(Closed) Anyone done or doing Insanity or p90x before their wedding?

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  • poll: Did you use p90x, Insanity or some other workout video to get in shape for your wedding?
    yes p90x (please share results) : (9 votes)
    24 %
    Yes Insanity (please share results) : (15 votes)
    39 %
    a different video ( please share results) : (8 votes)
    21 %
    No I just did not/will not lose weight for my wedding : (5 votes)
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    I used weight watchers/jenny craig/nutrisystem : (1 votes)
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    • Wedding: August 2013

    Yes, I started p90x about a month ago. Its a serious commitment though, and its hard!! holy moly, my body hurts all the time, but its awesome. I haven’t been to disciplined with it, I’ve only technically completed up to day 18, when I should be on day 31 right now, but i can totally notice a difference already!! My stomach is leaner and my shoulders/ collarbone are way more defined!!! I’ve lost about 6 pounds, and about 5 inches, and thats including having a few cheat days of ice cream or chocolate or candy and such. I’m super pumped to complete the program, I can definitely vouch for it! my Fiance keeps telling me i look better all the time, he can tell a difference, and one of my bridemsiads who I dont see that often mentioned my shape is looking better when we went bridesmaid dress shopping. 

    SO YES! I recommend it IF you have the time commitment 🙂 I’m self employed so I can chose my work hours and when I want to workout etc.

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    • Wedding: January 2013

    I did various tapes for about 8 months and then ended with 60 days of the 90 Day Supreme right before the wedding (similar to P90x but shorter videos…I didn’t have time to do a full hour or w/e every day, I get home too late for that!). I also used My Fitness Pal to track calories. For the first few months I just ate whatever I wanted as long as it was within the calorie count. The final month I also ate better (added more protein, veggies, cut down on processed food, etc etc). I lost 20lbs over a year, with 15 lbs happening in the first 3-5 months of working out (for the first time in over a year…those 15 lbs had all been put on during that same year, yay fulltime job in front of a computer, lol). The rest was mostly toning. I still am not satisfied and will keep going (this wasn’t just for the wedding/honeymoon, but because I was unhappy with myself in everyday life), but it definitely helped! I don’t really have a before, but here’s an after: 

    In the past I’ve tried Insanity and P90x. If you can stick w/ them, the results are great, but I’ve never had the time, and I have bad knees and they involve a lot of moves (esp. plyo) that I can’t do if I want to be able to walk the next day!

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    • Wedding: July 2013

    I really want to try Insanity but doubt my ability to stick with it, so I don’t feel comfortable spending the dough on it.

    I DO have two tae-bo circuit workouts that I’ve owned forever. When I gained a ton of weight in grad school, I was able to lose all of it using one of circuit vids (now upgraded to DVDs) exclusively along with a strict diet. I need to get back on it (tick tock tick tock)!

    @BookishBelle:  You. Look. Amazing.

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    • Wedding: November 2013

    I’m on my third week of Insanity, it’s my third try though. It’s a commitment to keep up but this time Fiance is doing it with me which is really helpful. I’ve lost about 3 lbs so no major results but I’m doing it more to get toned rather than shed lbs. I’ve been taking pictures at the start of each week so I can’t wait to start seeing results! I really recommend Insanity and calorie counting, it’s a great program!

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    i’ve done insanity in past, 2 full rounds in fact.  the results are really nice, mainly toning for me.  i refuse to follow any “diet” plan so i can’t comment on that.  however, after doing the full 2 rounds of insanity my knees are wrecked.  i’ve spent the last 2 years rehabing both of my knees, which is difficult when you are a runner as well.  so with that my advice is to be kind to your knees and take care of them if you do insanity.

