(Closed) Anyone else dread the holidays?

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Honey bee
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I feel this way too! Mostly its trying to buy gifts for people and not knowing what to get, never getting to spend enough time with family or friends and feeling bad about it, feeling like the Xmas’s of years past were better. I spend too much time worrying and don’t enjoy it at all!

I do look forward to January though, I try to think of it as a fresh start, maybe this year will be beautiful and bright and the best ever. Perhaps try to focus on that?

My Fiance likes to say that the holidays are the best and worst time of the year, all the high emotions, joy, love, happiness and also despair, anxiety and stress. I always look forward to the calm quiet that is January.

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Busy bee
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Yes… for methere’s alot of anxiety that goes with family stuff cause my parents hate each other.  Is there something specific that bothers you, or bad experiences?  

I’m trying to re-love xmas by decorating our house and making special traditions with Fiance.  We went tobogganning this weekend and it was so fun!  The bad weather kills me though, and the lack of sunlight.  Take extra vitamin D and B12, for me this improves my mood immensely.

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Busy bee
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I work at a grocery store…in the meat dept(with all the turkeys and hams). Once Halloween happens my life=living hell for the next 2 months. I feel like I probably enjoyed the holidays a lot more before I started working at a grocery store…..but for the last 4+ years I have dreaded the holiday season. Although I will say I do bake ridiculous amounts of cookies every year to keep a stash in our office so we can all get a quick pick me up when we need one….and trust me we need them a lot.

Outside of work the holidays still = stress, and spending money that I don’t have on crap people will only be excited about for 2 weeks….ugh is it January yet?

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Busy bee
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Holidays kind of depress me in general nowadays, especially because I haven’t spent a holiday with my family since 2006, and haven’t even seen my mom since 2008. The New Year also brings about a feeling of sadness — knowing that another year of my life has come and gone. After it is all over with, I stop caring, but right around this time of year, I generally feel a bit sad.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Thanksgiving doesn’t bother me.  The last 2 years we went to my sister-in-laws house, but this year my husband and I will be going to my mom’s….

Christmas has been bothering me for some time now… I feel it is just so not worth the aggravation of finding gifts that you think people will like.  This year I am going to tell my husband, my mom, and my brother that we are going easy on it because we are planning on buying a house this spring or summer…

I love New Year’s Eve… My husband and I have gone to one of our favorite restaurants/bars.. the food is excellent so we go to dinner around 9:30 or so.. then go over to the bar and enjoy a few drinks! 

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Busy bee
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I understand what you’re saying. It’s like all this rush and excitement from Nov 1 thru NYE then BAM, big let down.

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Bumble bee
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My father died 7 years ago on Dec 17.  Christmas has been a wreck for me ever since.  There just doens’t seem to be as much joy anymore.  🙁

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Bee Keeper
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That kind of seems like a “glass half empty” way of looking at NYE. Instead of seeing it as the end of a year, see it as a year being born with all kinds of new opportunities and surprises ahead!

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Busy bee
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Yes! I was never really into Christmas, and then add on 6 years of working at the mall through college and grad school, and I get really annoyed by the whole season, how early the decorations go up and all the commercials and marketing and shopping. Ugh!

It’s even worse now. My fiance’s family loves Christmas and decorate the day after Thanksgiving and go to the mall to buy a tree ornament, which I am now expected to participate in. Thankfully, I don’t get the day after Thanksgiving off, so I get to skip most of that.

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Honey bee
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For me this year, it is probably because I am in the third trimester of pregnancy, I do not really want to socialize while I am uncomfortable and feel as big as a house.

Other then that, it is because of my mother and my Mother-In-Law. Which is a very long story, but to sum it up, my mom has it in her head that my Mother-In-Law is stealing me away from her. My Mother-In-Law is also very liberal, while my mom is very conservative. So, this means I HAVE to attend every holiday dinner with my mother and she will not, NOT, compromise to having dinner with my husband’s family. Every year this leads into an argument and I just end up having to spend dinner with my mother while she talks crap about my father. (Another long story!)

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Busy bee
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I go back and forth. I hate all of the obligations of holidays (work parties, family things, friends parties, the fact that we know 673 people with birthdays in December) but then I love getting the house decorated, picking out a tree, baking cookies…

I think once we have kids of our own I’ll like Christmas more, becuase I’ll feel like more of a grown-up in control of Christmas vs. someone getting dragged around to all different stuff. But this year we’re taking steps toward making our ‘own’ Christmas and it’s nice!

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Buzzing bee
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Oh yes…. I have a tiny family so the holidays are always a reminder of how many people have passed away recently… Fiance has a huge family which is refreshing but it isn’t enough to save the holidays. 

I also hate NYE and the letdown that follows it. I always feel like I accomplished nothing in the past year. 

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Honey bee

I hated them growing up. My mom hated/still hates them and passed that hatred down to us. She doesn’t get along with any family members and Christmas alwways turned into one giant fight, with most nights ending in tears.

Since being with my husband though, I am learning to love them. We pick out the tree together and decorate it. We have a movie that we watch together every year to kick off the season. And his family is big/awesome so spending time with them is a highlight for me.

I do understand the let down though. after NYE we don’t have any holidays at work until the end of May. The dead of winter in Boston also sucks. It’s cold, icy, and the snow no longer looks pretty.

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Busy bee
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Yes, yes, yes. My family is quite a mess. We hadn’t spent a holiday together since my mom died. That was almost four years ago.

I divorced my husband last year. My wonderful older son managed to have a Christmas in two shifts over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year he had to move back in with my ex. I don’t know what this year will bring. My family all lives in my hometown now and I am 50 miles away.

Families are complicated and the holidays bring out the best of it.

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