(Closed) Anyone else have Hyperemesis?

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I’m not pregnant but had HORRIBLE hyperemesis with my last child. The WHOLE NINE MONTHS. Compazine, zofran didn’t do any good. I was a nurse and would go before my shift and just get a bag of fluids so I could work. I lost weight in my pregnancy. 

On a side note, I found out after I had my child and my vomiting didnt go away that it was a problem with my stomach and not the hyperemesis but I can still feel your pain! 

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Yep, I had it really bad with the twins. Alternating Zofran and Reglan during the day and then phenergen every night before bed. I eventually ended up on home health care with an IV and medicine pump. My advice is try to stay hydrated ( when I couldn’t keep down water Icees were amazing) and just stay positive. If you can eat then do it. If you can’t well then you can’t and don’t beat yourself up. If all you can keep down is a freaking Big Mac then do it! seriousky. Don’t worry about carbs or calories or weight- do what you can when you can. It gets better! Promise. 

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@atlbride2013:  My sister had it. Hers only lasted the first 3 mos. But she did lose around 10 lbs, and she was less than 120 to begin with. The sister of one of my co-workers also had it, but hers lasted through the pregnancy. She ended up having to get a PICC line put in and having a home health nurse come administer IV fluids weekly because she was in and out of the hospital so much due to dehydration.

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MS started at 8 wks but I was diagnosed with it when I ended up in the ER one night because I hadn’t been able to keep anything down in about 48 hours. I was throwing up at least 8 times a day, my ENTIRE pregnancy, up until the day before I delivered my baby boy. The zofran helped but I only took it once a day for work, it got me through my 3-hour shifts… Then I’d feel sick again on the drive home. I never had any problems with constipation though. 

At some point, I just started to accept the fact that I was gonna throw up no matter what, so whatever. I ate whatever I wanted, hoping some of it will at least stay! I was starting to wonder whether I’d ever get to eat my favorites without having to get sick afterwards. 

By the end of my pregnancy, I had gained 2 lbs total since I lost so much from getting sick. My doc also stopped my prenatals early on as they were making me extra extra sick. At one point I had lost 15 lbs, but the docs weren’t overly alarmed because my baby looked and measured good. 

Thankfully, it all stopped the day I delivered!

So sorry you’re unwell, I hope things improve from here on out. Sending you well wishes for a more comfortable pregnancy!!

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Bumble Beekeeper

@atlbride2013:  Oh hun I am so sorry to hear that you have been so sick! I had some pretty intense nausea but it sounds llike your experience is a lot more complex than my remedies (lots of liquids, eating every two hours, preggo pops etc). I do hope you start to feel a bit better here soon!

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holy moly, I am so sorry to hear it can be this bad, 

@atlbride2013 ! 

Fingers crossed zofran keeps working it’s charm. 


I am terrified of this kind of thing… Not being able to work etc! 

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@atlbride2013:  Yeah… it was miserable.  I lost 7 pounds in 10 days between weeks 7 and 10.  I’m overweight, so losing weight wasn’t terrible for me, but I constantly felt like I was dying.  

I’m glad Zofran is working.  Just be sure to ask your doctor about something to keep you regular.  The constipation eventually outweighed the benefits of the medicine for me, and I’d hate for you to get to that point!

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I had it first trimster, but thank the lord it went away once I hit about 15 weeks.  Mine wasn’t so much nausea as it was vomiting without warning.  About 3-5 times a day.  Also, zero appetitie. 

I was on Zofran and Diclegis.  Both worked.  But Diclegis did have a tendency to make me REALLY tired.

I lost 11 lbs in my first trimester and have only gained back 3 since then.  I’m 21 weeks now so am eating everything in sight to get that weight up.

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Busy bee

@atlbride2013:  how are you feeling, any better? I had hypermesis with my daughter and again this pregnancy ( much worse this time around) I eneded up in the ER getting fluids and then after that my doctor had me come in twice a week to get them. It got dramatically better around 12 weeks for me, thank god. I ended up losing 14 lbs, and I’ve gained back 7 so far ( I’m 19 weeks) with my daughter I lost ten, then gained 27 so I ended up 17lbs over my starting weight and my doctor said that was just fine. Try not to stress about the weight loss too much, just focus on feeling better and oncce you do just eat really nutritious foods! zofran never worked for me, but vitamin B6 and unisom sleep tabs did give me a little bit of relief.

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I was diagnosed with this! It is unbearingly MISERABLE. I’m now in my 2nd trimester now and feeling amazing but weeks 5-12 were TOUGH (espeically 5-8). I was out of work for 7 weeks… I ended up going to the ER twice. The IVs help a lot. They prescibred me zofran at my first visit but it didn’t work on me at all. The second visit I was prescibed promathezine, which worked wonderfully. At one point I was vomiting up to 10 times a day, then it was down to once a day, then every few days, now I’m finally in the clear! The nausea was unreal..the vomiting was nonstop. It is completely dabilitating. I totally feel your pain! On top of that I had constipation, heart burn, indigestion, along with the metallic taste in my mouth, excess saliva..I just had all the wonderful symptoms at once! Yikes.

Thankfully mine was over after the 1st trimester…I don’t know how women go through it with their whole pregnancies! Even though you’re supposed to eat healthy, blah blah, just eat whatever doesn’t totally turn you off, even if you know it won’t stay down, stay hydrated with lots of water, snack throughout the day, and get lots of rest! I lived off of chicken noodle soup, spaghettios, crackers, pretzels, ginger ale, and popsicles until I started feeling better. Nothing stayed down for me, but these foods didn’t totally turn me off like everything else did at the time. Good luck to you, I know how hard suffering with this is! For most women it’s over by the 2nd trimester; it’s only 1% where it lasts the entire pregnancy!

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oh and cheerios! I loved eating cheerios..they barely have a taste and smell, and are hard to come back up

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