(Closed) Anyone else terrified of flying?… what did you or are going to do about it?

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Sugar bee
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I hate flying. Not so much terrified as I can’t stand the security hassles, and my ears get horrible pain and close up every time, no matter what I do. My advice?See your doctor for a mild sedative.

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Busy bee

@lilhenry89:  I have panic attacks. The last time I flew I think I took 2 drowsy allgery pills that normally knock me out but thankfully Fiance (BF at that time) booked us on a plane that had TVs in the each seat. I put headphones in and focused on that and held on to his hand. And yes, we’re going to Europe for our honeymoon. I’m crazy. 

I would suggest some sediatives. Or meditation and therapy. Not to mention drinking and those little TVs. They were super handy. 

I wish you the best of luck!!

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Buzzing bee
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I sure am! Drinks before boarding, and music in my ears once on the plane (plus more drinks, if available).


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I am not afraid of flying but it makes me a little nervous. My dad always says to get a glimpse of the pilot– make eye contact if you can. He wants to get to his destination just as much as you do.

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My fiance is a light sport pilot…so I know all about flying. I also travel a lot–and I’ve been on a few pretty scary flights, so I understand where the fear comes from. However, I wouldn’t let that deter you from traveling. Flying is WAY safer and more regulated than most things we do in life. In fact, it’s EXPONENTIALLY safer than getting behind the wheel of a car. The risk of being in a plane crash is 1 in 11 MILLION. That’s less than the odds of being struck by lightning (1 in 750,000).  The odds of being in a car accident are 1 in 5,000. Seriously. Air travel IS the safest form of public transit. 


Statistically, you have a FAR greater chance of dying from heart disease (1 in 400 Americans each year) than in a plane crash. Flight emergencies are EXTREMELY rare.  


One reason commercial flights are safe is that commercial airline pilots have a TON of experience. They need 250 hours just to get their commercial pilot license. They need THOUSANDS more flight hours before they will be hired by an airline. Experienced pilots = safer flights. 


That said, you can do a few things to make yourself more comfortable. My best advice is, if it’s a long flight, take a red eye. You’ll sleep through most of it. Also, along with PPs–doctors WILL give mild sedatives for those with a fear of flying–but I find that a couple Nyquil do the trick just fine. 


Also, I recommend bringing distractions. Books. Music. DVD player. Sudoku. Whatever you like that can get your mind off the airplane. That also helps pass the flight time quicker. 


However, if you really want to beat your fear of flying, you have to confront the source of that fear. You need to figure out what specifically scares you and why. Here are a few resources for you on how to overcome a fear of flying: 








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Bumble bee
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It makes me nervous, but I wouldn’t say terrified – it’s the turbulence that gets me! I try to sleep as much as I can, or listen to music and zone in on that.

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Helper bee
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I hate flying too. Drinks and something fun to do on the plane helps a lot. I bring my iPod and a book that I know I love (usually Harry Potter). I also bring a deck of cards when I’m flying with other people.

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I fly once or twice a month.  While I don’t enjoy it, I try to bring along things to do (e.g. reading), and that seems to make the time go quickly.

I think the worst part of the process is not the flying itself, but rather the security, boarding, and being virtually curled up in a fetal position.

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@lilhenry89:  I hate flying, freaks the hell out of me, SO stressful, but I just sort of suck it up and do it anyway honestly.I wanna travel so much it’s worth it. I take dramamine before and during, which settles my stomach and sedates me. Actually it’s the emetophobia/germophobia that gets me, not fear of dying in a crash.

I’m more scared of getting the flu or the dude behind me puking than I am of the plane crashing… that’s the thing that gives me the most anxiety. That scene from The Hot Zone was basically my worst nightmare.

I’m flying 14 hours each way for the wedding. 

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Busy bee
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I have flown several times and get big time anxiety from it.  I have now gone to my doctor and he prescribed me ativan which I take before the flight along with a few drinks.  But since that is somewhat extreme for some people you could always try taking gravol. 

I have also been told to watch the stewardesses because if they are normal then everything is fine.  Or tell them that you do not like flying so they can talk to you along the way if needed.

Funny side story…my cousin is a pilot and will never go on a cruise because he is terrifed of that. 

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@lilhenry89:  Go ask your doctor for Valium or another sedative to take during the flight.  I don’t like flying either so I usually down a few shots of liquor or take a Xanax before my flights to calm down.  The last time I flew before starting to take sedatives, I completely freaked out the stranger in the seat next to me and she spent the entire flight trying to calm me down.  Super nice lady but I felt really bad about making her nervous during the flight.

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Busy bee
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the first time I ever flew was for our honeymoon. the way down I tried to stay distracted but felt pretty motion sick… on the way home, I took an ativan & slept! which was the best thing I could of done, I wish I took one on the way there but I was trying to “tough it out”

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