(Closed) Anyone else feel like a green eyed monster? Bad waiting day.

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Sugar bee
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Keep your head up buttercup! you will be engaged before you know it. I mean you’re practically at the proposal finish line. Easier said than done but just try and be patient and know that your SO WILL propose when he’s ready. 

Whenever I’m feeling poopy I go try my ring on. Will your SO care if you sneak a peak?? 

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Sugar bee
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prettyinpink11:  poooooooop on that!!! Well just look at the pictures you have!!! Ring porn for real lol! I totally just pictured my ring with a big ol sad face shivering because it doesn’t have a warm hand to be on. Poor ring. ๐Ÿ™ 

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Blushing bee

Me. Good friend keeps posting wedding planning pictures. While I just wish I had the ring. It makes me feel like her relationship is better than mine.


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Buzzing bee
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prettyinpink11:  don’t feel too bad, everyone is on a different page and sometimes it makes you feel left out. two if my younger cousins got engaged recently and it’s a bit of a kick while your down but you know yours is coming ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy bee
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prettyinpink11:  I can feel where you are coming from. I dont think I am green with envy but I am growing impatient while everyone else around me is getting married or engaged.  I am in a wedding in 2 months and I have two more friends who are planning for next year. SO and I have spoken almost everyday about being married next year…but still no proposal. I dont (and won’t) want to rush him….but I just wanna be married already!  Sometimes I wonder why we put so much emphasises on an engagement to get tge ball rolling. Its killlllling me lately.

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Bee Keeper
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prettyinpink11:  How you feeling this week sweetie? Any less green eyed? xxx

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prettyinpink11:  Situational irony but…I’m actually kinda jealous of you!  You actually have a relationship and it sounds like you’re aware (or at least suspecting) that he has bought a ring for you and is waiting to propose to you sometime in the near future.  I don’t even have that.  I don’t even have a booty call!  So far my sex life has been nothing but celibacy celibacy celibacy this year.  And yes, I get jealous when I hear about others’ proposals.  I had a friend since high school who was quite a bit of a screwup.  He committed various grand thefts and drug dealings that landed him multiple jail stints and most recently, a year and a half at a state prison a few years ago.  He was always the noncommitment type of guy who was also rather promiscuous and would make a ton of perverted jokes and sexual references…NOT the marriage type at all.  One of the rare few relationships he did have was with a gorgeous girl who he has a son by, and lived with for a period of time, but she dumped him when he went to state prison because she was tired of waiting around for a screwup.  Well, in recent months he worked to get his parole changed to allow him to move closer to his ex and kid, and whaddyaknow, they ended up getting back together and recently got engaged.  As a result, I no longer have this friend to hang out with and relate to on relationships gone wrong (since he is now living a few states away with his ex-turned-fiance).  I never dated him, was only ever friends with him, and sporadically through the years.  Admittedly the reason I got talking to him again in recent years was because I felt that he could relate to my single parent situation and not judge me the way most people have judged me to be “white trash” for being an unmarried, perpetual single mom.  It’s annoying to think that even pervy jailbirds are settling down before I am, when I’d been seriously looking for a long time.  It’s also annoying to read the fb status updates about him accompanying his ex-turned-fiance to wedding expos and stuff…stuff that I wasn’t able to even convince my closest platonic guy friends to accompany me to as an act of kindness for me.  Yes I am green with envy.  He is not the only screwup-turned-family-man who’s gotten engaged and/or married recently either.  Even this one guy I went to high school with–who was a total obnoxious d-bag, not very good looking at all, didn’t even get his diploma, and literally impregnated a hooker, yes a real hooker–is happily married now, most likely to the hooker (now former hooker?) he had a child by.  Ugh.  So when I see examples like that, it just makes me feel even worse about my situation because I think that if guys who aren’t exactly winners are even able to get engaged, then I must really have some major malady to not even be able to score a relationship.

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Helper bee

prettyinpink11:  Ugh, I know how you feel. Though I’m totally loving the exciting aspect of not knowing when or where it’ll happen, I have my bad waiting days. And atleast you know what the ring looks like! I managed to find out the cut and specs of the diamond my bf decided to go with, but I have NO idea what it looks like and he has NO idea that I know. In fact, there are days when I just go along with it and then get myself all worked up, totally forgetting that he bought the ring =). I was told that he was customizing the ring, so it’ll take a month (or atleast as I was informed by my informant) for the designs and 2 mock ups before he even gets the ring. Who knows how long it’ll take but oh well…part of the waiting process I guess.

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