(Closed) Pregnant and dealing with two GIANT dogs… so scared

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Sugar bee
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Gah, that’s tough. What would Darling Husband think if you had two full grown men rough-housing in the living room/house? I’m guessing it would bug him and you can communicate to grown men much eaiser than even very well-behaved dogs. (They are a different species after all.) 

It might sound silly, but one 170lb dog is easily equivalent to a full grown man. 

I LOVE animals, but that wouldn’t be ok with me either, pregnant or not. If you have a safe place for them to play, I think you need to enforce that as a play place for them. 

I also am a huge advocate for pets & babies together, but do you think that Darling Husband would let them rough house around the baby? I doubt it, but in only a few months, there will be a baby around. That will already be a big adjustment for the furbabies, so its better if you made behaviour modifications now so it doesn’t all coincide with the arrival of LO, making them resent him.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

If your dogs have access to the yard I see no reason why they should be raising hell in the house. I’m on your side with this one. He needs to understand that if this issue continues, it’s going to be non stop stress for EVERYONE until and after the baby arrives.

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Bee Keeper
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I agree that the dogs shouldn’t rough house in the house. 

But I also think they need formal exercise time! Do you take them out for free runs? Where they can run around and wrestle off leash with other dogs, like a dog park. It works wonders on my 16 month old pup!

Follows my theory of tired dogs are good dogs!

Good Luck!

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Blushing bee
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I have 2 Great Danes. They are 7 and 5 so they are calm old men for the most part but they do still play. It’s important that they respect and listen to you. If you say to stop you have to follow through or they will just continue to ignore you. Have you taken them to classes? My favoritedog line is “a tired puppy is a good puppy” lol.

I feel bad that your husband doesn’t understand your fears. Maybe you need to have this conversation while/after the digs are rowdy so he can see it. Sometimes men need that visual!

ETA – I can walk my older dog withour a leash and he heals perfect but the younger gets scared at things like cars/big men so we use a pinch (not a choke) collar. It may sound mean but it really isn’t and he walks so well with it. I think it gives him confidence that we are in charge and will take care of him ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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Busy bee

Sorry you are in this position. I admit to not reading the other replys, but have you considered doggy day care? (Obviously only an option if they are good with other dogs)? 

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Helper bee
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We don’t let our dogs play rough in the house, although sometimes they get playful and start to chase each other and it’s so cute that we just let them. Mostly, though, they only play rowdy outside. In my opinion, with dogs that large and breakables (and your baby in the future) in the house, there’s no need for rough housing to be going on at all, but maybe you can come to some sort of compromise where you teach the dogs an “all done” command where they settle down quickly and easily. So maybe you can let the dogs play (I would stipulate when your husband is there and supervising) and then teach them an all done command where you send them to their spots (beds or other designated spot in the house) and give them a treat so that they basically learn to settle on command. I’m not sure how far along you are, but I think it’s absolutely imperative (esp. with large dogs!) that they will listen to voice commands from you so that you never have to break them up actually using your body when you’re pregnant or holding a baby, etc.

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Buzzing bee
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I saw a tv show about this on Animal Planet a while back.  The family had large dogs and the husband let the dogs play in the house – similar to your situation.  The wife was terrified of the dogs knocking the baby down and trampeling the baby.  And… people stopped coming to visit them because of the dogs.  The husband didn’t get it.

I don’t remember the solution in it’s entirety but the dogs were restless and the husband had to agree to give them daily formal walks to expend some of their energy.  They had to agree on boundaries and training for the dogs and stick to it.  

If your Darling Husband won’t agree to working with you, I don’t know if this is the best solution, but I’d let the dogs tear up the room with the carpet and leave it for him to see and clean afterwards.  Sometimes you talk to these guys and they minimize your concerns or tune you out.  But when they see it for themselves, somehow then lightbulb comes on.  I think it will be better if they damage the room as opposed to hurting the baby and/or you.


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Buzzing Beekeeper
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maybe go with your Fiance to your doctor and talk to him/her about the possible effects of that kind of stress would have on you and your baby, so your Fiance should be more understanding and make sure the rough housing is kept outside! you shouldn’t be expected to handle those two large dogs on your own while you’re pregnant!

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Bumble bee
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Have you thought about getting a dog walker? I don’t know how do able that is in your area but  you could find some one to walk them for you or even run them, they would probably be a bit more chill. I found with my boxer and husky they need to run or else they become annoying pains in the butt! They start to rough house and wrestle in the house, even tho they know they are not alowed to. Since becoming pregnant i havn’t had the energy to walk them. We live in a really small town and recently bought a quad. So I am able to run them with the quad now. But I was looking into finding a dog walker before we got the quad. 

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Sugar bee
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I LOVE big dogs, and I am super lenient with obedience, but I am so on your side with this one.  It’s not like you are saying they can’t play, just that they have to play outside (which wouldn’t it be more fun for them to NOT hit stuff when they are being silly?!).  Especially with you being pregnant and when the baby gets here it is just not acceptable to have those HUGE dogs rough housing inside.  period. End of story.  I have one 60lb dog and he isn’t allowed to get too crazy in the house because he will knock stuff over, I can’t even imagine if he were bigger!

I don’t have advice for getting your husband on the same page, maybe explain that when there is a baby around playing like that is really dangerous so it’s best that they get used to playing outside now?

Good luck!

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Bee Keeper
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I also have two danes, and a very bossy fuzzy mutt and they do their fair share of rough play.  I have found that the only thing I need to do to get them to calm down is to give them a spray with a water bottle.  I got a few plain little spray bottles from the dollar store and I keep them around the house. It’s pretty handy to keep them from checking out what we have for dinner too… it’s gotten to the point that I don’t even have to actually spray them, I just point it at them threateningly.  Give it a try- it might work for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, ps- congrats on the behbeh!!

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