(Closed) Anyone else have bizarre encounters with people about your rings?

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Honey bee
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I know whenever I’m in Europe I do notice the personal space thing, but I have never had anyone do anything like that to see my ring. That’s really weird… Someone just grabbing my hand like that would kind of bother me lol

I have had people ask to try on my ring, but they were friends of mine.

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Sugar bee
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I haven’t had any weird encounters with the general public, but I’ve had some with jewelery store clerks. I was looking at bands for Fiance and I mentioned to the clerk that we wanted to stick with the rope engraving theme on my e-ring and she asked to see it. I showed her and she asked me what my stone was. I told her it was a sapphire. Her response was ‘…..but it looks green’. Um yeah it’s a green sapphire they come in all colors of the rainbow, not just blue or pink. I would expect people who sell jewelry for a living to know that. The other weird one I had was I asked a different clerk what kind of cleaner they would recommend for palladium and sapphire. She gave me this blank look and told me she had never heard of palladium before. What is with clerks not knowing basics about jewelery?

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Sugar bee
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I had a woman at an interview about 10 days ago stop as I reached out to take the business cards and say “Wow your ring is really gorgeous and unique”. I told her thank you that my husband had done well. That was strange to me because I never thought my hands would matter in an interview.


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@Eckle:  This is typical for mall jewelery stores and large chains. My sapphire throws them for a complete loop. Only smaller jewelers know enough when they see my ring to realise what it is and most have never seen this type of sapphire in real life as it is fairly unusual. These stores tend to get excited and want to see it in different lights to see the colors it shifts or throw it through the loop since it does have ruitile crystal in one quadrant verifying its not treated which is also uncommon.

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Busy bee
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@HomeschoolingBeeof4 @adoc86 I just feel like I should point out on behalf of all European bees that Europe is a big place (or at least, it feels like that to us!) with many different nations and cultures – I can only speak for the UK, but those encounters would definitely be considered weird over here ๐Ÿ™‚ Where were you when they happened?!

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Blushing bee

I do know that in some areas of Europe, big diamond/gem rings are not the norm…so maybe you just really surprised them???I have seen other European brides posting on weddingbee about how big bling is not the norm over there.

As far as my ring goes…I haven’t had anything out of the ordinary. My grandmother asks to see it every single time she sees me. And my sister’s first question was “Is that a half carat?”   My ring does get noticed a lot at work (I work part-time at a clothing store) because when I am on the cash register and taking sensors off of clothes, my hands are right in front of people. But most just ask when the wedding is.

I’m surprised I haven’t heard any snarky remarks about my ring because it is on the smaller carat size, but in my area people tend to be very conservative and often marry young so I would assume my diamond size is about what most other girls mt age (23) recieve.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@Eckle: &
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I am a Jewellery Lover… and I hear you on the Sapphire issue, the other stone that I find confuses people are Topaz.

Seems that a lot of Chain Stores, and the Clerks have only seen standard colours (or know of them… I blame it on poor Jewellery Education of the store clerks)

In many situations … someone says Sapphire and they think Blue.

Someone says Topaz, and they think Blue as well.

If only they knew there was a whole rainbow of colours for these gemstones.

(I like both Sapphires & Topaz, I have some rings that have different sorts of Topaz Stones and people are always asking me what they are… I am used to it in the real world, but it is a tad strange when one is in a Jewellery Store at the time.)


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Bumble bee
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Apparently my Fiance has told me that women will stare openly at my ring, but look away the minute I change my head position etc (I guess so that they are not caught!). I’m clueless about these things really! 


Otherwise had some ogling from the owner of a pub and waitresses, which was nice haha

FTR I live in the UK. 


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Helper bee
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thank you ๐Ÿ™‚  I was thinking the exact same thing as you when I hear Europe being described like it was one big country…I’m from Sweden and it would be considered very strange for anyone one here to act like that.


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Helper bee
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@HomeschoolingBeeof4:  That is strange! Did you let the girl at the movies try them on?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@HomeschoolingBeeof4:  When I was in Spain my personal bubble was popped all the time. one old guy on a bus asked me to touch his tumor :/ *gag* 


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@Eckle:  I’ve had some really really uninformed and misinformed mall “jewelers” before. Since they don’t make the jewelry and they just sell it, most of them are completely clueless. Last week I went into the mall wanting to try on bezels, and I had 4 women tell me they had no clue what a bezel was. I pulled out my phone and had to show them all pictures of what bezels look like. One of them still didn’t get it even after seeing a picture, because as I tried on a few different styles she would say, “now this is a bezel you were wanting” and it would be a 6 prong solitaire :/

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