Anyone else get really bored when visiting the in-laws?

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Ergh honestly I absolutely HATE going to my SO mothers house. He has 7 brothers and sisters , all of them NOT working , including his mum. They all just sit around at home on benefits expecting everything handed on a plate to them, they are the laziest people I have ever met. My SO is the only succesful one in the family so when he comes up its all ” Get us a takeaway” ” Give us some money” ” Get the beers in “. My SO is always skint by the time hes back from visiting them.


It’s just boring up there , it sounds so bad but I truely hate it , all they do is sit inside and watch tv , jeremy kyle  and complain about everything there is to complain about. There morals and way of life is just awful. They complain when me and so go on holidays  , or spend it on luxury items , we both work hard and make a good living , its our money we do what we want!!


They never bother to visit us or ask how we are unless they need money. They don’t even bother to treat us like guests when were up there. I hate eating takeaways and greasy food but have no choice when im up there because there all so lazy.


Last christmas I spend a lot of money on their christmas presents etc , and I didn’t even get a thank you back when I went up there or a flipping card! I mean come on who does that? I didn’t expect gifts but a thank you would of been nice.


But at the end of the way it’s his family so I have to deal with it. I try my best not to go there unless I HAVE TO lol…Don’t do anything you don’t want to! That is time your never going to get back , I don’t have much tips , the only thing I do is just sit there and get heated up inside when they do my head in lol. Just be yourself , at the end of the day it’s you and your so in a relationship , your not in a relationship with them . Of course a relationship has to be there but my oppionion is that you don’t have to be best friends .


Hope all goes well for you! I wish I could of been more help but that’s my story x



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@hspw714:  OMG yes. My Fiance only has one brother and they will talk about video games for FOREVER while we are sitting there with football on the tv. Their dad will join in on the video game talk every once in a while. Or he and Future Mother-In-Law will talk about people that I don’t know. I just sit there awkwardly with nothing to say.

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@hspw714:  I hate visiting Fiance parents. They are very nice but they’re so boring!!!!!! We sit and talk, for 8 hours. There’s no tv on, and they’re so awkward. I’m talking 5 minute silences and they think its normal….


as far as the gun class, tell them you’re not interested and you’re really into (insert other hobby) right now to change the subject.

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Wow, all your stories make me feel better! My in-laws are a little boring but not too bad.


OP, Can you go to a shooting range instead of a gun “class”? That might be cool!

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the only think im not too fond of when visiting them is that they are a couple hours away so I have to sleep over everytime….i really dont like sleeping on anyones bed but mine…its a comfort thing…

Oh and they stay up a lot later than I normally do, so I feel like im dying of tiredness cuz I feel awkward saying that I am going to bed while everyone else is awake watching a movie

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My Mother-In-Law and SIL are fine! They just want to sit quietly and talk about babies and eat dessert.

But my Father-In-Law is very opinionated, and I disagree with 90% of his opinions! So I just sit there wuietly while he rages against how unfair it is that police officers are allowed to go through red lights (an actual example).

On the bright side, they’re a tech-friendly house… So Everyone has a Kindle or iPad out, and I can read or play on my apps!

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I dont mind my in-laws at all, but my god I get so bored visiting them. His mother is a bit of a shut in and hates going anywhere (except when she has to, like work). She is so nice, but you can only talk about so much with her. She lights up around my husband and while I know she likes me, she really just wants to be with Darling Husband so I usually retreat to the room we stay in and watch tv.

His father (they are divorced) lives on 80 acres in the middle of bum fuck nowhere. I usually get bored and go play with the cows. It is what it is.

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@hspw714:  I don’t necessarily get bored, but I do get frustrated. My in laws are VERY negative people, especially when together, so in the rare ocassion when we do visit them together, it is hard to sit there because you just want to punch them both in the face. All they do is argue and fight or Father-In-Law is trying to make Darling Husband feel like less of a man. It really sucks.

I don’t go out of my way to please them or do things they want to do honestly. And if Darling Husband had brothers, I would just politely decline whatever classes they wanted to to participate in. It’s ok not to have the same interests as everyone else, even if it means becoming closer with the family.

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Yes, I tend to get bored. I barely said a thing yesterday, but such is life. Mr. Lk’s family enjoys reminiscing about things from 20-30 years ago, and/or talking trash about other family members. I am not inclined to participate in either activity, so I just sit there and listen (and hope that they don’t say anything too horrible about me to other family members when I am not around).

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My in-laws live in the same city a sus, so we see them once a week or once every two weeks for dinners etc. I get along with his family and we always have lots to talk about- so no, I don’t get bored. My family, on the other hand, live farther away and e see them a couple times a year and I know that Fiance gets bored lol. He just manages through the best he can!

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@hspw714: what does your Darling Husband say? Can’t he get them off your back for you? “Dad, she’s really not interested in guns so please stopping pressuring her”.

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Yeah, I do get bored.. but they try to make me happy so that’s nice. I really can’t say anything bad about them. I have to spend 2 weeks per year with them (they live in another country)… it isn’t bad but I do get bored at times.

Knowing how to use a gun properly is a good skill to have, I would probably suck it up and take the classes, but then again, guns always somewhat interested me (never fired one in my life, though lol).

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who doesn’t? lol

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I don’t. I enjoy visiting the in-laws. They only live about 20 minutes away so it’s not far to drive. We don’t see them often so when we do, there’s always something to talk about. There a few things going on with my Mother-In-Law. We had an argument yesterday, but on the whole we get along. I like seeing them and they like seeing me (I hope).

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