Anybody have Moissanite? Funny story about my dad

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I have one and I would have never known if it weren’t for the jeweler when FH and I went to go get my ring re-sized… the jeweler was saying how the cut was very unique for a princess cut and finally asked, “is it moissanite?” (he asked it very quietly though because i think he realized maybe i wasn’t supposed to know) 

Anyway, I don’t care, the ring is a symbol of love and hey, we are both pretty poor so I didn’t see any point in breaking the bank for a diamond that I’ll admit, I would never be able to tell if it’s real. 

I even wikipedia’d moissanite and found that it is actually very unique (like diamonds) even though it’s man-made? (I think) I could be wrong on that…


But to answer your question… nobody can tell the difference, everyone thinks its georgous and I LOVE IT!!!

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I don’t have moissanite, but I have an Asha, which is a simulated diamond. We looked at moissanite once (they carry them at JCPenny’s stores) and my husband thought he saw a bit of a green tint, but honestly I didn’t see anything. Since he wasn’t totally sold on it he kept researching and found Asha which got really good reviews. Unfortunately they don’t really carry it in stores so he had to order the stone online, but it really does look great. My ring has real diamonds on the side and an Asha as the center stone and there’s no difference in color or anything.

I’ve never really bought into the whole diamond thing. I mean, they’re ok, but I think if someone had marketed a ruby or some other stone like they did a diamond we’d all be walking around with rubies. There are a lot of people who will say a diamond simulant is not as good because it doesn’t have the imperfections that a real diamond has. Umm, what?! If it were ANYTHING else people would choose the less expensive, more perfect item over a very expensive item with numerous imprefections. That argument for a real diamond just never made any sense to me. Besides, who the heck can really tell anyway? I’ve never had someone run up to me with a jewelers loop, check out my ring, and then tell everyone how my stone isn’t real because it’s too perfect. 

I don’t mean to come off as a conspiracy theorist or anything, but I think it really is all about the marketing, which the diamond industry has done a great job of. I think they’ve managed to convince a lot of people that if it isn’t a real diamond it’s not real love, which is not true at all. I mean, it’s sweet if a man wants to buy his wife jewelry but it seems more practical to go with a simulant and use the money you save to go towards something that will benefit the family like a downpayment for a house or put it away for your kids future.

Well, I think I’ve done enough ranting and rambling for one day hehe. 

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I have a friend whose husband bought her a 3.6 carat (!) lab-simulated diamond.  Not sure whether it was Mosanite or Asha or what.  It looks very nice (although way too big for my taste).  They had a terrible time finding a jeweler who would set it since it wasn’t real, so if your dad’s interested in a pre-made piece online I’d go that way.

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My mom got herself (OK, she asked my dad to get it for her, lol 🙂 a moissanite ring… Since she’s had it she’s had to have it replaced twice and it’s gotten very yellow… again!  I was talking to her a few months before our engagement and brought up that I’d rather him get moissanite cause I didn’t see the need to spend on a diamond… she advised against it.  She’s really bummed about her ring, she loves it but it keeps turning yellow.

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Before we found my ring, we were seriously looking into Moissanite. (I had just seen the movie Blood Diamond for the first time and could not even think of buying real. But, we ended up buying real, so you can see how firmly I stand up for my principles… Undecided)

So I went on an extensive internet and store search. I went to a couple of jewlery stores, and one of them was Penney’s. I agree, that there was something a little off on the color of their stones, but when I went to other stores, the stones were clear and flawless under a jeweler’s loop. I would have been just as happy with Moissanite as real. They have so many pros; they are stunning, flawless, colorless (if you go to the right place), not mined, and less expensive. I would be proud to wear Moissanite.

I did find a great website with some beautiful Moissanite pieces, LK Jewelry Designs:

Hope that helps!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2010

One of my besties has a moissanite diamond for an engagement ring and no one can even tell. She seems very happy with it. It was hard to find a pear shaped diamond that was pretty so she went this route and they bought it online and they seem very pleased with it.

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Worker bee

To me, moissanite is very beautiful, but it does not look exactly like a diamond.  It throws off more green-ish yellow light.  Hope that helps.

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Oops, double post.

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Come to find out my first engagement ring was a moissanite, and NO ONE knew the difference :D… not even jewelers.  He got mine from HSN. I am secretly glad that he didn’t spend as much as I originally thought lol!

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My cousin has a moissanite ring & I’d never have thought it was anything but a diamond (until she told me). I searched moissanite on WB & I found It’s a bio from mudblood428 & I love what she wrote! Click the link & check it out 🙂

“I try hard to be globally minded person.  So, when the discussion came up about what my engagement ring should look like, I had a moral dilemma.  I’d read about the diamond trade and how difficult it is for the Kimberly Process to ensure that diamonds actually come from conflict free zones when blood diamonds can be trafficked into those areas so easily.  I didn’t want my ring to in any way have so much as a possibility of funding a bloody war in Africa……….”

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 Moissanite is generally indistinguishable from diamond, though it seems that moissanite picks up on the color of the light (cloudy day vs. sunny day) moreso, giving the greenish-yellow color sometimes seen.

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Moissanite can be green/gray in certain lighting in sizes 1 ct and above and even moreso in the fancy cuts. That said, MOST people cannot tell the difference between Moissanite and diamonds. In the smaller carat range it’s really not that obvious. (Yes, I am a self proclaimed jewelry addict! lol…)

The moissy sold at JC Penny’s is a different quality than what you may get elsewhere.

Moissanite now comes in colors and there is “treated” Moissanite which helps reduce some of the color issues that people complain about. The only company I know who does the “treated” moissy is

I think it’s a wonderful alternative for those who want the diamond look, but don’t want to get a diamond for hatever reasons. Still, it can be equally costly as a diamond.

I owned an asha pear-cut stone and it was lovely, but I would opt for moissy over asha for an engagement ring as moissy is as strong as a diamond and less likely to scratch or get dull over time.

My two cents for what they’re worth. 🙂

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