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nearly-mrs-R:  Hopefully once the sickness calms down and the shock wears off you can enjoy your pregnancy. If you are told you can never have children and then suddenly become pregnant I can see how that would be jaring.

Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

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nearly-mrs-R:  I’m not trying to ruin your day because it sounds like you need positivity, but people will never stop asking you how you are from now until the end. And even if you get asked once a week, it is still going to be too much because of how you feel. I know it sucks, but you have to roll with it as best you can.

I know you weren’t expecting to get pregnant, but congrats anyway. I hope you start feeling better so you can enjoy some of it. I also hope that, at some point, the excitement comes through.

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With my second pregnancy I was actually not happy either. I think I was more scared petrified about the financial situation also on top of the fact that my bf at the time was a complete asshole. I didn’t wanna be tied to an asshole. And yea I should have used a contraceprive if I wasn’t sure about the relationship but I honestly didn’t think I was going to get pregnant after 2 months But you never know. My bf was more happy than I was. Thinking about it now, I was so negative. everybody around me was so happy , even my bf but I wasn’t. I didn’t wanna talk about my pregnancy to anybody . I guess I pictured things diff. Picture perfect bf and a good income and a house . And that wasn’t it. The worry and anxiety kept me from enjoying it. Then a week after I I found out I was pregnant I miscarried . I cried so much for the longest every other day. I felt so guilty. That’s when I finally realized, I was being selfish. Maybe I wasn’t ready for another child but I never wanted a mc to happen. If the baby was already inside me, why take it away? I should have enjoyed it, I should have been happy. I regret not taking the time and being happy about it. I feel like, god saw that I was being ungrateful and decided to teach me a lesson. Appreciation. Now I’m trying to get that back but Ever since my mc I haven’t been able conceive. It’s been a yr

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nearly-mrs-R:  I know two girls who were exactly in your position. They found it really tough at the beginning and needed an adjustment period. Then they were fine and so happy about being pregnant and then to have their LOs. It all worked out really well. For the record, im dealing with recurrent miscarriage so have no kids yet, but even though it took ages to get pregnant, I still found it hard at first and needed an adjustment period. Some people just need more time than others. I think you will be fine once you feel better and get used to the idea. Best of luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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nearly-mrs-R:  There are 9-10 months for a reason! It gives you some time to get used to it and prepare.

I’ve spent the past 10 years kinda distancing myself from being really close with kids and now it’s weird for me to be around my friends’ kids because I just don’t get all excited like my other friends. I feel like I spent so much time keeping myself from being excited about kids because of some personal reasons that I’ve deadened the receptors. Now that we’re TTC, I realize that I’m more nervous about not being a good, involved, and attentive mother, which is BS because I’ll be a kickass mom.

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nearly-mrs-R:  We were NTNP and i wasnt over the moon about our pregnancy. It happened a lot faster than i thought it would (was off birth control for 2 weeks) and i just didnt have time to adjust to the thought of trying for a baby let alone HAVING one. Im at 23 weeks now and I am more excited. I promise you it will get better

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nearly-mrs-R:  aww it’ll get better, I think. I’ll be 18 weeks this weekend and still am not too thrilled about the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love this baby and can’t wait for he/she to be here. I’m just not running through the malls and shouting from the rooftops that I’m pregnant. Aside from family, I’ve only told 5 friends. Maybe when I find out the sex things will change.

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nearly-mrs-R:  I totally get how you feel. We were trying, but had decided to take a break from it since we were packing up our house and moving into a new place. Well, lo and behold, that’s the month we finally got pregnant. I love my baby, and am very grateful to have gotten pregnant, however, I call BS on the people that say pregnancy is a “magical” time. I had a miserable first trimester. I had “morning” sickness all day, everyday. To top it off, the medicine my doctor gave me for anti-nausea gave/gives me killer pounding migraines. Migraines that I can only take Tylenol for(which has never helped much with my headaches). I’m almost 14 weeks, now, and my morning sickness has calmed down, I still have bad days, but not nearly as many. So, it does get better. I think I even felt a baby flutter last night! Now, I’m able to start researching baby gear, which has been the only fun part so far ๐Ÿ˜‰


P.s. Have you watched the movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting? I would recommend it for some comic relief.

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Mrgrz07:  That sucks. I also felt bad about not being appreciative enough before my MC. But we both know that has nothing to do with it. Are you with a different asshole now?

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GrannyPantiesRock:  yea well I’m still with the same guy and hes no longer an asshole anymore lol! ive managed to work wonders with him lol. But yea I felt guilty even though it has nothing to do with not being appreciative. I always regret just not enjoying it & being happy. It’s just sad , disappointment in myself


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I was a lot like this, ours wasn’t planned and we’d only been together 5 months. I was petrified, angry and constantly sicky. 

About 8 weeks I was so frustrated I had broken out in spots, no sleep, constantly starving yet everything made me feel ill. I had already started to show so all my clothes felt tight and chuffed my skin yet I was at that stage where people couldn’t tell if I’d gained a couple of lbs or pregnant so I was we out my comfort zone. 

My mum and Gran weren’t helping, I remember once I was particular fed up with people telling me how magical it was and how I should enjoy it when all I wanted was to cry and vent. My gran had pissed me off already by giving me the remark of “shes determined to look pregnant’ and then later on she said “Jesus Clover anyone would think you hate being pregnant” i just turned, glared at her and barked “I do” to which her and my mum gasped like I’d just curses my baby or something I was livid. I just wanted sumpathy, every pregnsncy is different an NO ONE has the right to judge your feelings or tell you your wrong from it because no ones been there but you. Yes they may havd had 10 pregnancies but everyone’s different. 

at about 18 weeks I started to feel much better and now 24 weeks tomorro and I love every minute with my bump and would already give my life for him. 

Chin up sweetie and just take each day at a time and don’t be afraid to tell people to get lost if they start fussing, your pregnant it’s allowed ๐Ÿ˜‰ if you have to scream into a pillow and vent plenty! 

Good luck and congrats x x

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We were supposed to start buying furniture and painting the nursery over Labor Day weekend. I was sososo excited. We got the crib on Sunday. Then my mood completely flipped. All day yesterday, I was super down and -slightly- mean. I think what launched me off the cliff was my babydaddy not caring about the paint color… I mean, I cried and cried and cried. Oh Lord. Still depressed today ๐Ÿ™

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nearly-mrs-R:  Entirely possible that this is largely hormonal as well.  

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