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Bumble bee
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I’m a huge hypocrite because I LOVE steaks, pork chops, ribs, chicken, turkey, etc but the idea of hunting makes me sad so I’m personally against it and wouldnt do it myself. I imagine the 3 bears minding their business and poor baby bear gets shot for a prize or trophy. Might sound silly and ridiculous but its what I imagine when I think of hunting…

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Helper bee
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@MichiganGirl24:  I am not a vegetarian, but don’t eat a lot of meat. I eat hamburger, chicken, fish and pork chops. It bothers me when people hunt for sport. I don’t like to see hunting pics that people post on FB. I won’t eat food off of a bone.

Maybe I am hypocritical because I don’t want to think about where my food came from, but I do eat some of it. There is no way I would eat a deer that a friend killed or anything like that. Luckily Fiance and none of the men close to me are hunters.

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Sugar bee
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I’d much rather eat a steak from an animal that lived a nice life in the woods, than a cow who lived in its own feces for it’s short time on earth.

In short, I am not against hunting. lol

I don’t think people should go blasting away for the fun of it, but for eating, and population control, I think it’s important and wayyyy too frowned upon!

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Busy Beekeeper
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Not I. We are so overpopulated with deer in MD. If you don;t hunt them, then the population grows to the point where there isn;t enough food to support them and they starve to death instead. IMO death by a single bullet is prefereble to slow starvation over months.

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Bee Keeper

Not in principle, no. If they eat it, that’s generally good.

I’d just hope they were killing humanely and didn’t actually do it for fun, because to me that’s kind of like going to war and finding it fun, or serial killing for the lols.

Native peoples in particular have cultural associations with hunting and they seem wholesome and worth respecting. Bubba who wants to how just how macho he is by shooting a crapton of deer? I worry, and not just for the deer.

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Helper bee
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@CocoClassic:  I said the same thing! lol. I will eat some meat, and it bothers me, but I keep eating it. There are a lot of deer by my moms house and I just can’t imagine killing them.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I’m not against it, except for endangered animals or for sport alone.  That means, I think you should be consuming it if you’re hunting it.  So deer and turkey are perfectly fine by me!

I cook mostly vegetarian with some fish and meat every once and awhile.  I do eat meat though when I go out to eat.  I just think the meat/dairy industry is disgusting as it is so that’s why I don’t like to limit my participation.  Plus there are plenty of delicious vegetarian meals I don’t miss it (I didn’t eat that much to begin with honestly).  I do like meat though so that’s why I’ll have some if I go out to a nice place, I just like trying new food. 

I am fine with eating animals, I just think most of our agricultural system is disgusting.  I also like the health benefits of eating more plant-based foods.

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Busy bee
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@CocoClassic:  + 1, me too. 


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@MichiganGirl24:  I’m against hunting for sport because it’s responsible for the endangerment of numerous species. And for what? The entertainment of some idiots who think that killing animals is fun? 

As for hunting for produce…it depends on the animal and the situation. I don’t agree with hunting an endangered animal when you could buy a steak at the supermarket. If you kill the animal humanely and hunt legally and responsibly then I guess I’m okay with it. 

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Bumble bee
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I was a vegetarian in college, living in a small town in northern Michigan where everyone hunted.  That helped to shape my views on this.

When I didn’t eat meat it was because I don’t like the meat industry, how they treat the animals, their workers, and the environment.  But if someone is hunting, during the legal hunting season, for their own meals then I don’t have an issue with it.  In some areas deer are very over populated since humans have impacted the natural cycle, eliminating their normal predators.  You’re not allowed to hunt doe or fawn/calf, just stags.  So in that way I support hunting.

I totally do not support hunting animals which are not legally allowed, outside of designated areas, or outside of hunting season.  But if you’re being responsible about it I’d much rather you eat a deer you shot yourself than some over-processed cow that was abused terribly.


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Buzzing bee
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I feel like if it’s going to be eaten that’s fine, deer are really overpopulated where I live. However if someone’s just going to go out and shoot a deer, cut off the antlers then toss it in the garbage, I think that’s wrong. There are food donation banks in some areas that will take venison and distribute to needy families.

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Buzzing bee
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I personally wouldn’t go hunting but my Darling Husband comes from a family of hunters. I don’t wanna hear about or see it but they do eat what they hunt so I guess it’s better than just killing for fun. Like a PP said, I’m kinda a hypocrite too because I do eat meat and obviously those animals are killed. The first time I went to DHs parents house and saw Bambi’s mom and dad mounted on the wall I almost screamed.. Lol

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