Anyone do intermittent fasting?

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MrsGirlyGirl :  Technically I do intermittent fasting, but it’s not exactly intentional. I’ve just never been a breakfast person, so I have always skipped it. I wake up at 4:30/5:00am for work/school and eat lunch at 11:30am. We usually eat dinner at around 6:30/7:00pm. I don’t really snack throughout the day, so I only eat those two times. 

I’ve probably been doing IF for the last 5 years, when I started my PhD program. I am naturally a petite person, so I think that IF just helps keep me that way as I get older (27 now).

I will say that I do not watch what I eat at all. Every morning I start the day with a big cup of Coke (not diet). For lunch, I typically eat a sandwich (white bread, light dijonnaise, turkey breast) with BBQ chips or a cup of soup. For dinner I cook things like pulled chicken tacos/nachos, beef tacos, oven roasted chicken, lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, etc. Not exactly healthy. But I tend to eat small portions, so it’s not too big of a deal for me. When we go out to eat for dinner I almost always have about half of my meal left over.

I think that IF can be successful for both losing weight or maintaining weight as long as it’s combined with portion control. However, I also believe people should eat when they’re hungry and maybe just focus more on portion control.

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Worker bee

I’m doing Weight Watchers right now to lose 5 vanity pounds that have been sticking around since the honeymoon. I also generally skip breakfast, which means I’m eating between 11:30am – 7pm. I’m not really strict about it or anything, but I do find that it helps shrink my stomach and I feel fuller with less food for lunch and dinner. 

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I do IF daily and it has really helped a lot with my weight loss journey (over 40lbs down!). It was easy for me to do it because it basically mimicks my natural eating patterns anyway – I’ve never been a breakfast person. I eat dinner around 7pm and then have lunch the next day around noon. I do try to keep up with my water during the fasting period and haven’t had any issues at all sticking with it. 🙂

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It can be really great, especially as it limits those pesky late night sugar cravings.

But it honestly depends what you’re eating. I know when I started (without research), I was so hungry from not eating for my first 6 hours of the day that I’d gorge myself on a way bigger portion than I would have had if I’d ate a banana or eggs for breakfast.

Make sure you listen to your body and don’t make your limits too extreme!

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I’ve done intermittent fasting unintentionally for the past 12 years. I just have never liked eating breakfast. When I eat too much sugar though, then I need breakfast because of the blood sugar imbalances sugar causes. And what I’ve read is that it will be hard to do if you have blood sugar issues at first. But IF actually helps insulin sensitivity so if you can make it past the first couple of weeks, it is very beneficial. Once I lay off the sugar, I’m no longer hungry in the morning and I sometime’s even have to force myself to eat lunch. One thing I wouldn’t recommend though is cutting calories AND IF. You should just do one or the other or else it’s too hard on your body.

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I do, but I’ve been scaling back and am less intense about it, as my window to eat used to be from 2-3:00pm to 9pm. For me it turned into a kind of binge eating, so now I eat at about 11 or noon, and then at 6 or 7. But I’m very watchful of what I eat.

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I do it, but not intentionally like a lot of ladies have mentioned. I almost never eat breakfast just because I’m not usually hungry and I don’t really care for most breakfast foods.

I wake up at 6am or so and don’t eat until about 1pm-2pm, then dinner around 6pm or so, with no eating past about 8pm at the latest! 

I’ve lost almost 50lbs since the end of April, but I’m not sure how much my eating patterns have assisted with that as I’ve really changed my diet to much healthier options.

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Busy bee
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Yes when I was a shift worker.

IF doesnt makes you lose weight, that can only happen by creating a deficit in calories in/out.

Its just about bucking the ‘eat every 3 hours’ trend if that is not feasible for you.

The diet that works is the one you can stick to!!!

The eat regularly advice goes off research and logic to eat protein regularly to keep in the anabolic threshold consistently which bodybuilders particulary care about to build/maintain muscle. 

nowadays I dont care but as a shift worker (alternating shifts- day/afternoon/night) it made for a very messy routine for me. So having a small window I ate in helped me with having some form of consistency. 

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Sorry to also add- those dieting down to a very low intake end uo taking on IF because ita more painful to eat 6 meals of 200 calories in a day versus 2 meals of 500 cals plus a 200cal snack between 1 and 8pm

if that makes sense? My experience with it is all shift workers or bodybuilding competitors. Theres no added benefit outside of those situations other than convenience:)

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I too have done IF for years unintentionally. I’ve never been interested in eating breakfast except for the occasional weekend out. When I was in grad school and living alone, I would eat one full meal around 3-4 PM and then maybe have a snack in the evening. Now that I am working a 8:30 – 4:30 job and living with my SO, I have a snack at work sometime after noon and eat dinner around 7:30 PM. 

In terms of diet I eat pretty much everything, from all-veggie meals to fast food. In grad school I drank a lot of Mountain Dew; I’ve since cut way back and have gotten better about drinking more water.

I should also note that I have a small appetite, which regulates my portion sizes on its own. Even when I eat a big meal, I physically can’t eat that much, and I stay full for a long time after. I don’t count calories, but I know from the fast food meals I’ve eaten that I have a hard time eating more than 1500 calories of anything, even fast food. 

I’m 29 now, just under 5’4″, and I have been consistently around 115 lbs since college. In grad school I was physically active for my fieldwork; now I go to the gym twice per week. 

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I have looked into the 5:2 diets, which restricts you to 500 calories on your fast days. The main thing I have against it is that I do strength training at the gym and I was thinking would it undo the muscle you just worked hard to build by fasting?! I love the other health benefits I have read about it. 

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Like many other posters, I have been unintentionally doing IF too as I’ve never been a breakfast person. However, in my early 20s, I started eating breakfast because I was “supposed to” and gained a lot of weight.

I tried to lose weight by limiting portions, counting calories, working out, and none of these worked longterm for me. I recently started listening to my body and eating only when I’m hungry, eating slowly, eating only chicken veggies fruits, never over-eating and this has helped me immensely. I feel less and less hungry now and I’ve consistently been losing 1 lb every week which was my goal (I’m 5 7 and weighed 180 lbs at the beginning, currently at 175 lb. I work out (30 min slow walk) maybe once a week and go out once a week other than my 9 to 5 job as I’ve never been a super active person. 

So what helped me was listening to my body than doing what I’m “supposed” to do  

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When I was anorexic I did. However, I’ve since recovered and realised that intermittent fasting is kind of stupid. 

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