(Closed) Anybody else with migraines feel “dyslexic”?

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@pharmy:  I’ve had migraines for years.  I’ve never had that happen, but I do get confused.  Words I know that I know just don’t make sense, or look wrong.  Sometimes I forget simple words (like “the”).  Then I know it’s time to take myself home to bed.  It goes away when I start to feel better.  I hope you’re feeling back to normal soon.

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Yep, migraines can do that do you. Migraines suck.

I get that too, where all the words and letters just jumble together and trade places. This is actually the very first symptom I get with migraines, before the pain starts. When words start jumbling, I know I need to start taking drugs and get somewhere dark and quiet to try to try to prevent a full-blown migraine.

I also get to where I can’t think of simple things. For example, on the tail-end of a migraine (it was ALMOST over, I had doped myself up on Excedrine been sleeping it off for several hours) Darling Husband & I went to Chipotle to grab supper. I could hardly order my food, I couldn’t think of simple words like “black beans”, “chicken”, “cheese”. The person behind the counter probably thought I was mentally-challenged.

And sometimes I throw-up when I have a migraine too.


I hate when people around me, such as co-workers, ask if my “headache” is better when I have had to go home from work before because of a migraine. They don’t understand a migraine is a far different creature than a headache.

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When the meds don’t work, I pull the curtains, grab a soda (non-diet) and something sweet and consume massive amounts of sugar.  🙂  It makes me feel better anyway. I like to think the sugar helps increase my seratonin levels.

Also, 3 advil liqui-gels and 2 sudafed (the good ones they keep behind the counter) but that’s usually when I can’t take my meds for whatever reason, still if I hurt enough I’ll try anything.

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Yup . It’s scary

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I don’t get dyslexic, but it does take me extra time to read text. I feel like my processing time is slow, and the letters look out of focus, and sometimes like they are vibrating. My vision can get a bit spotty, too. Pretty similar. I also get really nauseas, light sensitive, and sound sensitive. To deal with it I drink as much water as I can without aggravating the nausea, take some excedrin (which helps a wee bit, my sister swears that taking an aspirin, two extra strength tylenol, and drinking a cup of coffee works better than taking excedrin, even though that is all the ingredients that are in excedrin), and lay down. Can’t ever sleep, though. I’ve been getting these migraines since I was kid. From what my doctor has told me, there is nothing I can do about them, and these symptoms are somewhat typical. Luckily, I only get maybe one a month. My doctor said that since I have had basically the same migraine for years, that I shouldn’t need to seek medical care for them, but to come in if they worsen significantly, or if I start experiencing really different symptoms with the migraines. Basically “yes, it’s scary, but it’s normal. Deal with it unless it gets worse!” Sigh. Let’s hope your migraine was a fluke! The migrain club is not a fun place to be.

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