(Closed) Anybody know anything about meningitis?

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TO @LilyBee70:  Oh my gosh… (( HUGS )) to you

That has to be very upsetting for sure, I hope that everything goes well for the little one (please keep us updated)

My only experiences with any form of Meningitis was one strain that in the 1990s was a major outbreak that targeted Teenagers in Eastern Ontario (my kids were teens and it was very very scary)

Have tried googling to read anything on line (well that is if you know the strain)

On the otherhand, I always find that med info on the net can be more disturbing to read than what is going on in actuality with the sick person… so causes unnecessary worry.


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From what we were taught in my pathology class, it is a very serious (“red flag”) issue but as long as it is caught and treated early everything will be just fine! 

My thoughts are with him and your family!

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Sending prayers for the 5 week old, and you and the parents.  Keep us posted.  

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They probably did a spinal tap to confirm whether or not he has it. Two types are bacterial and viral meningitis. Bacterial is the worst one.  Since he is so young, if your grandson has meningitis he could have gotten it from his mom if she had an infection within her vagina. But there are other causes as well. This is just one I remember because they put me on antibiotics before I delivered to make sure I didnt pass any infection (Group B Strep) to my child and then they put her on antibiotics afterwards as well.

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I lost my cousin to meningitis 15 years ago. She was a vibrant, healthy, 29 year old just promoted to VP of the investment bank she worked at in NYC. She went on a short vacation with her Fiance to celebrate her promotion and felt like she had the flu when she returned. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t seek medical assistance until she noticed splotches on her skin. Her mother called her SIL /my cousin sister’ husband – who is a doctor – to ask about it. His stomach dropped he insisted she call an ambulance immediately and he would meet them at hospital, but he later told us as soon as he heard her describe splotches on her skin he knew it was probably too late. Tragically it was, we lost her 2 days later. 

There are different types ofmeningitis – some far more dangerous than others. It is a very serious and dangerous disease but it is usually treatable if caught early enough. Sadly my cousin dismissed her symptoms as “just the flu” until it had progressed too far to be stopped. I still get choked up thinking about her, she was just on the cusp of such an amazing life she worked so hard for. 


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@MirnaMinkoff:  Do you really think this post was necessary or helpful?


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@LilyBee70:  Yes!  I had it when I was a baby … I tested positive when I was like 18 days old or something outrageous like that.  My mom had taken me to the mall when I was two weeks old and they suspect I contracted it there.  Now every time I see a tiiiiiny baby out, I have to suppress the urge to say TAKE THAT BABY HOME RIGHT NOW!


First: do you know if it is viral or bacterial?  If it is viral, it is kind of like the flu (no medicine for it) and as long as they keep his fever down and keep him hydrated, it will pass.  If it is bacterial it is much, much more serious.


I’ll tell you what I know about it: I was in an incubator under constant surveillance in the ICU (maybe even the NICU?) for four days.  I didn’t get any worse but I didn’t get better with the plethora of antibiotics, either.  They ended up helicoptering us to Salt Lake City (I’m from almost-Canada Idaho, so it was pretty far) where my mother and I remained for a little over three weeks.


The major concerns with meningitis in babies is how long they were feverish before antibiotics were applied.  With kids or adults, they know when something starts feeling wrong and they can take action, but babies can’t tell you something’s wrong.  If his fever wasn’t skyrocketed (I mean like 108) they probably caught it pretty early and started antibiotics quickly.  Most of the damage that can come from meningitis (as far as I’m aware) is from fever.


I still have scars on my back from the spinal taps.  They are tiny dots but I see them still.  When they gave me the spinal taps (they did this twice), they gave me a local anesthetic to prevent me from wriggling around – essentially, a baby-sized epidural.


Then, I had it when I got my vaccine – I guess just that tiny amount of reintroduction into my system was too much.  I was hospitalized for a few days and was home from school for like 10 days I think.


Then, I had it six months ago because I didn’t know you need a booster every four years AND that the vaccine doesn’t prevent against five types of meningitis.  Sigh.  This time was viral, though, so I don’t think the booster would have changed anything?  But I’m not a doctor.

My immune system is lower than other people’s (for example, I had strep eight times last year …) and absolutely every time I get more than a sniffle I’m at the doctor just in case.  I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, I guess, but if you had meningitis three times you would be too.


Praying for your little guy!!


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Hey! I’m a NICU nurse! I’m actually treating two babies with meningitis right now – well, not right now, but earlier today when I was at work ๐Ÿ™‚ Meninigitis in newborns is actually more common than you would think and very very treatable if it’s detected early. Babies are very immunologically fragile and can pick up infections very easily; where you or I might get a cut on our finger that gets infected and treated with an antiobiotic ointment, once an infection enters a baby it tends to spread very rapidly into sepsis (infection of the blood) and/or meningitis (infection of the brain/spinal fluid). Typically babies recover fully as long as they receive a full treatment cycle – in both hospitals I’ve worked in, that treatment course includes at least 14 days of antibiotics delivered intraveneously as well as close monitoring in the hospital. The tests they did on your grandson include a Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap or LP to collect samples of the spinal fluid and test for infection), a blood culture (blood sample to test for infection and see if bacteria will grow from it in the lab), a CBCD (complete blood count with differential – this can show patterns that will alert us if a baby is fighting off an infection in its blood stream), and maybe a CRP (a measurement of a protein in the body that indicates inflammation – if this value is high, usually it’s a sign that baby is fighting some kind of infection or illness). Chances are they have already started treating your grandson with antibiotics as soon as he was seen by the physician, and I’m assuming he’s been admitted to a hospital already! If you have any more questions feel free to PM me or reply here; I’m off tomorrow and I’m more than happy to reply! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope all goes well with your grandson, please have faith that he is in good caring hands.

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I had a friend who had meningitis, and AFAIK he had no lasting effects from it.  He was in the hospital for a while and was weak like he had the flu or something after and then he was fine again.

It really just depends on the strain, how bad the infection is before treatment and just how someone responds.

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@LilyBee70:  I don’t think it helps to read stuff on the web, as it’s nerve-wracking to read stuff like that when you don’t have specific answers yet.  Especially if you don’t know if it’s bacterial or viral, or strain.  Not that you don’t stop the worry, but maybe try to do some deep calm breathing/meditation tonight and envision you, your daughter and your grandson in a bubble of white/gold healing light.  If you are religious, pray.  And maybe you will feel better sending a private message to @NurseNess17:    Are you (physically) close to the hospital so you can maybe be present with your daughter when the doctor explains things?  Perhaps you will get good results in the morning.  Again God Bless all of you.  

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Prayers for you and your family!

If it is meningitis that is very serious. But, long lasting effects and the outcome varies with the type of meningitis and each situation is unique.

My brother was tested at a few months old for meningitis. He was very very sick and hospitalized. However, he did not have meningitis and recovered very well! And I have known people with meningitis who have recovered. I also know people who have passed away. 

I hope the best for your family. I’m sure this is a very hard time for you. ๐Ÿ™  

As a student I had a placement in PICU. I saw a surprising amount of children with extremely serious infections like meningitis and most of them recovered. Medicine can do wonders ๐Ÿ™‚

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