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I’m not pregnant but if I were, I’d want a girl. Nothing against boy babies, it just seems like a girl would be more fun. After the first child, I would have no preference either way. I just really want the first to be a girl!

My Fiance said the same thing about a girl growing up to be promiscuous. He’s also convinced our future daughter will get knocked up at 15. I can’t understand the thought process behind that.

ETA: I like when people state their hope for the baby’s gender. It’s not like you’re saying you wouldn’t love the baby if it were a boy or that you’d abandon it somewhere. You’d just prefer a girl. Nothing wrong with that.

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I think it’s OK to say you prefer one over the other for whatever reason.

To be completely honest we are both TRULY happy if we have a baby that’s healthy.

But. I can’t say I’m not 60/40 leaning towards boys because my husband’s side has not had a single boy yet. So I would love to give his side their first boy of this generation. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Having been blessed five times as a aunt, 3 of whom are girls I have to say baby girl stuff are sooooo much cuter!!

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My husband wanted a boy too but as soon as he saw her during the ultrasound he stopped caring and just got very sappy over having a baby at all. On a side note I read somewhere that mother nature knows men have a harder time connecting with baby girls so they often share more physical features so daddy can see himself in her and bond with her easier.

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I wanted a girl.  When we had our 19 week ultrasound and were told it was a boy, before I could say anything, my husband leaned into my vision and said “I’m sorry.  I know you really wanted a girl.”  I thought it was sweet that he cared so much about what I wanted even though he wanted a boy.  Now that I have my LO, I wouldn’t change a thing but I needed those months to wrap my mind around having a boy so I was prepared.  I didn’t want to be disappointed and I just needed the adjustment period.

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Haha, do all men use that, “Girls will be difficult when they are teenagers” bit? Mine is using it too! He actually had me pretty nervous for a while, but I know ultimately, I don’t really care. I’d honestly like at least one of each. I can’t wait to find out either, but I think we get our 16 week ultrasound next week, hopefully, they haven’t done an ultrasound yet, so they better do one this time! Have fun!

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Eh, I said I didn’t care, but it turns out that when they told us we were having a boy, I realized I’d been hoping for a girl ๐Ÿ™‚   (DH wanted a girl too- he’s from an extended family of ALL boys and said if he could pick, he’d probably want two daughters. Oh well!)

Check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJRzBpFjJS8

They have a nice take on the whole “I don’t care what it is, as long as it’s healthy!” line. ๐Ÿ™‚

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YES! I totally want a girl, have my entire life.  To balance that out I am trying to only plan boy names (mind you I’m not actually PG yet). 

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I’m not preggers yet but I hope my first is a boy.  Both my husband and I come from the exact same family dynamic: two kids, older brother, younger sister.  So I’m just used to the idea of a boy being the oldest.  My ideal line up would be two boys then a girl.  Hubs and I have kind of decided if our first two are one of each then we’ll stop, and if they are two of the same we’ll try one more time.

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both me and hubs really want a girl. i’m a little worried how we’ll feel if its ends up a boy and i feel guilty for even having a preference. and all the old wives tales so far as pointing toward boy. of course i really want  happy, healthy baby but my brother already has 3 boys and my entire family is wanting a girl. also, my hubs is asian and there are certain duties and expectations if the first born is a boy and we’d kinda prefer our baby not having to deal with that.

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I’m not 100% sure what LO means but I read it as “little one”

I’m not pregnant but I want a little girl sooo bad when we decide to have kids. So does my honey…probably bc we’re destined for boys (our families are pretty male dominant). If I found out I was having a boy though I think all of a sudden my mind would probably shift, and start thinking about all the wonderful boy things, and I’d wonder why I even wanted a girl in the first place lol.

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Oh my…I’m not even pregnant yet, and I think that I would CRY if I found out I was having a boy. FH and I want a girl SO BAD. (And we only want one child, and he doesn’t want to adopt, and his family is all boys…ahh!)

Besides, boys grow up to be assholes — I’d rather have a “sexually-empowered” daughter than a jerk son any day. (ETA: I know that a lot of it is in the parenting, but gah, I do not want a boy!)

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