Anyone else feel like an animal in a zoo exhibit while pregnant?

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So annoying! I weighed the same as you when I got pregnant though I’m a little shorter, and have been getting lots of “wow you look healthy!” type comments from people lately. Nothing outright rude and I’m sure everything is well-intended, but it still makes me self conscious. I feel like the implication is I looked unhealthy before or something? Though I doubt people mean anything negative by it.

I’m almost 30 weeks along and have gained about 22 lbs, which is right on track with where I should be at this point but still feels like a lot. I feel like a walrus, tbh. I’m a bit self conscious about it for sure, so I read into everyone’s comments lol. I think my face looks the same as ever, but my butt and thighs seem to be expanding rapidly…even my underwear feels tight lately, which is not pleasant!! 

Weirdest for me though are the comments I constantly get ever since about 24 weeks from total strangers on a pretty much daily basis. Waitresses, cashiers, randos on the street…I really can’t go one day without someone making some remark. Most of the comments are really well intended and kind, but it still makes me self conscious to think that people are noticing my body so much. Oh well, two more months…

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Yes, and I LOATHE it! When I was pregnant with my first, I was giving out Halloween candy at my parents’ house and one of their neighbors was disappointed because I was bending over and she “couldn’t see the bump!” Lady, you’ve seen plenty of pregnant women and have two kids of your own; why do you need to stare at me?? I really hope my current one positions himself like my first – straight up and down in my long torso, so I never look really big. 

When my mom was pregnant with me, some random woman came up to her at a bus stop, put both hands *under* her belly, and informed her I would have a club foot. If anyone did that to me, they would no longer have full use of their hands….

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cblank181 :  You are not alone!! People have been making comments on my belly pretty much since I told them I was pregnant!! I took forever to show so of course people commented on how small I am. They mean it like a compliment but it made me worry. Or they would say “wow my stomach is bigger then your pregnant stomach” What the heck am I supposed to say to that? I just stopped worrying what people say but some days it still gets to me. I am showing now but ppl still ask me if I eat enough!! Or if I am having a hungry day ppl comment as well which can make me feel self conscious.   My doc told me I am measuring fine and I am 28 weeks and have gained about 15 pounds. I feel like I gained a lot and I still have a whole trimster to go!! I wasnt as small as u when I got pregnant but I was fairly petite. So I guess everyone expected me to be huge now and look 9 months!! I dont think us pregnant ladies can win!! We either get told we look like we are ready to pop or get asked if were eating enough!!! I dont get why ppl feel it is ok to comment on pregnant women bodies when we are emotional and self conscious enough. I’m sorry people are making you feel like you didnt look good before. I am sure you looked fine!  People were probably just jealous bc you were skinny!! 

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The only response in regards to how a pregnant woman looks is “you look great”, in my opinion. Anything else can be intrusive, insesnsitive and offensive. 

On a slightly different note, but still made me feel like an exhibit,  my Mother-In-Law wanted a photo of “the 6th great grandchild” for her mother to see (aka: pregnant me). I don’t like being treated like an object for others’ viewing pleasure, so declined. She countered with “it doesn’t have to show your face, just the belly”!

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My poor sister has just entered her 3rd trimester.  Pre baby she was a usa size 2. This girl eats clean most of the time.

Because of her sway back her baby bump sticks out. She’s stopped telling people when she’s due and just says soon as they’re so rude about it..

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Girl I feel you. I’m heading into the 2nd trimester this week (so still early) and family is already trying to touch my belly. Ahem. There is nothing to touch. I’m not showing yet. My new line is “I’m not a fucking petting zoo”. I think I need it as a T Shirt. 

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Perfectionist :  I’m dreading my MILs request for bump photos.  Because it won’t be happening. 

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