(Closed) Anyone DESPERATE and up for a 5 day challenge?

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Busy bee
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I don’t think your muscles would bulk up from extra cardio and lots of water for six days. Be careful!

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Buzzing bee
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May I make a suggestion? If you’ve done the 600cal/day thing or know people who’ve had success, have at it. I personally wouldn’t be able to sustain it and honestly–it’s possible to lose 5 in a week eating a 1200cal/day diet. I’ve done it. It wasn’t fun; it’s also not long term, but I’ve done it.

You might have better luck if you work on flushing glycogen and water from your system (the same way that Atkins works in the first few weeks)–yes, it won’t be “real” weight lost, but it will probably be a difference in inches as your body flushes itself out. The way to do this is:

FOOD: eat NO carbs (definitely no refined carbs!) OR processed foods OR elective sugar.  If you must have a grain, make it one serving of a high-fiber non-processed grain (like oats or barley) in the morning. 1-2 servings of fruit ONLY (berries are recommended for their high nutrient punch) a day. about two servings of dairy per day. The bulk of your foods should be non-startchy vegetables (about 8-11 servings) with small servings of lean protein (2-3 servings). Take a multivitamin too.

LIQUIDS/DIURETICS: Drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water a day and don’t add salt to your food. And I recommend using light natural diuretics (natural meaning from the foods themselves, not supplements!)–eat asparagus, grapefruit, leeks, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and tomatoes, drink dandelion root tea, cranberry juice, and lemon juice (spike your water with it).

OTHER: Exercise at least 30 minutes of cardio a day. If you want, you can add weight training. Get at least a full 8 hours of sleep at night.

Am I recommending you eat less than 1,200 a day or do this every week? No. It’d be very hard. But it has worked for me in a pinch. If you can stand it…

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Buzzing bee
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I second JennyW1…you’ll probably actually have better results eating more but doing cardio.  And you’ll feel more energized.  I know people that have done the steamed veggies and boiled chicken thing and had crazy short term results.  Cut out dairy, sodium, and carbs and your body will just shrink.  Add in drinking TONS of water and daily, moderate cardio and you’ll slim down super quick.  But, you have to remember, this is a roller coaster diet.  Odds are, once you go back to a normal diet the weight will come right back on, so you may not be doing yourself a huge favor….

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Helper bee
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Can you maybe bring it up to 1000 calories per day?

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Sugar bee
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600 calories a day is really unhealthy; I second what JennyW1 and MandaMack have said. Your body will literally go into starvation mode if you eat that little, and you might even gain weight (it’s happened to me before when I haven’t been eating enough).

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On a 600 kcal/day diet your body thinks its starving and it hoards fat and eats muscle to survive! You don’t want that it will give you negative progress.

Eat 1200 kcal/day but healthy ones and you will lose a sustainable 5lbs!

Sorry for not being more supportive but as a researcher and fitness trainer in this area I just can’t support it!

The last thing you want to do is lose 5 lbs for your dress fitting and then rebound and put it back on again so you won’t fit into your dress on your wedding day! 

I wish you all the best!

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Not only is it not healthy, you’ll very likely gain weight or not lose, because your body will be in starvation mode. 

If you eat 1,200 calories, on the other hand, and burn 2,500 or more, and eat protein-rich foods, you might actually lose a fair amount. 

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All of these ladies are right. Please don’t do this to yourself. At least meet the 1200 cal. mark and do lots of cardio and eat healthy foods as they suggested.  No one should support this unhealthy torture to yourself. I’m sure your SO would not approve either!

You can do it the healthy way!!

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I had a friend do this, and she was just miserable. It’s actually super easy to lose those first five pounds. Cut out all carbonated beverages (including diet drinks!), fast food and highly fatty foods and you should notice a huge change.

JennyW1 had some great advice!

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Bumble bee
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I’ll give you my quick weight loss tips. they aren’t completely bad for you, but I can see some people complaining about this not being entirely healthy. This has always worked for me when I was in a bind though.

A trick I’ve always used when trying to shed pounds fast is to add calories and protien to your diet through a protien powder shake in the morning. Go grab a tub of powder (make sure it says low cal other wise you’ll get a mass builder!) and make a shake every morning with a banana to boost your metabolism. I substitue these for breakfast and it makes a good start to the day (plus the potassium from the banana automatically puts your body in fat burning mode).

Next I have low sodium soup, fat-free yogurt and granola, or raw foods (ie: veggies) for lunch.

Dinner I eat only grilled chiken or fish with raw veggies or grilled zucchini.

Make sure to fill in throughout the day with healthy snacks. Cut out fruit for snacks as these are high in sugar. Fitness shows in my town are really big and I have had many friends who’ve followed this diet along with drinking plenty of water and they shed pounds like crazy!!

Make sure to get on track with a better intake of calories once you have gotten through this weight loss that you need. Good luck!

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@mrsBtoBee: The “no carbs” thing is tough–I would only recommend trying to do it for a week and it’s one of those things that after it’s over, the second you so much look at a roll, you’ll gain 2 pounds. To do the above plan with a little less grit, just add in a couple servings of whole grains (try to consume them at breakfast and lunch, rather than dinner). It’s not very hard to get up to 1,200 (why do you think so many people struggle to stay at or around 1,200) and that’s generally the minimum advised by doctors. But seriously–if you make the bulk of that 1,200 lean proteins and vegetables, you WILL lose weight. And I still say that to look and feel smaller in a short amount of time, dropping water weight really helps–so focus on drinking that water, eating naturally diuretic foods, and getting some exercise. Just be aware that it’s really difficult to maintain a 1,200/day diet (or heck, even 1,400-1,600/day diet) comprised of boiled chicken and kale. So it’s fine if you want a temporary fix, but for the long term, go with something a lot more flexible and reasonable.

At the same time, I don’t understand why you’d go through these measures for a dress FITTING. Is it your final fitting and the wedding is close at hand? I mean, if you did lose a few inches here and there (which on an emergency diet plan will mostly be water), your dress would be measured for that size, which means that in the weeks from here to your wedding, you’d have put a lot of pressure on yourself to actually BE that size. You sure you want that kind of pressure?

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Helper bee

Just an fyi, your muscles can’t bulk up if your eating really low calories.  To grow, your muscles need calories, and if you’re not giving those to your muscles, you could lift weights for 10 hours a day without gaining muscle.  Also, as a female, your body does not naturally bulk no matter how many calories you eat.  The really muscular women you see on occasion spend years trying to put on that kind of muscle; it’s not going to happen accidentally in two months.

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