(Closed) Anyone else have obnoxious neighbors?

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My neighbor’s kids suck. But such is the life of apartment living. Who owns the property and can you tell them to speak with the tenants? You pay money to live there too after all.

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@KatyElle: i agree – contact the property owner about it!

i’d probably get a new hose, use it and bring it back into the house when i’m done. maybe they’d get a hint!

FH lives on a 2nd floor with obnoxious running kids and fat stomping lady above them and a guy who plays his music super loud all night below him. he tracked down the music guy and confronted him about it (he’s pretty scary looking so the guy immediately turned it down) but i don’t think he’s talked to the people upstairs.

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Ugh… that sounds like an absolute nightmare! That is worse than my situation, but I still get mad. I have several neighbors, and randomly during the week they will be outside partying. Now I’m all for a party, but why do you have to scream to hear each other? Especially if there is no music. Wednesday night, 2 am… really? Just because you don’t have class tomorrow, doesn’t mean I don’t have class/work/want to sleep. Geez!

I’m the mean person who calls the police on people. I open my window and tell them to be quiet. But they’re too drunk to understand what I’m saying. So now the police are involved. The problem sometimes (this happens frequently) is that when it’s too cold outside they stay indoors EXCEPT to smoke. So every 20 minutes they come outside and scream at each other. By the time the police comes, they’re inside again and I look like the idiot. Boo.

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I like FH’s neighbors as people but I wouldn’t count them as 100% considerate. They share a wall with FH’s apartment and when I’m over I can clearly hear their TV and people talking when they have parties. And whenever people arrive/leave they scream “HEY!” or “I LOOOVE YOU!”

Better than his old neighbors. We’d be watching a movie in his room and we’d hear their bed squeaking… and squeaking… and squeaking… may or may not have resorted to playing “Go Go Power-Rangers!” to get it to stop Innocent

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Wow I know what you mean about the music with base.  Someone in my neighborhood plays it loud enough that my house shakes, and it’s not like we are right next to each other (and I think they are across the street).  It’s ridiculous!

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my nieghbors are awful too! the people above us are so loud! i swear they weigh 5000 lbs!! they are always stomping around and making awful noises and playing music LOUD! they have their friends over all hours of the night and are always stomping up and down the stairs. the people beside us are always screaming really loud. Also, they

people below us have a billion kids (in a two bedroom apartment!) and they obviously dont have a bed time. They are running around VERY LATE at night  screaming and laughing. I understand kids are going to have fun and stuff and it does not boher me at decent hours but when it is 11pm on a monday night it is rather annoying!

oh how i miss our house!!! lol

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I have to add that I live in a little development that’s has a lot of doctors, residents, and nurses (we’re within walking distance of the medical center). Clearly, we’re all on different schedules. 

Every now and then, we have discussions on our community forum about noise and some people just don’t seem to care that the doctors and nurses work different hours than the rest of us.  I once wrote that “our Friday isn’t their Friday” and one guy didn’t understand what I was talking about.  I hope he never has to go to the hospital and have a sleep deprived doctor from the neighborhood work on him!

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Life is too short. If you are not willing to take your concerns to the landlord, move.

These people are not going to change and the longer you let this go on, the less likely it is they ever will.

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Do we live in the same complex?

Our upstairs neighbors play their death metal music so loud that it rattles our light fixture when we’re sleeping. And our downstairs neighbors ignore their 3 year olds and let them scream and cry all day on top of playing their music so loud it vibrates my body on the couch.

Management will do nothing. You’re right about the noise ordinance. They can do whatever from 7 am to 10 pm. It sucks. We’re trying to move but we’re assholes back sometimes because eventually we just give up fighting with them.

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Bumble bee

@ktkSay something and place a video camera facing your cars just in case something does happen, you have proof of the perps.

I had an issue like that when I was living in the dorm at school. The girl living next door (she didn’t move in to the dorm until april, so it was nice until then) would play loud regae music until 2 in the morning during the weekday and it would shake the walls. I had to get up at 6 to get ready for student teaching everyday so needless to say her taste in loud music was a big issue. She ignored the RA and soo when I would get up I would turn my tv on really loud and (the wall connecting ours was built in closets and shelves) I would bang on the wall and throw my shoes against the wall in the closet. I know, not mature, but I was 21 and I didn’t really care. That’s what happens when you don’t let me sleep and I have to work with kids all day lol. Eventually she moved out, it was a sad day Laughing

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@MissCallieJean: That kind of behaviour would have had her kicked out of the dorm I lived in- after a meeting with the Hall Director.

Of course, they did nothing about the “East Texas Twins”… two LOUD Redheads (thus the twin part) girls from Tyler area (East Texas) who would scream to each other (they lived around the corner from each other) and do cartwheels down the hall in their thongs at 2am… they were friends with the CL (our version of a RA) so the rest of us just had deal- and throw out whatever lacy/netted stuff they left hanging on our bulletin board in the laundry room.

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My neigbors are not that bad. They don’t play loud music, their kids do not scream. But their little boys sometimes get annoying. Every time we open the garage door to walk our dog, they run into our garage and start asking questions like “Is that your dog?” “Is that your car?” “Is that your cat?”…And they ask the same stuff over and over. Or he would follow us around the street asking us to let him try our nitro rc car (it is really fast and expencive and he might easily break it). But I found thos kids funny. It’s just their mom was a little mean to us once. She yelled at my mom to move her car when she dropped me off at my house and I invited her inside for 15 min. Her car was not in the way or anything, just in the corner in front of their garage door (they live in the corner house and our house is right next to theirs)…But then our neighbors parked their guests cars right in front of our garage and not 1, but 3-4…And stayed there all night. We didn’t say anything to them.

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