Anyone been induced? I’m so anxious!!!

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Good luck!  I had one with my first at 41 w.  My second baby was a natural labor (no pitocin) at 40+5

I will say the worst part of being induced was the hospital stay overnight (they started with cervidil overnight with pitocin first thing in the morning) so I didn’t sleep well having wires and monitors attached and not in my own bed.  Otherwise I thought the biggest difference was that if they start pitocin, once they break your water the pain from the contractions will increase dramatically.  So that meant I was in awful pain at 2cm and got an epidural.  With my second I still had the water intact when I went to the hospital (I went in when I was ready for the epidural lol) so I got my epidural at 6-7cm.  So I thought pitocin/breaking your water made the contractions hurt worse a lot earlier than a natural labor would have.

Mine was a succesful induction overall since I didn’ thave a csection.  They started pitocin at 7:30am and my baby was born ~13 hours later.  My second baby was actually a longer labor (by an hour), probably because I didn’t have pitocin since they say subsequent babies usually have shorter labors.

Another oddity is that with the induction, my epidural sped my labor up (went from 2cm to 9cm in 4 hours where it had taken 4 hours to fully efface and get to 2cm before) and with my natural labor the epidural slowed my labor down and we used the peanut ball to get things moving again. I started maybe a fingertip dilated and 50-60% effaced with my induction and with my natural labor I was a 1-1.5cm at my 40w appointment.

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I have to say that I don’t understand why your doctor would want you to be induced for those particular reasons, and perhaps you should advocate for not being induced if you do not want to be.  I too was extremely nervous to be induced, so I hope this helps you out.

I was induced and did not have a c section.  My water broke at 36 weeks and my body did not go into labor on its own.  My birth was very traumatic, but it wasn’t really due to the induction (beyond the fact that my labor was extremely long which was a risk factor for my complications).  I started with misoprostol to soften my cervix (I was not effaced nor dilated at the beginning of my induction).  I had very mild contractions after, but it was not enough to get me to progress so I eventually got the foley bulb.  The foley bulb was quite uncomfortable to have placed but not terrible at all.  Just a lot of weird pressure (I used gas and air while I had it placed, not sure if that really helped tho).  The bulb got me to 3 cm, but I stalled out there, so I needed pitocin in increasing doses to get going.  I labored for probably 6-10 hours with increasingly painful contractions.  I will not lie, once they got to a certain dose with the pitocin the pain was extremely unbearable (this could perhaps be partly because my water had broken) so I opted for the epidural.  From epidural insertion to full dilation the pain was gone and I was fine.  I highly recommend considering the epidural if you need high doses of pitocin.  Before the  pitocin reached a rather high dosage I was having normal contractions and while painful I was handling them fine.  Pushing was fine.  While pushing there was a ton of pressure that was quite uncomfortable but it was so awesome to finally be actively doing something to help the labor.  I will not bore you with my complications; almost all of them came after the baby was out and are not likely to happen to you.  My induction was about 38 hours from water breaking to baby out, and only about 6-10 of those hours were painful.  Best of luck to you, I hope you get the labor/delivery you want!

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BeeinBlush :  I’m looking forward to your update when it’s all done and you have had however much time you need to rest and recover and love on baby! 😀

Quick thing though. At least with my experience they would choose forceps or a vaccum before a c section. In fact for me the forceps were a last ditch attempt to get baby out before they did a c section because I just could not get her pushed out past a certain point and she was distressed. They had me in the OR prepped and ready to do s c section because they didnt think they could get her out.  Other doctors may do differently though 🙂

But I am hoping you will need none of those interventions!

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I was induced at 38 weeks and 4 days (or 39 weeks and 2 days according to my OB, but the original 38 weeks is correct) and wound up with a c-section. My daughter’s heartbeat kept dropping and since I hadn’t made any progress, they went to C-section within 2 hours of starting the induction.


My SIL on the other hand, was induced at 41 weeks. Her labor was super quick and easy (well, relatively), and the nurse said she thought if my SIL hadn’t been induced, she would have gone into labor on her own within a few hours.


My good friend was induced with her second and third pregnancy at 39 weeks, due to a past stillbirth. She had no complications with either, and had a vaginal delivery both times within 12 hours of being induced.

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