Anyone been induced? I’m so anxious!!!

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BeeinBlush :  I just hope its nice and easy for you! 🙂 wishing you good luck! 

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I was induced, and it wasn’t horrible. It also didn’t end in a csection. My daughter was not ready to come out. First, we did the balloon catheter, then a large peanut shaped ball between my legs to hold my legs open, then they strapped me in the bed and lifted it so high that it was complete vertical to floor. Lastly, the pitocin drip. When the contractions started getting the best of me,I got my epi. It was heaven after that. I was in labor so long that it started wearing off. I didn’t get more because I wanted to be able to push effectively. My biggest fear was labor then c section, and having an epi makes it very hard to push. Anyway, I was able to feel the contractions, so I knew when to push, and I was able to hold my own legs and really bare down. It worked because she was out in less than 15 minutes. One thing I know is that you will be fine. Trust me, you got this!!!

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I was induced at 39w due to high blood pressure. They broke my water at 8.30am and my daughter was born at midday. No pain relief, no complications, no c-section. It honestly wasn’t any more painful than my first spontaneous labour. 

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My water broke before I got the balloon but my contractions weren’t strong so they started me on oxytocin at 1cm. Contractions were worse on oxytocin so i got an epidural at 3 cm. I was very persistent on not having a c-section and the doctors did everything they could to avoid it. I had a natural birth after 22 hours but it was super traumatic and my baby could have died or got brain damage. It’s a miracle that he only came out battered and bruised. I really wish I wasn’t so set on not having a c-section because having one would have avoided so much pain and drama. A friend due at the same time as me though got the balloon and went into labour a few hours later (apparently this is super common) then had an easy natural birth. Just be open to the journey and do what you need to do to birth a healthy baby and you’ll be fine! ETA I had an epidural and a top up and was still screaming drama crazy when I had to push – everyone is so different though – two of my friends slept through most of their labour and almost had unplanned home births.

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BeeinBlush :  Baby #1: I asked to be induced because pregnancy was miserable and she was displaying 0 signs of showing up. Went in at 41 weeks, she was born at 41+2, after 2 failed, 1 successful inductions, 48 hours of labor, and an emergency c-section because of fetal distress. So, basically, the exact situation you’re trying to avoid. Lol

Baby #2: scheduled c-section at 41+1 because I didn’t go into spontaneous labor (I was trying for a VBAC) and my doctor would not induce because of my prior c-section.

I am the only person I know IRL whose induction ended in a c-section (or lasted that long). I think the net-net is that the outcome hinges much more heavily on your baby and body than medicine can really influence. My kids showed no inclination to vacate and my hips just never open enough to make for a smooth passage. If you already have dilation and/or your baby has dropped, you’ll be in a better position for the “nudges” to be effective. Good luck! Remember, the most important thing is a healthy baby and mama.

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With my first two babies my water broke and I didn’t have contractions so I was induced. Not a horror story either time, I actually love giving birth (with an epidural!lol). 

I hate that so many girls on here have bad stories, but don’t let them freak you out. 

FWIW, is definitely go with induction if I were you. Still birth rates go way up and the doctors want to induce for good reason. 

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I’ve had 3 kids- the first two were induced and the third was spontaneous. My inductions were not any big deal at all. All my labors were vaginal with no complications. My first was 9 hours, the second was 6.5, and my non- induction was 12 hours. I think it’s a thing to tell horror stories- no one ever says “yep, it was pretty easy”. Good luck to you!

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I just thought of something which might be helpful when you talk to your doctor about delaying induction (because tbh, some doctors do push for inductions / sections because they like to plan their working hours)


I have 2 friends, one in the UK one in LA. UK mum was 38 when she had her baby and LA mum 40 (so like you advanced maternal age)

By 40 weeks no signs of baby from either. LA mum was induced 48 hours of labour then c section. UK mum was allowed to go to 42 weeks (they had no issue with her age at all with going over due) I think she had a few more appointments in those last two weeks and a couple of sweeps but nothing was doing.

She was induced and I think only 24 hours before section happened.

I also know a lot of IVF mums (I was almost one) and none of them regardless of age had been told they would be induced early because of the IVF this ranges from women like me in their early 30s to women in their early 40s. The only IVF mum I know who delivered ‘early’ was also a twin pregnancy and that was a planned section due to previous uterine surgery.

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BeeinBlush :  I also should add I am a total baby when it comes to pain! The advice I had was not to rush the epidural as it can slow down labour which can be longer with induction but don’t be a hero. If you need/want it get one. Also ask if there’s a changeover time for the anesthesiologist. My nurse was amazing and gave me a heads up that there’s a switch in shifts at my hospital at 7am and the new one on shift is often walking into several people waiting. So at around 6:30am when I knew I wanted it I asked for it asap and got it done in minutes. It seriously took away ALL the pain. 

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My second was an IVF baby and went to 40+5 and had my baby naturally and easily. I’ve never heard of a risk of ivf babies’ placenta failing or anything, my midwife would have been happy for me to go to 41+5 before inducing.

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