(Closed) anyone else NOT facebook friends with their SO

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  • poll: Are you and your SO/FI/DH Facebook friends

    yes, of course

    no, there's no need to be

    n/a we aren't into social networking

    other, please explain

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    We’re friends, but he doesn’t use his. I post stuff occasionally and tag him in pictures so it’s not so boring haha. And I’ll occasionally write “I love you” on his and he’ll respond, but that’s it. My ex had two myspaces and so he’d use his other one to write to his other girlfriend. He still denies cheating lol.

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    SO isn’t into any social networking type things, and I’m only on FB.  I rarely check it and never have listed my relationship status.  I basically use it to keep in touch with friends from school.

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    Facebook flirting played a part in me and my Fiance getting together! (back when you could throw a sheep etc) we facebook stalked each other and communicated by email a lot at first.

    So yep we are FB friends, the whole concept of not being friends seems really strange to me!

    My Fiance didnt use facebook much before we got together, and he doesnt use it now either, he says it was only ever useful for flirting with me 😛

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    He didn’t have one at first. Well, he had one… with literally nothing on it. He friended me and it was like… “What’s the point?” I poked and prodded a bit for him to flesh it out and he has. His family is on the other side of the country and they use FB quite a bit so it’s a nice way for him to keep in touch and keep them updated without actually updating them.

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    we were friends on facebook months before we were dating. neither of us have ever been very active on facebook, but i don’t see the point of not at least friending one another. it’s useful for when i want to send him links to stuff randomly and email is too much hassel.

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    We’re both regular Facebook users (most of the time we’re awake we’ll be connected to it in some way – laptop and smartphone) and we use both Facebook and Twitter a lot to communicate together.

    I knew things were going well when a couple of weeks into our relationship he made a relationship request on Facebook and our engagement finally felt official when he accepted the updated relationship request.

    We will change our relationship status to “Married” just after the ceremony when we’re having our little retreat before joining the guests for a drink before the photos.

    Heck! We’re even a couple in “The Sims Social”. Silly but it makes us both laugh.

    We don’t really talk via Facebook unless we’re both on our lunch-hours at the same time, but we do tag each other in posts and make the occasional mushy post (maybe a couple of times a month max).

    We’re totally open with each other, though. We have no issues with the other person seeing our Facebook messages or emails. We have always been 100% open with each other so we don’t have trust issues to worry about.

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    My Fiance is a computer programmer so he proposed to me in a super nerdy way that included like 12 hours of programming work.  Part of the programming included a facebook app that automatically uploaded our engagement to facebook!  Lol.  So we are definitely facebook friends.  

    wwww.sarahrussellwillyoumarryme.com has the story. =)

    Fiance and I have a very open relationship and really have no secrets so his FB does not bother me at all.  We rarely use it to communicate with each other except to “like” a post or a picture now and then.

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    DH and I were friends on FB before we were even interested in each other, so it would have been weird to unfriend each other.  We actually were on FB way back when it was just for people in college… it’s come a long way.

    Honestly, neither of us use it a lot to communicate with each other.  I think we’ve written on each other’s walls maybe a handful of times since we’ve known each other.  We do message each other and chat on FB sometimes now that we’re in an LDR, but otherwise, we both mainly use it to connect with our own sets of friends and family.

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    Fiance does not have it and he makes fun of me alllllllllllll the time for using it.

    But I bust on him for being into his silly little fantasy football…I guess we all have our things =)

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    We’re connected on Facebook, Google + and Twitter though he doesn’t use Facebook and Twitter as much as I do. I’m not sure about Google + since I’m hardly on there. But that’s about it. We sometimes interact on through Twitter but we rarely post on each other’s Facebook walls, which was funny since he was the one to send me the “I’m in a relationship with…” request. LOL. 

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    We are facebook friends. We have been since we got together. I can see for some couples how it could cause drama, but he is never on facebook and even if he were, if there were something going on I guess I would want to know and not be oblivious. But I think that if you are one of those people that is going to get mad when a girl posts on their wall to tell them happy birthday or something stupid then it would save alot of hassle to not be facebook friends. Idk I have had friends that fb has caused issues for but I think it was mostly because they were insecure. 

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    We’re both on it all of the time. We don’t ever send mushy public messages to each other on it though.



    @shultimate13: If you’ve had horrible experiences with your ex…. that just sucks. My exes hurt me pretty badly as well. I usually associate guys playing video games with forgetting about their SO and spending time online with jerking off and watching porn when you’re not around. Also… talking to “Old friends” on myspace or facebook and seeing them behind my back.


    I used to always be terrified about these things happening all over again with my current bf now Fiance. Until… I realized i’m not with my two exes from high school. This is a totally different experience and relationship. I’m with a man now… not a boy. He cares about making me happy and would never betray me.

    I guess what I wanted to say is… remember that you’re not with your other two exes who screwed you over. You’re with your Fiance or serious BF. Third time’s a charm.

    Different person = different relationship.

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    We became fb friends just before we started dating.  We met at work and I think I added him cause I wanted to be nosy.  It’d be silly to delete each other after the fact, but he’s not very active on it anyways.  And we never communicate through it or post on each others walls.

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    My husband thinks facebook is the devil, so since he’s not on it, I don’t have him friended.  😛

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    He doesn’t have a FB, so no, we aren’t friends.

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