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I am doing the K1 visa for my fiance, who is Australian. It took us about a month to get all the paperwork together to apply initially. Fortunately, I always have grand plans of making scrapbooks one day so I have saved tons of boarding passes, tickets, and other stuff that ‘proves’ our relationship. We sent the packet in the very beginning of December and haven’t heard anything since then, other than a letter saying they received the application. It’s really hard waiting to hear, wondering if you forgot one tiny piece of info or forgot to sign one of the hundreds of pieces of paper you sent in.

We are planning our wedding for Oct 09. Since they say it will take about 9 months to process the visa, we wanted to push the wedding back as far as possible to (hopefully) ensure that we get the visa in time, but no so far back that if he got the visa, we could still have the wedding within 90 days without voiding the visa.

One of the most frustrating things is that he can’t enter the country until it’s approved. So forget about any trips to the US to visit sites, do tastings, purchase attire, etc. Doing everything online is a huge pain and worrysome because you don’t really know what you are going to get. (We are planning a destination wedding in Hawaii since it’s midway between Australia and Boston – where I am from). Also I am a terrible traveler and I am planning on going home for a few weeks this summer to do wedding stuff, like get my dress fitted, and I am not looking forward to going alone. We did get a wedding planner in Hawaii to help us since we are ‘flying blind’ but I still wish I could be more ‘involved’ and be there to make more informed descisions.

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It has been hard when we had to be apart for long periods of time. Our longest was about 9 months! Our phone bills were HUGE! Where is your Fiance from? I hate flying too and it doesn’t matter if the flight is an hour or 15 hours – it’s always stressful so I feel your pain! 🙂 Woohoo that Vermont is processing November, hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer! Good luck to you both!

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We filed in Vermont in October and receive petition approval in March, it’s now with the state dept (instead of USCIS) and once they do their thing (should be 2-3 weeks from March 10th) we’ll be schedule the dr. appt and the interview.  I wrote posts about it here and here and will definitely write one once we get scheduled for the doctor’s appt and the interview.  I hate the waiting, it just feels like FOREVER.

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I actually moved out here so we are together but that vonage phone would have been great for when we were apart! We usually use Skype to talk for free also, and I use that now to talk to my family and friends back home. I sent my application in on the 1st December so hopefully I will be getting the next step soon!!

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I am Canadian & my fiance is American… the average processing time for a Canadian to get their K-1 Visa is about 200 days (or so says our lawyer). We had to do some worst-case-scenario math first…

October we’re having a wedding here in Canada, which will not be a legal. We’re going to have a church cermony, a reception, the works… including his family & closest friends from the US.

We sent in our application in January.  We’ll have our (i’ll call it religious ceremony instead of fake lol) wedding and then head down to the US. We will then get married, just the 2 of us on our honeymoon in Hawaii. To me, the day we get married surrounded by our family, friends & God is the day we become husband and wife.

This is tricky… and dangerous to assume everything will work out I guess.  I just couldn’t imagine planning a wedding 3500 miles away in a U.S city with little resources. Not to mention the crunch time of 90 days once I’m on U.S soil. This plan makes me feel more at ease 🙂

I just keep telling myself that one day this process will be over with and we’ll move on with our lives… It’s just so awful having to wait and clench! lol I have nothing to hide, yet the whole process tears me up in knots. I’ve just had some ridiculous experiences with the border guards in the past… eek.

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My mom just called…. I got the letter!!! It says Fiance will recieve his packet soon and then we’ll have the interview etc. etc. I am so relieved, excited, HAPPY! This has been such a quiet stress in our life for the past 5 months and finally things are happening. Our file didn’t get lost in a pile somewhere! Fiance and I are going out tonight to CELEBRATE!

Cereza and Recessionista it shouldn’t be much longer for you guys! Good Luck!!

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My fiance is english, and I’m American. We’re hopefully going to be applying for all this stuff soon…I’m really nervous.  

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LilacAvenue: if you have any questions or need advice, feel free to message me! It’s a long process but as long as your case is pretty straightforward you should be fine. The hardest part is the waiting!

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My best friend did a K1 visa with her fiancee from manchester, england and she ended up waiting 11 months before it was finally processed.  I think there are easier ways to get married than to go through the k1 visa process here in the states.  Since there’s some mention of cheap long distance international calling for those who are in waiting, I would suggest use either skype-out, fring.com or virtualphone.com to setup local-long distance numbers to cut down on the costs.  if both ends using fring, its free with the exception of your internet data charges.  I use this for my indian contractors and its dirt cheap.
 hope this helps.  The distance and time zone difference can be pretty rough. hang in there!

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Yup, I’m another K-1 visa applicant.  My FH is English, and we applied in January.  Our lawyer told us that it would take 6-8 months in USCIS, but since we’re at the same processing center as D’Orsay, we’re crossing our fingers that it completes in the end of June or early July.  Then we wait for the State Department…where our lawyer said that it could take 6-8 weeks.

Regardless, we’re getting married as soon as he gets here.  FH has 180 days from the day he gets his visa to get over to the US.  Then we have 90 days to get married.  I need him on my health insurance asap as he plans to play rugby in the States as well as getting everything else processed (conditional green card, travel permit).  Since he can’t work until he gets the conditional green card, we’re tying the knot first to start that process, then having the big wedding after.

I’ve done none of the big things yet:  venue, caterer, photographer because I don’t know when he’s going to come.  I’ve done loads of the little things:  dress, Bridesmaid or Best Man dress, plans for his suit, rings, etc.  Once we get the USCIS notification, we’re going to set the date and plan the rest of the wedding from then.  It sounds crazy, but we know it’ll work out.


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