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  • Wedding: April 2010

Fiance joked that his Lutheran family might create a scene at our Catholic ceremony, but I’m pretty sure (God I hope so…) he was kidding.  I could see one of my brothers or cousins perhaps having “one too many”, but I can’t imagine anything BAD happy, just embarrassing;)

A friend of mine had an all-out brawl at her wedding involving 3 guys (one of which was the groom’s pops!) over a nasty comment the one guy’s wife made.  Thanksfully, the banquet hall they were at diffused the situation IMMEDIATELY and kicked the offending party out.  It was over within 5 min.  We joke about it.  Now.

I’d suggest haivng someone keep an eye on her, but realize that things happen, and even if she does start something, it shouldn’t take away from the AWESOME day you’re having!  And eventually, hopefully, you can look back and at least smile=)

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All I can say is hopefully a few words of encouragement – from reading your post it sounds like she does things that are passive rather than active:

  • moves away without telling anyone
  • doesn’t speak to her mother
  • doesn’t come home for holidays
  • self-absorbed

To me, that sounds like someone who won’t show up at all – problem solved.  If she does manage to drag herself to your wedding, I bet she will show up, eat your food, and won’t thank you for anything – which is crappy, but I really don’t think it sounds like she’ll be “starting anything”.  She sounds like she’s the type to give people the silent treatment instead of screaming – still annoying but at least it’s easy to ignore someone who’s refusing to talk to anyone!!

Very smart that you told her to call her mother directly – I would wholeheartedly endorse not getting into their family politics.  If she or her mother bring this up, just nod and smile and change the subject to something happy as fast as possible.  It’s so not worth getting involved the family history, even if you worry it may affect your wedding.

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  • Wedding: February 2010

luckily, i think all the drama happened before the wedding for me! everyone who’s mad at me and my family over the wedding refused to come, and people who are mad at other people in our family refused to come (which kind of pisses me off, because their drama has nothing to do with me so why are they missing my wedding!).

the only drama that might happen is if my uncle decides to say something rude… which happens 99% of the time. he’s kind of bitter about his own life right now and isn’t happy when others are happy. when i first started dating my fi my whole family was so excited and i showed him a picture of my fi and out of his mouth was, “he’s balding.” thanks for pointing that out, but i think he’s very cute, and i’m very happy right now, and why do you have to be such a jerk? i’m sure he’ll say something nasty at our wedding… i’m just not so sure about how my fi or i will react.

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omg yes. Once at an aunts 50th birthday celebration some older female cousins started a fight in the female restroom with a younger girl… lights were turned off and party had to end =[

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Yep. I would expect my dumb @$$ brother in law and his even more dumb gf to try and crash my wedding because their not invited and way jealous of us.

I would probably kill them.

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I’m sorry about the situation! I feel you, but for a slightly different story.

When my mom got pregnant with me at 18, my dad’s parents claimed that I wasn’t his and my mom was looking for money. (We look exactly like him, btw!) So my step dad married my mom to support us right out of hs. So my dad’s parents finally accepted we are his about 3 years ago, at the same time most of his family found out about us. My dad recently married in feb. of 2007 to a wonderful woman he met working in Antarctica. My mom is bitter because he didn’t marry her when she got pregnant and it’s no secret she may still love him. My step dad and dad were best friends before all this happened. So welcome to the idea of the grandparents that hate each other, and parents that are bitter towards each other being at my wedding. lol.

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I think there may be some at mine…I dont really have a relationship with my fathers mother (although she pretends we do). I havent heard from her in 5 years and she calls me out of the blue b/c my dad tells her i’m getting married (I’m assuming just to make sure she gets and invite)  The wedding is on march 20 and she is the only perosn I have not gotten an RSVP from. They were due on Feb 14th, and they had a stamp on it to return!  Well I turn in my seating chart on Monday, and she is not on it! I expect there will be some drama about that, but that’s her fault.

My dad is another story, I am almost positive he will have an issue with SOMETHING…probably his mother not being seated, but again taht is her fault.  he is the only person who has not ordered his tux, and I told him he wasnt walking me down the aisle unless he was in a tux or a black suite. he agreed, but I am almost sure, he is going to do his own thing like not wear as suite at all, like he always does and try to get away with it.  NOT happening.

OR my fiances univited aunts will show up, ( he only invited his 1 close aunt, who is also upset with him for not inviting everyone in his extended family, and she told them about them WEDDING!) They both have a major drinking problem! I could only imagine how things could go down.

Thank goodness for SECURITY!!!

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That’s really tough but I am sure someone else will handle her before you ever have to know about it, let alone get involved.  That is if she really has the nerve (and it would take a lot of it) to do anything to caause a scene.  It’s a shame that she’s treating the entire family this way but continue to remain out of it.  You don’t want any of the drama directed at you.  Luckily she doesn’t have much contact with the family so I don’t see this being an ongoing concern for you. 

I’m not afraid of any family drama’s unfolding.  But I am afraid of a few couples getting too drunk and having an argument.  There are 2 couples I am particularly worried about because they have a history of doing exactly that.  They get drunk and argue about nonsense.  I told my Fiance (since its his friends) that if this happens I want to personally kick them out and never speak to them again!  He said I’m not allowed to though lol, it will have to be him handling it- but I can just never speak to them again! 

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