they’d be there for next appt.  Next appt she’s 45 min late (and this would happen for all 5 appts. I was also told that beyond the sleeves my dress would need minimal alterations and be done in 2 to 3 appts) She didn’t order the sleeves and had no recollection of anything that even happened the last appt.  She implied again that this was a mistake on my part. She said she would put the order in and they would be there for my next appt.  They weren’t but she showed me the ord and said they’d be there for the next appt.  Thankfully they were.  She took measurements and pinned them on and said the dress would be ready to pick up next week.  Which was 4 days before my wedding.   I get there and this time she’s an hour and a half late.  I see that the effing sleeves are still pinned on.  She keeps me waiting for another 45 min because she’s sewing the sleeves on.  I try the dress on and then she says I can pick up Saturday morning.   I’m getting married Sunday and have no time to drive 45 min to get my dress. I tell her I’ll take the dress now.  She says it needs to be steamed so I tell her she can do it now or not at all. She ends up doing it there but not before telling me that she doesn’t think I ever ordered the sleeves to begin with.  The sleeves also ended up ripping off the second I put my dress on the morning of the wedding.   My moh safety pinned them on.  She is my only wedding regret.  The same thing happened to my coworker except she wanted her to pick up her dress ON her wedding day.



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    Should have gone with a different DJ. He was spastic and proposed to meet to discuss music and timeline, then pushed back and didn’t. Then when we did meet, he showed up dirty and didn’t remember my name. Yet, the more we talked, the more relaxed we were. He was not needed for the wedding, just the reception. We gave them the list of songs that were important, and how to play then, along with the type of music we liked. 

    We were very specific in wanting the first dance to start, then have him after 30 seconds invite all couples to the floor to dance as well. We didn’t want to just sway up there for 3 minutes, then right after we had a specific song picked out to continue the party and just start dancing away. 30 seconds go by, thing are great, 1 minute nothing, 2 minutes nothing, we are starting to get nervous up there by ourselves. I keep trying to catch his eye, the mood is broken, he’s just looking around. Finally about 30 seconds before the end of the dance he calls the couples up with just a few seconds to spare, it just looked stupid. Then right after he comes out with Dancing Queen or some other 70’s song, WTF! People tried to stay up there, but many went back to their chairs, about half way through he then put the song we had selected, and it got the party started.

    At the end of the night he gave us a CD with our songs, and some of the most popular songs. I can’t listen to my first dance song still without getting angry about it. I should let it go, everything was great. The music after was ok, but darnit, we wanted a nice moment, we made a point of putting it in writing, we met with him, and nothing.

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    • Wedding: March 2019

    There are some things I would change now.

    First, my dress.

    Then, I shouldn’t have went with the wedding planner’s idea of getting everyone from the cocktail place to sit down, have my father’s and my husband’s father speech and my thank you speech all in 10 MINUTES! I mean, how on earth did she think that would happen?! So dinner started late, resulting in them almost taking away the plates when they haven’t finished them, and the mariachis only play 30 minutes when they were paid for one hour. All in all, she was actually pretty useless, forgot about so many things I or we’ve told her and messed up that part. She came with the catering service which was mostly good, if it wouldn’t have been for her shitty work.

    The wedding cake was just cut between me and my husband in order to take photos, as the wedding planner advised us to do so. I would have loved to make it a bigger thing, so that people actually would have got to see our wedding cake. Which btw looked beautiful, but again, didn’t have some decoration on it we wanted and its flavor wasn’t exactly the one we had ordered (after having 3 cake trials so the damn baker could get it right).

    Take more time to take pictures in my dress alone and with my husband.

    And I would have loved to have some moment for me during the wedding, just to breath and being able to enjoy more.

    And I definitely regret letting the wedding planning get to me. I should have relaxed more, cared more about myself then others. Because in the end so many things didn’t go as I told them. And after hours and hours of searching the internet for ideas and deciding what is doable/affordable and choosing pictures to send to the vendors, it just felt such a loss of time, because they kind of did, what ocurred to them.

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    I would spend less money on my wedding dress. It was gorgeous and I loved it, but there’s no reason I couldn’t have loved a different, cheaper dress. Originally I wanted to get a nice bridesmaid dress in a white colour and I lost sight of that throughout all the hubbub. Now that it’s passed I find myself wishing I stuck to my original plan and saved myself some money!

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