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Yes. And it worked. I am still a nervous person but the panic attacks have a stopped and I am much more self-aware. It took me a few months to truly feel better, but CBT plus traditional talk therapy helped me when I thought there was nothing I could do and that I was so anxious I was losing my mind. I realized I wasn’t crazy and thaT I needed to train myself to think differently.


Good luck! Feel better! 

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I did a round of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to deal with panic attacks a couple years ago.  We used the book “When Panic Attacks” by David D. Burns.

I found in INCREDIBLY helpful.  MUCH more so than standard “talk” therapy.  But I think that it also had to do with my therapist, so I hope you have found a good partner.

I will also tell you that I have found meditation more helpful than I ever would have thought it could offer.  There is a premise in meditation around “mindfulness” that I found exceptionally empowering.  Meditation taught me, for the first time in my life (and I’m old…lol) that I can have a thought that doesn’t actually require action.  It’s just a thought.  Nothing else.  I learned techniques that helped me reduce emotion to logically look at a thought and make a concious decision whether or not to pay attention to it or to disregard the thought completely.  I won’t sugar coat……  it took a while, but even though I am now not actively in therapy I can pull whichever techniques out whenever I want and use them at any given point in time.

I didn’t read your back posts…. but I have dealt with anxiety most of my life.  Good for you for being pro-active with an approach rooted in CBT.

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Hi Anxiousbee.  I used to have social phobia (social anxiety disorder), and my treatment involved CBT and a SSRI.  I had a very positive experience, so long as I could open up to my psychologist.  The irony was that I was afraid of being judged, but to talk to a therapist you have to try to let that go, haha.

I consider myself to have a completely healthy level of anxiety today.  I’m also considering starting a PhD in clinical psychology.  Can I give you some unofficial advice?  Find the things that make you anxious and face them.  I know, it’s hard, but it really is effective.  One of the best ways to reduce anxieties is to make youself experience the anxiety-inducing scenarios in a safe environment and essentially prove to yourself that it isn’t so bad.

One technique you will probably use is also to try to correct your automatic negative thoughts.  My psychologist would tell me to essentially have an inner argument with myself, telling myself why my fears were irrational.  I would then repeat these reasons to myself whenever I got anxious.  It’s called cognitive reprogramming.

It does take work, though.  It is a gradual process, but if you stick with it I think you’ll be happy with your results, too 🙂

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I had very bad anxiety (started at age 16 and reached a head at 18 when I had a HUGE panic attac and thought I was going insane, my mother is schizophrenic, and voluntarily admitted myself to a psych ward). That was def a low moment and i had horrible anxiety for years afterward. I even stayed home for four months straight bc i was scared to leave my house. i was afraid of everything but mostly i was afraid of losing control and doing something horrible like hurting or killing someone. 

i did talk therapy and it was useless. there was no way i would take meds either. i felt doomed until i spent the best $14 i have ever spent and bought “panic attacks workbook” by Dr. Carbonell. he writes it like he is sitting in the room talking to you. it’s a CBT book. it worked for me in a VERY short amount of time. within days my anxiety felt like it wasn’t a huge hurdle at all and i felt confident i’d overcome it and I do all on my own. 

i still need to overcome my final hurdle and get back into the work force but it has worked winders

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Im saving my place to answer later.

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