(Closed) Anyone else just over their life right now?

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Laurenplusalex:  Oh, **hugs**

Do you think it might be time to reign in your efforts and focus on just a few things? Is it possible to quit one or two jobs so you can focus on school? Maybe cut back on wedding planning or buying a home if it is feeling overwhelming? What about getting out more and just enjoying the company of friends and family? 

I have been where you are before, but it was when I was stretched very thin and didn’t feel like I could give my all to anything. I found by focusing on one or two things, I was more invested and ended up being happier. 

Best of luck OP!

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Yeah, pretty much! I’m tired of being away at school away from Fiance and our house. I’m on the waitlist for grad school so I’m graduating in 6 weeks and have no idea what I’m going to do. We though about TTC soon but we’re about the spend 8-10K fixing our plumbing. The weddings in 2 months and I feel like I have so much left to do. And it’s been pouring for 3 days straight. Not exactly what I want to walk to class in! In 3 weeks when I figure out my future I think I’ll be in a much better mood! Fiance just started a new job working 14 hour days, seven days a week so even when I’m home I don’t see him and he’s pretty miserable driving to work an hour away and doesn’t really like some of his coworkers. Life’s been rough right now but it’ll get better!

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Laurenplusalex:  I for sure have the winter blues especially since winter is taking so long to leave!!!! Sometimes I feel down in the dumps but then I remember how  my life is compared to what others are going through in this world and my problems seem really petty.  Just watching and reading the news makes me appreciate my life even when I’m having a crappy day

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Laurenplusalex:  I’ve absolutely been blaming my “blahs” on the weather!  I know what you mean with the lack of outside fulfillment and feeling unsatisfied at your job.  I love what I do for a living, I just sometimes dislike the way my company insists we do it, it causes needless tedium and stress.  Fiance and my schedules require a lot of prep ahead work, so sometimes it is really hard not to feel like you go to work and work, and then come home and continue to work…slave to your own life syndrome! I’ve found it helps to make a list of things to get done or get through the “blah” portions of life.  If its something I can get done and be fully over with (like the project I am finishing up at work currently) then once I make the list and see there are so many steps I can drum up some motivation to get them done.  When it’s something I repeatedly have to do (like the never ending laundry and dishes…for just two people, I’m not even sure where it all comes from!) I just try to put on some good music and go town getting it down (FI has busted more than one air guitar solo in the kitchen), or promise myself a reward when it’s over like watching a fave show or getting ice cream.   I will say that its much easier to enjoy the tv/book time, or an ice cream cone if you aren’t in the back of your mind thinking about the crap you have to get done at work or home.  Sometimes when I’m folding a mountain of laundry I will use that time to call one of my parents or grandparents to catch up and break up the monotony. I’ve found that one really productive evening/day can help get me out of a funk, because it’s easier to be happy and feel satisfied if you can look back and reflect on the things you’ve gotten done.

Hope the weather gets better and you can soak in some sunshine!

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I feel the same. The graduate program I’m in turned out to be not as advertised (at all. I’m so disappointed). I made the decision to switch to a better program but I am second-guessing myself a little, because that means a full year of school might have to be added. At least my job pays for tuition. Though, I’m really burned out from it. I teach a class that is required for freshman, so I get a lot of students that actively don’t want to be there and then subsequently place some blame on me if they don’t do well. I absolutely detest my apartment-mates (except of course for Fiance, who hates it as well). I don’t have any friends here yet that we can just go and vent at dinner or go to a movie or anything. 😛 

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Yep! I’m in my 4th and last year of my grad program and we still have summer semester to go. I’m also very concerned about my dad’s health and my parents’ retirement situation. I’m just plain burnt out. Although I know this is what I want to do with my life and I’m otherwise extremely lucky to pursue it, I now dread studying and going to clinic every day and have to force myself to get through it. Add that to being overwhelmed at the near prospect of board exams this summer and what’s more, being scared of finding my first job and functioning independently as a nurse practitioner my first year out. I just want to crawl into a hole for 2 weeks and not have to worry about anything! You’re not alone!

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Pick me!

I got my Masters degree in School Counseling and took a job as a school counseling secretary in September because jobs were scarce and times were tough. I went in with them KNOWING my main goal was to be a School Counselor, NOT the secretary and they assured me that as soon as a job opened up they would let me know.

Well, I got pregnant and am due in July. I work for an online school so if I got a Counselor job I could work from home, but as a Secretary I could not, I had to come in to the office to deal with files and things like that…. so I resigned to be a stay at home mom because there was NO indication that there was a job opening for a Counselor.

My boss announced my resignation this morning, saying that my job was now open…. and RIGHT after that she announced a School Counseling position had opened up! WTF????

I feel hurt and unwanted now. I would have stayed for that, it would have been perfect. Now I feel like they intentionally didn’t tell me about it because they waited for me to Resign. 🙁

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I’m going to sound like a totally brat right now but…. Seriously??? I would have loved to even finish college, let alone grad school. *sigh*

cancer, unemployment, single mom, two year old. 

Why must life be so difficult??!! We should all be lottery winners with perfect lives. Amirite??

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Laurenplusalex:  Agh!! +1, married life great, personal fitness life great, but my job life….ugh, so OVER it!!! 

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I am over everything.  I work my 40 hour a week job, which is completely dull and unsatisfying.  I am also considering grad school, but the idea of working the unsatisfying job and then going to class at night (which I am not sure how I will afford) makes me more anxious than excited, so now I am second guessing it.  All the while, I live with an SO who works looong days and is equally unsatisfied with his job.  I have a lot of “what the hell am I doing with my life” moments.

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