(Closed) Anyone else a little frustrated with lack of wedding etiquette?

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Well, my mom originally wanted to wear a mid thigh, sleeveless sheer topped BLACK dress. I was like, no, that’s fine for cocktail hour, but this is my wedding.  It’s totally inappropriate for you, mother of the bride to wear a short black dress. And yeah… RSVP’s. Don’t even get me started.  Do they think we are just supposed to wish all the food and chairs to our wedding? And hope there are enough? My parents just keep inviting people! People I don’t know! If they were paying for everything it would be one thing…

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Every wedding I’ve gone to on my dad’s side, everyone of my relatives had something to complain about.. I feel like there is so much pressure to not do those things my other cousins did so that I don’t have to hear it from my relatives… I guess that’s just typical in a Chinese family …. and my Fiance is Vietnamese and well his family loves to complain too…. 

For some reason, I just had this crazy idea that the wedding was about the 2 people getting married… boy I guess I was wrong.

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Wedding is in 3 weeks and no RSVP’s from half the invitations we sent. UGH!!! Like everyone above has said, we addressed the RSVP, put a stamp on it, all they have to do is write in a number and their name and drop it in the mail. How can it be that difficult? When my Fiance and I start calling the no responders this weekend I think I’ll ask them if we forgot to put an RSVP in their invitation…is that too subtle of a hint? I guess in the end we’ll do like everyone else and make our best estimate to the caterer. 🙂

I don’t get caught up in who is wearing what to my wedding. My Dad died several years ago and if he were just here, I would not care if he wore all white, a mohawk, or sequins to my wedding.  If your family is with you to celebrate, enjoy the blessing of their company and don’t stress the small stuff.  If Gma wants to wear white pants, you don’t like the style of Mom’s dress, Future Mother-In-Law feels some weird compulsion to wear the same color as you, forget about it.  All eyes will be on you, and your eyes will be on your soon-to-be-hubby.  This is your day. Enjoy it, don’t stress.

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wanted a wedding of 150, we now invited 205, everyone kept adding to list and I tried cutting it back, there were tears involved when asked to cut back.. hands are tied..is it bad etiquette on my part to hope for regrets….

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Here’s my pet peeve for the moment…Chargers!

Not only are they a great accent to the decor of my wedding, they will go with the whole color scheme as well….. My parents however see no use for them! They claim that the chargers will only get in the way and that guests are going to use them as their plates to eat off of instead for decor purposes!! WTheck!!! Am I expecting too much?? Aye!

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Busy bee
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Almost none of my family back home RSVPd.  I personally asked everyone at my bridal shower, who were mainly my mom’s friends to please RSVP because I needed to plan dinner accordingly.  Ask me how many, of the 45 women there actually RSVPd…3!!  3/45 people RSVPd after personally asking them to.  It’s so frustrating!!  Luckily my mom is paying for catering, so it’s on her to find out which of her friends are going…

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LMFAO this thread is too hilarious. I am GLAD to know I am not the only one. I am salvadoran, and omg no lie, through out my whole life, I have only been to one wedding, so everyone close to me is clueless. My mom is like what???? rsvp cards? You think people are actually going to mail those back? No they just show up. A registry, they were like, isn;t that only for baby showers? like seriously. Ugh wedding planning is completely stressful especially because my fiance is haitian so it is a totally different idea. Which btw I can;t have dancing because “it’s of the flesh” do you know hopw many people bashed this topic like why are you even having a reception? this that and the third!!!! and OMG family members and aquaintances have said “you better invite me”, “I havee’nt got my invitation what the hell?” like seriously I wanted something private to start with, but my mother talked me into having this huge wedding with those 4th and5th cousins you dont even talk to!!!!!!Can you say STRESS????

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my brothers Girlfriend, sent me pics  asking me for my opinion on what she bought for the wedding. (outfit)

Lets just say shes 30+ and is wearing CLUB WEAR to a WEDDING,

There are some chicks that really dont know how to dress formal.

They think the only way they feel sexy is by wearing something tight, short, or low plunge.

I told her it’s kinda short. ( hits her mid thigh, below the butt)

She said since short she like to wear short things??? and refused to wear something above the knee etc..


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