(Closed) Anyone else NOT on Facebook? (and why)?

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I am on FB, but make status updates probably less than 3 times per year.  In class, we recently had a very interesting discussion about FB (long story on why we were talking about it), but there was a good point brought up.  Although I’m “on” FB and rarely do anything other than look at friend’s pictures, I can at least be aware if someone does something like posts a picture of me.  More and more places of employment, residency, school, etc are basically googling applicants to see what comes up.  By having a FB account, it gives me a little bit more control of what info is on the web (i.e. I can request a picture of me be deleted or untagged – if I didn’t have FB, I probably wouldn’t know that there was anything there.)

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@EvaBostonTerrier: I am exactly the same way, and for the same reasons.

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I’m on facebook but I feel like getting off of it on a daily basis lol. Basically the reason I think about getting off of it is because there really isn’t hardly anyone I talk to on facebook that I don’t talk to in real life. So it is just an extra means of communication for me to interact with people I”m interacting with anyways. Plus now a whole bunch of my family (ranging from young cousins to great aunts and uncles) are on it and friending me and it just annoys the crap out of me. I miss the good ol’ days when it was just college students. 

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Blushing bee
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I still have a facebook account, but there were times when I was wondering why I was still a member. I remember when I went through a break up my second year of college and got tons of wall posts “OMG what happened??”. It is hard enough to deal with a breakup without the public announcements all over the place!

I am trying to filter through my “friends” at this point and only keep people I will actually communicate with. A lot of my family lives out of state, so it is a nice way for us to keep in touch during the week.

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Honey bee
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I’m on facebook also, but try and ween myself off of it from time to time!  Let’s face it, I’m nosy!  I like to see what’s going on in other people’s lives.  

My sister has never opened a FB account because she says she doesn’t want to have to update it all the time, and doesn’t like everyone knowing her business.  She’s also so busy with school, work and friends that she really doesn’t ever go on the computer, unless it’s school related!

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My husband is not on facebook. He was in college and has been on since, but hasnt been back on in quite some time. Probably almost a year! He just doesnt care about it and has better things to do with his time. He really doesnt care what people post on facebook! Whereas I use it because I like to look at other’s pictures and post pictures of my own. However, I have gone off of it for a few weeks just to take a break. I do think about deactivating my account but I just never do it.

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@JennyW1: I can’t believe that someone would like your break up status! And I completely agree! It is hard not to cyber stalk your ex when facebook makes it so easy. I felt like I was losing my sanity when I would log in and scan the news feed.

I also can not stand when someone loses a friend or family member and a lot of people comment via facebook. I understand wanting to show your sympathy, but what happened to sending a card? I would feel horrible to come back to facebook with a ton of “I am sorry for your loss” wall posts.

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Busy bee
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Me and Fiance do not have a facebook (we always get heat from our friends for not having one) but we choose to for several reasons:

Too busy, do not want to deal with the added drama, already talk to the people who I care to keep in contact with via email/phone, and we do not want people to know our business.

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Sugar bee
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My partner & I do not use facebook.


my partner just does not give a shit (verbatim) if someone wants to get in touch with him they have to call/email him, he thinks facebook is just a silly waste of time.


For me, it’s a privacy issue, not just myself but for my son. Also, I disagree with FB TOS, severly, so I refuse to use their site, no matter how many people tell me it’s the best thing since Jesus.

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Busy bee
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I’m not on Facebook either!  For me, it’s just one more thing to keep up with and I don’t want to deal with deciding who can and who can’t see my pictures, etc… I still have a MySpace (but I never, ever use it and should probably deactivate it) and I just found that things like that can be too much to deal with.  It’s not that I’m not interested in others, but I just don’t need to keep up with everyone I’ve ever met.  And then there’s that weird line in mixing personal and professional relationships and being “friends” with people I’m not really friends with.  I do have a lot of friends and cousins on it and I realize it could be a good way to stay in touch, but there’s always e-mail, the phone, and regular old snail mail!  I am working on a personal blog that I will share with people who might be interested in seeing my photos, but I think it’s different because it’s not about accumulating “friends.” All that to say, it gives me more freedom and mental space to not be on it. 

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more hate tho..

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We as a household decided to delete our Facebooks  and any other social networks like it for several reasons and havent looked back. The main reasons being

1. We were spending too much time playing those stupid apps and taking away from time with the family

2.Cant stand  drama… it felt like that was really all facebook was about for most people… For people to post their issues or opinions and hope everyone chimed in on it with their opinions and fueled their need for drama and attention. Even my ex boss added me and would want to post all her drama on there! Its like seriously .. some things in life should just be more personal.

3. Trust… The contacting of the ex’s…… now not that me and my husband have trust issues but there has been upon more than one ocassion where an ex of my husbands the one before me had contacted him via facebook. While my husband never kept it from me and even would open the messages and respond with me right there besides of him we had a dissagreement upon what her intentions seemed to be my husband thought it was all just friendly conversation keeping in touch kind of thing… because she was married and had a baby but  I dotn know I just felt like even though she didnt come right out and say anything “wrong” I felt like it was implied by how she said things and the things she said. NOW MAYBE I WAS JUST BEING JEALOUS AND OVERREACTING I DUNNO but she would never want to know or ask about him or his family except to ask him if i made him happy, if he saw it working out with me things like this… BUT all the while she would talk about how horrible her husband was to her and how she wanted to leave him and how sad she was and then she would say things like “don’t you wonder sometimes what if” or “i really miss just having you in my life” she also wanted him to meet her for lunch once so they could catch up and when he told her sure that  we were both off and it would be a good opportunity for  her to meet me … she no longer wanted to go!

It was a little bit after that that I made the decision to delete my facebook and i actually never asked my husband too just told him my reasons ( too much time, drama, and so it closes the line of communication with exs and ppl who arent good for our family, he took it upon himself to do the same and delete his)

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