(Closed) Anyone 26-29 who still gets “you look so young” comments?

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Helper bee
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all the time! its a compliment!

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Blushing bee
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I’m 24 now and I’m always carded. I’m fine with others thinking I’m younger than I am if they sincerely think I look young if they’re nice about it. I’m usually mistaken for being only 15-17.

I tend to get the condescending remarks more often though. I’ve noticed a lot of women that mistake my age will give me a weird look and have a fake “oh you look so young take it as a compliment” remark.

I don’t tend to wear make-up much which could be a factor in me looking young. When they hear my age they assume I don’t know how to make myself look prettier with make-up I guess? I once had a woman comment on how I didn’t fix my eyebrows during a party (I tend to get lazy with them since my boyfriend doesn’t care and I don’t look at a mirror much XD). But, this was the first time I took notice of the look that came with the comment. Since then, I’ll see the same look maybe 1 out of 3 times I get the “you look young” compliments. It’s irritating…

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Busy bee

I will be 27 this weekend and am routinely mistaken for an 18 or 19 year old…sometimes younger.  I went to see a rated R movie back in December with my fiance’s 17 year old younger brother and they carded me and not him.

Personally, I just laugh at it now.  It used to bother me, when I was 21 and would get dirty looks by a bouncer going into a bar, but now that I’m getting older I take it as a compliment.  My advice to you would be the same…Instead of having it be a negative, switch it around to be a positive!  When you’re 50, you’ll look like you’re in your thirties and who wouldn’t want that? lol

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Helper bee
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Totally get the same thing. I will be 28 in Dec. and just the other day at dismissal (I am a 1st grade teacher) one of my kids ask my age, I tell her, when she sees her mom she goes off running, “Mom, we’re both wrong-she’s not 16 or 18, she’s 27.” I’ve also had training at the high school and was told to stop loitering the halls and get to class-flashed my badge and said thanks I’ll get right on that. It doesn’t help that I am only 5′ and barely 95lbs, so I am at eye level with half of my students. The worst though was when I was pregnant 4 years ago and not engaged yet. I would get the dirtiest looks from people…especially from women. One lady actually started lecturing me while I was shopping, about how I was “ruining my life” and how my high school & college career would be over. I eventually stopped the old bag mid sentence and said, yes that would be terrible. Thank God, I just graduated from ____ with my MA. Next time mind your own damn business and promptly walked away. It’s annoying at times to look young, but I pretty much just ignore it now bc I know when I’m 60 I’m gonna look fabulous.

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Busy bee
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I am not 26 or 27 but I am 36 and still get that and i love to get carded

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Helper bee
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I’m 27 and still get mistaken for years younger than I am. Nobody ever believes my real age, it’s always guessed at being several years younger. I dont really do anything that requires me to have id, but on the odd occasion when I’m buying a drink for someone I ALWAYS have to produce id lol. I was even handed a “under 16’s go free” pass for the sealife centre recently :/

My mum is 60 and gets mistaken for someone in their 40’s and my gran is 90 and nobody ever believes her either lol so guess it’s genetic.

Just think, we’ll love it when we’re older. Mostly it just makes me laugh XD

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Bumble Beekeeper

I’m 29 and I get this fairly often from people and I LOVE IT!  I just hope it keeps happening, haha.

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@ShennaB2b: Haha I’m a teacher as well (grade 1/2) and last year I wouldn’t tell my kids how old I was and they were all dying to know.  During the last week of school, I gave them a “How well do you know your teacher?” quiz (just for fun!) and the bonus question was to guess my age.  It was hilarious!  Apparently I’m anywhere between 17 and 53. 😉

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Helper bee
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I get it all the time. Esp when I have no makeup on. I get it al the time.

Story: I was at the dentist and had a DePaul University shirt on. Lady who worked there asked me if I was a planning to go there when i got out of high school!!! When I told her I was 28 she about shit her pants!!!

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Busy bee
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I am 28 and a teacher. I work at a middle school and subs always think I am a student. It is ridiculous. I walked into a classroom and this crazy sub started yelling at me to get in my seat and she told me “not to be rude and talk back her and who did I think I was”.


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Sugar bee
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Haha okay I know I already posted on this thread, but my boss just said something to me yesterday that cracked me up.

We were talking about booze for some reason (who knows why…) and my boss said: “Well, TinyTina was under 21 when she started working here.” I looked at him and was like, “Uh, Boss Man, I’ve only been here for 2 years… How old do you think I am?!?!” Boss Man: “Oh I don’t know, you look like you’re 19.”

…I’m turning 26 next week. Thanks Boss Man. Thanks for that. 😛

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I HATE IT, I’m 27 almost 28 and everybody thinks I’m like 22. It drives me crazy because I also work at a college, and everyone thinks I’m and student,

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Buzzing bee
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Yes! I just turned 29 in September and I get carded constantly. On my birthday someone asked if I was just turning 21.

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Blushing bee
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As annoying as it is, enjoy it! It was annoying when I was 26 and wanted to be taken seriously, but now that Im in my 30’s, I truly love when people think Im still in my 20’s!! Think of it as in indirect complement. Better than the alternative, which is to look older than your real age!

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Bumble bee
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I’m 28 and I teach at the college level (most of my students are late teens, early 20’s).  I am CONSTANTLY mistaken for a student.  There’s always this moment of “Oh! YOU’RE our teacher?!?”   

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I’m 25.  Just tonight I was walking out of the mall where they enforce a curfew for minors.  I was stopped and the security guard explained the curfew and asked me if I was at least 18.  “Umm…I’m 25.”  Security man was a little embarrassed and said “I believe you.”  I laughed and walked away. 

The only time Fiance gets carded for alcohol is when I’m around 🙂

I student taught in the fourth grade, and many of the girls in class hit their growth spurt and were my height.  I was taking my class to art and another teacher stopped my class to ask them why they were walking through the school unattended.  Did I really look like a 4th grade girl?

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