(Closed) Anybody lie about their carat size?

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2013

I’ve never been asked about it, so I have never told anyone and therefore, I have never lied about it.  🙂

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: January 1998

Kinda…I didnt tell everyone it was 1.02ct or over a carat when I got it for my 15th anniversary upgrade…I just said I got my carat 🙂 does that count

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Bumble Beekeeper

Neat thread!  I never have, no.  Although I may have referred to my 0.52 centre stone as “about a half a carat”, I usually just tell whoever is asking the specifics (which is usually no one, haha)!

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: June 2014

i do the exact same thing…. my ring is 1.5 ct and since everyone only says how big it is i just say “a little over a carat” when people ask how big it is… 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

I guess I do a bit, haha.  We purchased a “half carat” leo at Kay’s for my center stone, but it is actually .45 ct.  So I call it my half carat even though it isn’t. but I don’t type .5ct which would seem like more of a lie (or I’m just crazy!)

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

@loving_life:  how much are leo diamonds?  I don’t mean to pry just curious

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

@puppiekisses:  Um, they’re pretty similar pricing to the certified diamonds also available.  It is G, SI1, cost us $1000 more than the half carat non-certified H, I1 one that we initially planned for. SOOO beyond worth the upgrade though!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

My center stone is .85 and I still just say about a carat. I’m not going to go into to detail with people about how it’s over 3/4 yet under 1. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

@loving_life:  yeah I love them, so much glittery sparkle to them.  you got the better diamond definately

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I get it, I would feel dumb saying the exact carat weight too, so to anyone who asks it’s “around a carat” even though it’s 1.25

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: August 2011

I just say mine’s a little over half a carat. Which it is. It’s .70. It’s easier for people to understand when I say it that way.

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Helper bee

My diamond is what they call a “baby half” aka 3/8ths.  So I just tell people it’s a little under a half, that way they don’t have to do the math.  If I’m typing it out to anyone that cares I say .38.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: December 2012

First off, for the record… asking is considered to be RUDE… but of course in this day and age, folks don’t seem to respect those traditional views of propriety and etiquette

So, just keep in mind that you are NEVER under any obligation to give any sort of a reply (let alone tell the WHOLE Truth)

I am sure that there are many like yourself who brush such questions aside, by finding something “general” to say… such as “It’s just over a carat”… OR my fave “Gee, ya know I never asked… I’m just thrilled with my Fiance and consider myself to be such a lucky girl to be marrying him !! “

This last one is a bit of a double-zinger… in that… IF I found it too RUDE to ask, and I’m marrying him… WHY in goodness sakes are you thinking it is OK to ask me ????

For the record though, here is an interesting bit of info, that a lot of folks buying Diamonds don’t seem to know.

Diamonds come in tons of sizes… and not all 1 Carat Diamonds for example are equal.  Technically in the Diamond Biz a 1 Carat Stone can cover a greater span than just that 1.00 CW that so many initially think of… in reality a 1 Carat stone can legally range from anywhere between 0.95 to 1.05

Here then the breakdown of Carat Weights for the most popular Carat Sizes…

1/10 Carat = 0.09 to 0.11

1/8 Carat = 0.12 to 0.13

1/7 Carat = 0.14 to 0.15

1/6 Carat = 0.16 to 0.17

1/5 Carat = 0.18 to 0.22

1/4 Carat = 0.23 to 0.28

1/3 Carat = 0.29 to 0.36

3/8 Carat = 0.37 to 0.44

1/2 Carat = 0.45 to 0.58

5/8 Carat = 0.59 to 0.68

3/4 Carat = 0.69 to 0.82

7/8 Carat = 0.83 to 0.94

1 Carat = 0.95 to 1.05

etc… so

1-1/4 Carat = 1.23 to 1.28

1-1/2 Carat = 1.45 to 1.58

1-3/4 Carat = 1.69 to 1.82

2 Carats = 1.95 to 2.05

Hope this helps,


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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: January 2011 - Midland, TX

@This Time Round:  hurmm so my 1.16 would be considerd 1 1/6 ct interesting…did not know that…

But yeah that’s to much to explain….think I’ll stick to “It just over a 1ct”

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