(Closed) Anyone drop 5-10 lbs quick – HOW??!

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Cut down on bloat – so no more salt (pay attention to it IN foods, not just on them) or chemical ingredients. Also cut down on carbs and go for only complex carbs, but focus on protein and fiber, which will fill you up. Stop having refined sugars as well. Cut out any sodas, even diet, and all alcohol. Remember to eat enough calories in a day, or you will actually gain weight! Good luck. 🙂

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No salt, no carbonated drinks, and LOTS of water! 🙂

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Workout first thing in the morning, even if it’s just 15-30 minutes with an empty stomach, then fill up on some protein and whole grains (whole wheat toast with peanut butter, yum!). NO soda (including diet…I lost 2 lbs from going from DIET to REGULAR SODA! It’s a sham!), cookies, candies, etc., obviously. Sugar free jell-o and heavy whipping cream if you MUST have a sweet snack (<20 calories/serving).

Honestly, keep your carb count <70/day, and cut carbs OFF completely at 2 pm. Switch to protein and veggies at that point. A nice salad with low-fat caesar and cut grilled chicken = filling and good for you. Also, stop eating around 6 or 7 pm.

Drink water like it was your job.

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Remember: Eat a super filling breakfast and avoid snacking at night!  And unless you have to fill up before a period of time where you know you won’t have access to food, ONLY eat when you are truly hungry.  I tend to eat out of anxiousness sometimes, so I always need to remind myself of that:)

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no more salt! i lost 7 pounds in 5 days by going with 1000 mg a day. it’s tougher than you think =] it’s definitely hard to do

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This won’t be fun, but tell yourself, “It’s this or alter the dress” every time things get hard.

Drink NOTHING but cold water all day long, and one cup of strong coffee in the morning. The coffee is a good kick to your colon each day. Drink more water when you think you can’t drink anymore. Spritz it with lime or lemon or mint, and you’ll actually push at least a few pounds of water weight out.

Go low carb these next 3 weeks. Have a piece of dry toast in the morning or some bread in the afternoon, a TINY serving of oatmeal, maybe some brown rice here and there, but no more than half a cup. You need just enough carbohydrates to stay energized, and that means very few and far between.

Raw and steamed vegetables need to be eaten at every meal. Get creative; make big salads and top them with a wide array of vegetables and just a splash of dressing that’s low cal. Think outside of iceberg lettuce and fattening ranch. Think FIBER. You can have some fruit for dessert; an apple is takes more calories to burn than are actually in it, so go nuts! But speaking of nuts, DON’T EAT THEM. They’re fattening, and you can get protein via srambled egg whites, grilled boneless, skinless chicken, and fresh fish.

Avoid salt like the plague. Soups, diet sodas, fried foods, pretzels/chips/popcorn, frozen foods, and fast food are all submerged in it. Salt is just as deadly as carbs are when you’re crash dieting to lose weight. As a rule, make all of your meals from now until the wedding, and be prepared to pack a lunch each day.

Don’t eat after 8:00 PM. Your metabolism slows down at night, and you need to keep your stomach clear of food for three hours before going to sleep. And don’t drink much at all at night either. Busy your hands, get out of the house, do something to distract yourself.

Work out every morning for 20 minutes at least. Firm up by doing crunches, leg and knee lifts, lunges, squats, etc. You might not drop more than 5 pounds, but if you tone every day for 14 – 21 days, you WILL lose inches and your dress WILL fit better. If you can safely use some weights at home or at the gym, that’s even more beneficial to you. Your exercise these next few days will really make you or break you.


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no carbs! follow atkins..phase 1. it drops quick

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Following along for these great tips! I second the comment about doing toning workouts in addition to the dieting – even if it doesn’t drop pounds for you, firming things up does help a lot.

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Get the flu – I’m down over 10lbs and still losing even though I’ve finally stopped puking and am eating somewhat normally.  (I mean this as a jokeLaughing though it is nice to have some benefit to spending a week being miserable)

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That includes ALL sugars– natural (fruit) or not!

My mom dropped 10 pounds in a very short period of time and it was ALL that tough-to-lose belly pooch, as she was otherwise in shape. She limits herself to 15 grams a day. Her cholesterol also dropped by 40 points in 8 weeks.

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Cut out all carbs – no rice, pasta, bread, crackers, etc.  I lost like 3 lbs in the first week and I don’t really have a lot of extra pounds to lose.  It was super easy and I didn’t feel hungry.  Just snack on string cheese, nuts, deli slices, etc.

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Ugh I need to lose wait too… thanks for the post and the tips ladies 🙂  Here we go…. engagement pictures next week!

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It completely depends – are you overweight? If not, it will be a lot harder – the most difficult weight to lose is when you’re normal-sized/healthy and just want to lose a few vanity pounds – it’s VERY different than an overweight person losing weight to become helthy.

That said, the best weight loss technique I’ve ever learned was to stop eating meat.

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