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Sugar bee
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I used to be! So I can commiserate with you! And yes, I also worked 2 jobs… One was waitressing and the other was a PT office assistant gig.

Our restaurant closed at 11. One of my worst nights was when a couple came in at 10:50 and ordered the filet mignon well done. Everyone in the restaurant knew that was the longest cooking dish on our menu. I almost wanted to tell them we were all out. Haha, but I’m not that evil 🙂

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Busy bee
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I was a bartender for a long time, while I was in college and interning after.  My worst was when the chef came in with his friends, the night before a big test.  He came in right before the kitchen closed,and partied with his friends until 2-3am.  And you know what happens when there’s a late table–when one table lingers all the rest do.  Thankfully my manager had mercy on me and let me close out the bar and leave around 2am.  

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Busy bee
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I waited tables for 8 years. And boy, do I have some doozie stories. The late tables were always the worst, though. My favorite was always prom season. You’d get tables of like 10-12 teenagers all going out to dinner together before prom, and it was always pretty cute. Especially when they (mainly guys) tried to order alcohol. 😉

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Buzzing bee
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I used to be a waitress! Worked at the same restaurant for 4 years… had some good times and most of the time I liked my job, but man do I feel your pain… I have soo many stories. I hated the “campers”…they were the worst.

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Busy bee
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I JUST quit waitressing 4 months ago after 12 years of doing it!!  It took me through most of high school, college, and then it was a second job for the last 4 years…..Great $$$, shitty people sometimes!

* I have severe allergies….One guy told me he didn’t want me as his server since I was “sick”.  He said he had cancer and couldn’t be around people who were sick and contagious.  WTF??  why are you sitting in a restaurant then?!

* I had a kid throw up in my booth….the parents didn’t clean it……and left me $1.50 for a tip.

* Someone changed their kid’s diaper in the booth….they were 10ft from the bathroom – which has a changing table in BOTH the men’s and women’s room.

* The ones that always say “Don’t worry, we will take care of you” or “We are big spenders” are the WORST tippers……ALWAYS

* I had some teenage girls who left me $30-something in ones, $15 in change (not quarters either) and didn’t even have enough to cover the rest of their bill, let alone a tip.  This was spread out allll over the table.


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Helper bee
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I waited tables in grad school and then as a second job after grad school when my first job didn’t pay me a living wage or provide health insurance. The most recent was waiting tables at a country club, which was nice because we made $8/hour (obscene in the $2.13/hour waiting world) but very very frustrating at times because members would think that they didn’t need to tip you because they already paid their dues. So you’d work your ass off all night on one table full of drunks and they’d leave a big old 0 in the tip line. Argh! Plus, they were obnoxious and thought the world of themselves because they were new money. Sundays were always miserable for some reason — maybe because they were cranky about working on Monday? The absolute worst though, was when their teenagers would come in and buy stuff using their parents member numbers — they’d demolish the table, order tons of stuff and never, ever tip. 

Plus I was waiting tables with a Master’s Degree and I look younger than I am — they’d always ask me where I was going to college.  Argh …

Every time I get cranky about my current job, I think back on that and count my blessings. 

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Helper bee
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All throughout highschool, college, and grad school! Oy the stories I have! That is one chapter of my life I’m glad I have, but that I’m happy is closed!

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