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Unfathomably:  Our cocker spaniel, Oliver, has mild seizures once or twice a year.  He had his first one when he was still a puppy.  When he has one he usually gets a weird look, crouches down and stares off into space.  Sometimes he very lightly shakes.  Then once he comes out of it he pretty much immediately goes to the bathroom.  I feel terrible when it happens!  I’ll sit with him and pet his back and speak calmly to him until it’s over.  His aren’t very long.  Once he’s back with it I take him out and then bring him back in and find a comfortable, cool dark place for him to sleep.  He’s 7 now, I hope they don’t get worst as he ages.  🙁  When it happens his sister is always really concerned and paces around him and tries to lick his face.  

ETA: He’s also not on any medication for the same reasons you listed.  Sorry your furbaby has to deal with this!!

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I had a poodle who lived to be a few months shy of 18.  I gave her phenobarbital when she had a seizure and she took it regularly for about a month after a seizure.   We would repeat each time she had one.  Her seizures were pretty violent though.   

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My pit bull, Judas, was a stray when I found him, and he had heartworms (vet said it was very advanced,) and he had a couple of seizures while he was being treated, and a few times after he was treated. They are very scary. I cried like a baby the first time he had one. He had been playing, and then suddenly stopped and walked towards me like he wanted to sit on my lap, but he didnt make it to me, he just went to the ground and started shaking really bad, and that’s when I realized what was happening. It probably only lasted about 20 seconds, but it felt like so much longer. 

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My dog doesn’t have seizures, but he does have a colapsing trachea which is still pretty scary. He’s ahd them as long as I remember, and although it doesn’t happen nearly as often as when he was a pup, it still happens. He is the main reason I am such a light sleeper now, any sound will wake me up – if he has an attack in the middle of the night I always get up to soothe him.

There isn’t much I can do for him, but hold him through it. Anytime he has one I call him and he jumps into my arms, and I gently pat his butt or back until it’s over, and he usually cuddles until he feels better.

Perhaps there is a medicine on the market seizures available?

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Our pit has frequent head tremors and occasional seizures. Our vet said they were common for her breed and the tremors are nothing to worry about and the seizures we just have to watch carefully. 

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Our border collie had a run of seizures where he would shake his head (like a person would indicate “no”) for about a minute at a time. He seemed zonked out at the time too 🙁 it was horrible to see, very upsetting. We started him on medication but it made him very sick on the tummy. Luckily his went away and he hasn’t had one for about 2 years

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My inlaws have this puggle who has seizures over fireworks. Her’s usually involve crapping all over herself, too. They just make sure she doesn’t swallow or bite through her tongue, and wait til it’s over. They started medicating her on fireworks related holidays, so now she doesn’t get them.

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My mom inherited a Chow about two years ago that had been kennelled for most of it’s life.  Since then, my mom or other family members have witnessed him having seizures probably 10+ times.  We think he has them much more frequently than that, as there’s no one home during the week days to witness it for much of the day.  It’s not a full blown tonic-clonic seizure, but like the head shaking Ash2410 described.  It’s sad to see (I’ve seen it twice).  He tries to walk around when it happens, but he just falls back to the ground – they last a couple of minutes.  My mom called the vet after the first time, but he wasn’t concerned.  We’re guessing he’s probably had them for a long time without any treatment, as he was in a kennel most of the time with his previous owner – still, I keep hounding my mom to talk to the vet about it again. I don’t think there is much you can do when they are having a seizure, just stand by and make sure they stay safe  :/

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We used to have a cat who had seizures, it’s like all his muscles would tighten and he was just stiff. He’d always look around panicked like he didn’t know what was going on.

Basically we just had to watch him go through it and make sure he didn’t hurt himself (during one episode he tore one of his nails off when he constricted his paws, his claw got stuck in the couch and he fell off)

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I once had a Sheltie who had seizures.  Phenobarb controlled them well.  The vet put him on meds because they were getting closer together in time.

It is terrifying to watch, but he was none the worse for the wear & lived to be 13.  I believe it was rimadyl that wrecked his liver & killed him.

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Just about two weeks ago my Chihuahua had his first witnessed seizure.  I was home alone with the pups, just sitting on the couch together.  I heard him making a strange sound and immediately knew something was wrong.  I scooped him up in my arms as he was shaking, “swimming”, and foaming at the mouth. His pupils dilated and his eyes sort of sunk in to the sockets. My heart broke a million times over. Since I was home alone and SO had our car at work, I had to get my Future Mother-In-Law to take us to the vet. 

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My 3 year old cat was diagnosed with epilepsy in September. He randomly started having what I now know was a seizure each week. When I realized what they were (aFter witnessing one from start to finish — his last about 30 seconds), I took him to the vet. She was okay with him having one “major one” a month (as long as they lasted less than 5 minutes — can’t imagine watching that long), but that day I took him home and he had his 2nd big one and 2 small ones by 11am. They ran blood tests to check for external causes which came back negative. They immediately put him on Valium to immediately control them, and he’s been on phenobarbital since. He’s monitored for his kidney levels, but that’s more prone to dogs. He hasnt had a single seizure since (but he’s still under the “okay if only once a month” protocol). 

My vet said to not touch him during a seizure, but do your best to clear anything out of his way in order to ensure he doesnt hurt himself. I was/am heartbroken; it’s horrific to watch. However, my vet explained that humans with epilepsy don’t have any recollection of their seizures, and they can assume the same for the animals. I hope that brings you some peace that your little one doesn’t even know it has happened. It’s hard to pretend you’re calm when they come out of it!

I would recommend making sure your vet rules out other causes, otherwise – just know he will live a “normal” life despite (this was hard for me to accept). 

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Unfathomably:  My 4 years old Jatzu (mix japanese chin and shih tzu) has them often. She started having them 1 year ago. Would happen once every 4 months for about 5-10 mins a time. It’s so hard to watch. I freak out everytime and start crying non-stop while rubbing her, and making sure her head isn’t shaking too much. The last couple of times it happen she couldn’t hold her urine and had a couple of accidents. Spoke to 2 vet and spent over 2k running blood work, and mri scans. Everything came back normal. Apparently this happens alot to smaller dogs. I’m just thankful she doesn’t need any meds yet.  My vet mention during her seizures she isn’t in pain and can’t remember what happens after coming out of it. He said it’s harder for their human to watch. Here’s a photo of my baby after all her blood work.

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Unfathomably:  my pup used to have seizures in addition to horrible itching and licking til he would bleed.  The vet said he may have food allergies.  I switched him to a grain free diet and the seizures disappeared completely. 

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