(Closed) anyone else in an awful plateau?

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well this is just my opinion but when you stop losing weight while dieting and exercising that means your body is at its desired weight.

i could be wrong but that is just my opinion

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@Bridebee13:  I HATE plateaus. HATE them. When I lost 51lbs over two years, I had plateaus that were MONTHS long. Horrible.

Anyway, keep drinking water, avoid sugar substitutes (like sucralose) that can mess with your blood sugar, and wait it out! Eventually you’ll hop on the scale, be 2 or 3 lbs thinner, not understand how it happened, and be thrilled!

The hardest part is not losing confidence and traction while you’re stuck on the plateau!

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@Bridebee13:  Honestly, you may be overduing it!  Depending on your routine, working out daily is not always the key to weight loss.  Are you doing a good mix of cardio and weight training?!  That will help change your body.  And certainly, letting your body rest is essential too (I would not recommend hours at the gym every day!).

Are you eating enough to support calories burned?  Yes, tracking calories is a good thing, but if you are burning 1000 calories in your workout, and only allowing yourself 1400 (or whatever) per day, your body is most likely retaining everything to keep itself going!

Lastly, lay off of the scale ๐Ÿ™‚  YES…a weight loss goal is great, but muscle weighs more than fat…and so killing yourself to hit a certain number may not be feasible.  Are you losing inches?  Are you more toned?  Do you feel better?  Those are also wonderful gauges to a fitness plan.  And I say that because the scale has been set in a 5 lb range, for me, for months. I wanted 15 lbs less than that number, and was growing frustrated.  However, my clothes size is still going down because I losing inches all over…the scale does not reflect that though!!

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The frustrating thing about weight loss is that it is not linear. When you start inching closer to where your body normally settles, it starts taking even longer. You always hear women on the quest to lose “the last 10lbs”. 

Good for you for tracking on MFP. I personally use Lose-It but I still participate in MFP forums when I have questions. Have you ever seen “Heybales spreadsheet”? Search for it on the MFP forums. I want to say it may even be a sticky on there now. Anyway, it’s an excel spreadsheet a user made that helps identify your true TDEE and what deficit you should be on based on how much you workout and how much you have to lose. I used (and will use it again to cut some weight after I finish my intentional bulk to gain muscle in the spring) and it really helped! I was only eating 1400 calories before I got the spreadsheet. I had been stuck in a plateau for 5 long ass months. Once I plugged everything in, I saw that I SHOULD have been eating at LEAST 1790 for my height/weight and activity level to lose weight! I fell into a trap of upping my cardio and lowering my calories and really worked myself into the ground. Once I upped my calories, the weight started flying off again! Then I started lifting heavy weights and EVERYTHING changed (for the better!!).

 Good Luck to you. Keep pushing & things will get moving again soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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My best advice for plateaus is actually to cut yourself a little break. Do you eat 1400 calories every day, every week? Your body is probably used to getting exactly 1400 and has gone into “cruise control” where it is sequestering more calories than it was when you started. Bodies are crazy good at hoarding calories and crazy bad at getting rid of them. 

So cook up your favorite meal, and eat 1800+ calories one day per week and don’t work out. It will keep your metabolism guessing. This is my schedule:

Monday-Friday 1370 calories. No added sugar, no wheat, no corn, no rice, no grains. Allowed 2-3 glasses of red wine (5 oz.) I do yoga on Tuesday and Thursday, and 30-60 minutes of whole-body  cardio and weight-training blend exercising on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Sat – free day. Eat whatever I want (no stuffing myself allowed.) No stepping on the scale, no counting calories, no working out.

Sunday – no counting calories, but I eat what I want as long as it doesn’t contain sugar or grains. Light yoga.


If you fluctuate your calories, you’ll keep your metabolism from burning slower to try and keep you from “starving” – it will be constantly tricked into thinking there is enough food if you don’t always eat the same amount.

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@Lala61111:  Thanks very much for mentioning that spreadsheet– I’m on MFP too and am trying hard to work out a lot and eat less than I’m used to. I found the spreadsheet and plugged everything in, and apparently MFP has me supposed to eat less than the spreadsheet says. It’s helpful to know that, since I am restarting hard exercise and trying to lose weight (or at least inches) after a semester of grad school when I had no time for exercise. But MFP’s automatic settings are actually fairly accurate for me, and I like the encouragement of seeing that I can eat more when I’ve exercised– it’sa great reward system really! 

@Bridebee13:  I’m kind of having the same issue. I am petite and not really overweight, but weigh 5-8 lbs more than I’d like to– I know I look and feel better without these few extra pounds. Last spring I was at 120 (yikes, really high for me since I’m only 5’1″), then had a job that involved hiking a mountain 2-3 times a week over the summer, got down to just above 114 with lots of muscles, then had a crazy last semester of grad school where I had no time to exercise, and now I’m back to 116 lbs, blah. I need to lose the last few pounds and it’s hard!!

Like others have said, you may not be eating enough for how much you exercise. Over the summer, with all my hiking, I didn’t restrict how much I ate at all– I ate what I felt I needed, and I still lost weight because I was hiking up a mountain with 20 pounds of field equipment on my back for 1 1/2 hours 2-3 days a week, then walking around all day, then coming back down the mountain in the evening. A lot of exercise. 

I guess I don’t have much advice– but I completely sympathize and am similarly frustrated with my weight! One thing is, do you track your measurements? I do and I find them a lot more meaningful and encouraging than weight– recently I’ve lost a little in the way of inches around my hips and waist, though my weight is still the same as it was several weeks ago.

Holidays don’t help either. . . but now they’re almost over and we all can concentrate on developing or maintaining good habits!

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@Minnow:  This is interesting! My fiance said that having “cheat” days is great for metabolism… my problem is that I go nuts on cheat days and “fall off the wagon” and continue to cheat… it definitely does more harm than good.

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@Bridebee13:  Chances are, you’re not periodizing, but continually working out 5-6 days/week.  This doesn’t allow supercompensaton to occur, which is when your body makes most of its changes to adapt to the changes in environment.  Try a pattern something like this:

Week 1: 3 workouts
Week 2: 5 workouts
Week 3: 6 workouts
Week 4: 6 workouts
Week 5: 6 workouts
Week 6: 6 workouts
Week 7: 6 workouts
Week 8: 4 workouts
Week 9: 2 workouts
Week 10: No workouts 

And back to week 1.

Have you been increasing the intensity of work outs? 


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Thank you! (the link) So appreciated.


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Congrats @bridebee13! I am struggling with a plateau too. It’s so frustrating! I have been the same weight for 1 year – despite working out more, eating healthier, restricting wine/sugar intake and doing more weight training. I am about to lose my mind! I have even had my metabolic rate and thyroid checked out and everyone professional says I have healthy numbers.  I have seen my body shape transform and become more toned which is my ONLY motivation to keep this up. A little less than 6 months from the wedding and I am dying to see some results! Would love any advice!!!!

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