Anyone else have a fiance who does not want to wear a ring?

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Is he in an industry where wearing a ring could be dangerous? Many mechanics, contructions, hard labor guys don’t wear rings because it’s actually quite dangerous if an accident happens.

The guys I have known who don’t wear rings have one, but only wear it on nice occasions or have that rubber type of band.

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Busy bee

Hmm I hear the rubber rings are a lot more comfortable for people that are not used to jewlery, remember, you dont want to make him feel like he has to wear as a stamp….more like a symbol 🙂 He should enjoy wearing it because it gives menaing, not beccaue it looks cool. 



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Megan14 :  I know some guys that don’t wear any type of ring at all, and I know a lot of guys who have the rubber ones so I assume they are pretty comfortable.

My husband never wore jewelery and thought it was going to be weird to always wear a ring, but he immediately got used to it and loves wearing it.

Maybe your fiance just needs to try some on, he might think it’s more of a pain in the ass than it is. 

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My fiance is an electrician so he can’t wear metal. He isn’t a jewelry lover either, but he picked out an Enso silicone band to wear. He says it feels weird on his finger. I’m not sure it fits right because a lot of mornings it has come off of his finger in bed. He is actually in the process of making himself a wooden band to wear. If he says it’s comfy I’ll let you know! Also, I do know a few guys who felt the same and just got their finger tattooed, but obviously that would have to be your style!! 

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My husband rarely ever wears his wedding band.. his job is very hands on so it’s not safe for him to wear it and I honestly don’t mind if he doesn’t wear it, he’s married no matter Ring or no ring lol. He’ll only wear if it we do go out ( that’s if he remembers LOL) haha but I’m ok with it. 

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My first husband never wore his ring… now heʻs an ex husband.

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Megan14 :  FH does not want a ring but he does want a ring tattoo. At first I was sad, because I wanted him to have something nice, but now I get it. He has some arthritis from years of playing football and tingly sensations in his fingers as well. He will get a silicone ring on our wedding day and wear that until he has his tattoo done. 

FWIW my dad doesn’t have a ring/never wore a ring and he and my mom have been happily married for over 30 years. 

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Megan14 :  my guy is having a nice ring made but will only wear it when he remembers or around the house. He works a laborious job so he will likely get a silicone ring or not wear a ring 90% of the time. He will still be married and I know he loves me. It’s all that matters. 

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My husband doesn’t wear his ring. When we first got married he did electrical work so it made sense for him to not wear it. He is now on the engineering side of things and still doesn’t like to wear it. He doesn’t wear any kind of jewelry at all. It bothered me at first and while I wish he would wear it, it isn’t a major issue. Not wearing a ring doesn’t make him any less married.

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My husband said he didnt want a ring.  We’ve been together 10 years, 9 before we married and in all that time I never once saw him with any kind of jewlery, not even a watch, so it didn’t really worry me when he said he didnt want one.  He is an electrical engineer and often has his hands in very tight spaces working with wiring and circuit boards. 

I insisted on a wedding band for the ceremony and after that he could do what he wanted with it, wear it or not, and I meant it.  He doesn’t wear it daily because of his work, but he almost always wears it when we go out or even just have friends over.  I know he does it to please me, and it does.  I’ll hold his hand and pull it up and look at it and smile at him and he knows I’m happy.  Its just a little, special moment between us even if we are in a crowd.

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Megan14 :  My husband let me know he didn’t want to wear a ring. I had some thoughts about that for a moment until I looked up ring avulsion (he goes to the gym a lot and works in a very physical industry). Also, I remembered that a man who is going to fuck around isn’t going to be deterred by a ring on his finger (and neither will women who fuck around with married men).

My husband has a ring that he wears primarily on the weekends. It’s wider than I would have expected someone who doesn’t wear jewelry to pick. It’s titanium, I think, with a white gold segment. He researched and picked it out and let me know which one he wanted. I just paid for it.

I do want to point out though, that your FH told you he didn’t want to wear a ring but that he might be willing to wear a silicone ring and you have dismissed that as not nice enough and are now trying to find something that you will approve of. It’s his hand and his ring. Go with him so he can try some things on but if he really doesn’t want to wear a ring (or really is only willing to wear a silicone band) then it doesn’t have to be a big deal.

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My husband has a ring but never wears it. It doesn’t bother me, he hates all jewelry.

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My best friend’s husband is an electrician and got her name tattooed on his wedding ring finger. He only wears his wedding ring when he’s not working with his hands. 

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