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    • Wedding: October 2012

    I did Insanity for 4 months before the wedding.  Therefore 2 cycles since it’s a 60 day program.  I will say though that about 2 weeks before the wedding it was extremely hard to stick to since things were hectic.  The only pictures I have to compare my before and after would be the picture I have from when I went to go pick up my dress when it came in – the after – a wedding pic.  I can post those – but I’m not standing in the same direction or anything – so I’ll give you my stats:

    Starting weight: 118ish

    Goal weight: 115lbs

    Final weight (I weighed myself the day of the wedding) 106lbs.  I haven’t weighed less than 110lbs since High School.  It is tough, it is LITERALLY INSANE, it takes a lot of dedication but you do get good results as long as you keep up with the program, follow the work out schedule and eat healthier.  I didn’t keep the best diet but I tried.  I also lost a lot of inches – so even though I weighed 106lbs people told me I looked skinnier than that.  I agree with someone else that posted here though – it takes a beating on your knees. After the wedding I stopped Insanity since I figured I’m allowed to “relax” well that relaxing lead to eating garbage (One week hubby and I had pizza for dinner 5 days out of 7) don’t ask! I worked out for 2 weeks before the Honeymoon (we went a month and a half after the wedding) since by then my diet went to complete crap and I weighed in at 111lbs… after the Honeymoon I once again let myself go completely and I started Insanity again 2 weeks ago after I decided to weigh myself and I weighed in at 115lbs.  Stupid me for letting all that hard work go to waste!

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    • Wedding: December 2012

    I did Insanity last January, and it was INSANE!  My knees and right shoulder took a beating but it was worth it. When I was done I took a 2 week break and I started Leandro’s Brazil Butt Lift, also part of the Team Beachbody and the results were amazing as well. I still do BBL and Darling Husband does Insanity. I didn’t do Insanity for the wedding since we weren’t even contemplating getting this time last year. I did because I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin or clothes.

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    • Wedding: May 2013

    I did Insanity for a while last year….Bored me out of my mind since it was so repetitive.

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    • Wedding: August 2013

    They aren’t quite the exact same – but I enjoyed the Jillian Shred videos. It might also be worthwhile to not use a video at all. I kind of created a home gym area with the following things:

    A few posters (in case I need ideas on the next move)A dry erase board (to track what I have done so far)A treadmill (I know not everyone can do this – but I splurged since I live in MI and I need to run through the winter)A T.V. (to listen to music on Pandora or watch DVD’s)Various free weights like a kettleball and a few dumbellsA stability ball

    Then I force myself to get up early in the morning to go downstairs and do it! Thats the hard part sometimes – but I have it broke down into smaller goals (eg. do it for 5days straight).

    All of this helps to make sure I don’t get bored. If I need a new work-out I just look one up online and use it for a few days.

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    I did instanity …….it was crazy, but it worked.



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    Well, BEFORE my wedding I ran out of time, crash dieted, failed and ended up gaining weight… haha. I have tried insanity, overdid it and failed probably five times before. I was never in good shape though, skinny fat you know? Like never worked out but wasn’t overweight?

    Anyway, now I’m on track with working out like there is no tomorrow. I want to complete insanity more.than.anything. I have done ChaLEAN extreme a few times before (not completely, just the first phase) and really saw definition in my arms. I highly recommend it! What I am doing now is couch to 5k plus a little more running, zumba-ing my heart out and ChaLEAN to train for insanity. That’s what I would recommend for you since you have the time to do so. A weight training+intense cardio program to really get your butt in gear, then complete insanity and continue with it until your wedding. Good luck!

    Join myfitnesspal and add me as a friend if you want! Great support system

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    I did all 60 days of Insanity and not to be a downer but it suuucked. You can’t argue with the results, though! I wasn’t sure if I would be able to stick with it, so I did it with a group of people. We started with 10 people and only 5 were left in the end.

    I don’t have my measurements handy, but I am 5’8″ and went from 165lbs to 140lbs. It’s intense, but it works. And on a random note, I didn’t really change my diet too much, but I did find myself drinking more water knowing I would be sweating buckets 6 days a week. Feel free to ask any questions and good luck!

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    • Wedding: April 2013

    I did do P90x for several months, a couple of years back. It’s HARD but a great workout overall. I have a small home gym (spin bike, bench, weights, etc.) and use it regularly, but there’s no question that having the DVD to push me makes me work out much harder & longer than I do if I’m just putting together my own workout.

    I’ve been thinking of starting it up again – since we set the wedding date last week (just over 2 months away!) I’ve been working out more consistently, eating better and generally trying to boost my metabolism, and have dropped 5 lbs right of the bat. But I know, based on past experience, that I’m going to plateau soon, so adding p90x will probably happen soon . . .

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