(Closed) Anyone Else Get Overwhelmed with LIFE??

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Bumble bee
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I was drinking a beer and doing homework; now I’m drinking a beer and looking through the boards on the bee. Not actually sure if that’s productive advice!

Right now I’m adjusting to a new grad school, and I just moved here, but now we’re buying a place and moving again… it’s all good stress but it really wigs me out!

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Busy bee
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Life is stressful and just day-to-day stuff can be overwhelming. There are lots of coping mechanisms people will suggest but it’s important to find something that really works for you. Personally, I try to prioritize what I need to do the following day so I can clear my mind for the evening. Exercise works when I make myself do it. I like to read so keeping myself in a good book I can read at the ened of the day is good too. I try to plan fun things for us to do when we manage to have a little time together as a family or just as a couple. Some people do yoga or meditate.  Some people drink. I think just acknowledging that life is crazy and making a short-term plan to get through the days for tough weeks helps. 

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This is me tonight. Big time. I’ve just been having a difficult time and tonight it hit me hard. 

I had a nice good cry session earlier- that always helps me feel better. Then I had a beer with some friends and now I’m watching mindless TV (reality TV is only good for easing stress) and playing on the computer.

I guess what helps me the most is keeping my problems in perspective. They seem like a mountain to me, but there is always someone whose problems make mine seem like a molehill.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Life definitely can seem that way at times, can’t it?  It sounds as if you certainly have your hands full!

I can relate to some of what you’re going through. I always thought I had a stressful life when I was single and had a high-stress, demanding job.  However, the most stressful time in my life involved the year before, and year following my wedding.  My now-DH and I lived three hours apart in different states, had a long-distance relationship, had a long-distance marriage for half of each week for almost the first year of our marriage, sold two houses and bought one together, moved, etc, and I had to relocate, leave my fantastic job and all my friends behind and take on the brand-new, first-time roles of wife, pastor’s wife, stepmother of four, stepmother-in-law, dog owner, and, eventually, grandmother to my stepson’s baby girl. It was overwhelming! I really didn’t know what hit me.  Thankfully, after three years of marriage and two years of living with my husband and family full time, I am starting to feel “at home” in my “new” life.

As for what I have done and do to keep “sane,” I honestly have to give all of the credit to God.  Even though I’ve done a pretty terrible job of spending time with Him throughout this process, He is, by far, the most important person in my life.  I have no idea how I would have survived the grueling transition if it were not for Him, as well as some of the special and wonderful people He has placed in my life.

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Sugar bee
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I’m not.  I had a slight mental breakdown today.  I jumped in the tub with my clothes on and sat in the kitchen and stared at a wall.  I even forgot to file for unemployment collection today somehow.  I’m off.  I decided to let myself do something crazy before I just inadvertently do something crazy.

I have a month or so left of unemployment, it would be much easier if I were able to do things without my extremities swelling up from this awful disease I have.  I have been feeling really depressed and going to the gym used to help now I can only go when my body allows it and I can only swim.  I was running before and doing Barre and I loved it, I felt exhausted afterward like I had actually accomplished something and was helping myself out by geetting healthier.  Swimming is okay too but mostly I can only do it for small periods before my joints hurt.  It’s at least something.  That week I couldn’t work out at all I was really really off.  I can only pray that this disease resolves itself and its not an atypical case that includes kidney failure and lasts for years.  To play it safe I haven’t had a sip of alcohol, which is a bummer because I used to look forward to having a beer or two on a Friday, altough not every Friday.  FI is concerned for me and always bothering me to put the cream on my feet, drink a lot of water etc.  I know its out of love but at times its helpful and other times its really not.

I already felt lost and this is not helping.  I don’t know why I feel this way.  I was always able to pull myself up by the bootstraps and march on.  It seems this time I have just lost my footing.  Everything seems exhausting and like such a chore.  And Fiance is somewhat helpful, and somewhat not.  When he picks at me for things I haven’t done around the house it really bothers me, yes sometimes I am lazy but right now there are days where I can’t physically do much of anything.  

When I am able I will go down to the unemployment office and see if they can do anything to help me out since I would probably be pretty useless at a job right now unless it was a really really sendatary office one.  Im praying it all works out, because this time I cant seem to find my way out of the funk.

My life has always been somewhat of an uphill battle, but I’ve always been able to fight back.  I’m just starting to question how much fight I have left in me.

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I understand feeling overwhelmed! I’m planning a wedding and in graduate school and working. Some days it’s just too much! I try to enjoy the little things like cooking a nice meal and spending time with my fiance and our pets. You are not alone ๐Ÿ™‚

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