Anyone else had moles removed?

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While this was on my arm, I had a pretty small mole removed two years ago because my dermatologist wanted it biopsied then removed due to abnormal cells. Well, it was very small (in my eyes anyway), but she needed to remove the tissue around it, too, and I ended up with a football shaped hole in my upper arm that she stitched closed. It was such an odd shape, and I didn’t heal well in that area (I don’t think there’s that much blood in that area) so I had a big ugly purple scar and lots of scar tissue – and it’s the size of a nickel. 


Two years later, the purple has faded completely and it’s a dark tan color. Over time it got a lot better, and the only thing that bothers me from it now is the scar tissue is still tender if I push on it. Hopefully it will get better! There are creams you can use (mederma, manuka honey, etc) that can help! Good luck. 

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My brother had a birthmark removed on his face and once the wound had healed, was told to massage in lotion/Vaseline/anything moisturising, but the rubbing in action would help it to heal more invisibly, and you can hardly even see the scar now. 

Dh had a mole taken off his hand and there’s a small purple mark where you can almost see the marks where the stitches were, but I’m guessing he didn’t bother doing much about it once it had healed over. It’s still not that obvious though. 

I’m sure yours will fade with time, sorry about that rough handed nurse :/ 

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I had a simple procedure on my back that involved stitches, and they assured me there was no risk of scarring. I was in the same boat, the stitches tore and I have a pretty intense (but small) scar there. Since it wasn’t the same procedure, and I think facial skin is a bit more forgiving, I’m not sure if this is helpful.

But it was similar enough (having a lasting scar after being told there wouldn’t be one) that I thought it was worth mentioning. It’s been a few years, and I’ve used Mederma and Vitamin B oil, and it still is just chilling, undefeated. 

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I didn’t need stitches, but I had a mole “shaved” off my forearm to be biopsied (luckily it was benign). That was probably a year ago and there’s still a mark – it looks kind of like a chicken pox scar. But I have psoriasis so a small scar is the least of my skin problems.

I’m sorry about your experience though! Do you have a dermatologist? Perhaps they would know how to best tackle the scarring. 

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I’ve had several moles removed by a plastic surgeon ad some of them healed very nicely (you could barely see them after a year or two) and some of them are still very visible (it’s been around 10 years). My doctor recommended dermatix (silicon gel), but I’m not sure how much that helped. 

ETA: all of them required stiches

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I had a small mole on my back removed that required stitches. My family doctor removed it. It ended up growing back if you can believe it. 

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I had a pre cancerous mole removed nearly twenty years ago, stitching tore open and was not able to be restitched because the skin was too tight. I tried every scar cream known to man, and twenty years later it is a lot less purple, but it is still a huge scar.

If it’s on your face and you are worried about scarring, your plastic surgeon might recommend laser treatment once it has healed, this treatment can do wonders. 

Good luck!

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I have had two HUGE moles removed, not from my face but from above my belly button and on my shoulder. I have rather large scars :/ They have calmed down a bit, but are still very obvious.

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I had a mole on my face cut off the surface by a dermatologist. I was lucky that the skin just healed over with no scarring.

I had several other moles cut out completely by other dermatologists and stitched up. They had ugly keloid scarring. But at least it’s not on my face so I don’t really care about it.

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I’ve had so many removed. Some because I hated them others because they were suspicious. They take a chunk to send to the lab if it’s suspicious. 

Ok so I haven’t had stitches pulled out so I’d be upset about that too. But the good news is every single one I’ve had removed has healed very well. So I hope that eases your mind a bit. 

They should have given you a handout as to what to do? I put Vaseline on mine religiously and that helps with scarring. Always use an SPF if you’re going outside even if it’s cloudy.

Once its healed up from an open sore it might still be red or dark. You can use a cover-up that’s thick for the events if you like. I used to use a cover up from Make Up Forever when I had adult cystic acne. Works great. Top it off with a good powder and is going to hide a lot of it. 


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clipclop1023 :  this is exactly how mine went. I got it tattooed over because everyone was drawn to touching the scar for some odd reason!  

I have had a handful of others removed and they all healed fine and you would never be able to find where they used to be. 

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waif :  I’ve never had a mole, but my mom had one at the corner of her eye. She tied it at the base pretty tightly with some thread and waited for a few days.

By then, the blood circulation to the mole had gotten cut off and one day the mole just fell off her face.

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I thought cocoa or shea butter was supposed to help with scarring? I only had two moles removed from my axillary area. One you can’t tell. The other looks ugly but it’s better than having the mole there!

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