(Closed) Anyone else terrified to drive?

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Helper bee
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I have the same phobia, but it is because of things in my past. I thought about counseling to see if it helps, but have not tried it yet. Have you thought about that?

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Helper bee
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I absolutely hate driving. I sort of developed a phobia after my last car accident when a 16 year old girl ran a stop sign and literally accelerated into me which caused a huge head on collision. i literally thought i was dead. she hit me so hard that my radio busted out of my car and the backseat busted out of the car. not even sure how that was possible. not to mention she drove this big SUV and i drove a little VW jetta. i had to go to physical therapy for months and my car was completely wrecked.


after that, i was so scared to drive. i didn’t drive for like a year and my Fiance took responsibility of driving EVERYWHERE. now i’m a little bit better and i now drive an SUV so i feel a little safer. driving is some scary shit though! 

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Helper bee
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I hate driving. I freak out and think that I don’t have the concentration to drive. I think it’s more of a self confidence thing rather than a phobia!

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Helper bee
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Hi darling, you’re not the only one.

My husband had a 2006 Mustang GT when I first met him.  He now drives a 2012 Hyundai Elantra, and I drive the Mustang.  It is a BIG car with very poor turning radius, and since it’s a gorgeous sports car, I’m very, very cautious when I drive it.

My mother is treating me to a vacation at Palm Springs this upcoming weekend, but I’m driving my car up there for us to use since I live about an hour away.  No joke, I looked at Google maps to find our hotel and see what parking was like.  Rofl!!!

I’ve never had an uneasy feeling about driving until I started driving this car.  It’s just very had to judge and the turning radius is crap!  I can already imagine my mom in the car with me this weekend laughing at how I STILL can’t judge distance in that car without literally pushing myself out of my seat to check.

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Sugar bee
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i’m the same. i’m 29 and don’t have my license. i know i need to learn, but i just can’t bring myself to do it. i don’t even like being a passenger. it depends on who is driving and the traffic conditions, but all in all, i don’t like being a car. it gives me anxiety. and just when i feel like maybe i’m ready to learn, i’ll see an awful accident or we’ll be on the road and some idiot will be on the phone and almost hit us. and then i’m back to being afraid again.

it’s not something i like about myself and it’s so frustrating to hear everyone’s questions and comments about it. they don’t understand because they don’t see what i see. when “normal” people get in a car they just think, ‘i’m going to school/shopping/work/whatever.’ when i get in a car i think, ‘somebody is going to get hurt or lose their life.’

when i was in junior high, i was riding the bus home from school and we were hit by truck, so i think that’s maybe what started it. i’ve also witnessed a few accidents.

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Helper bee
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Girl you are not alone. I think my phobia is stemmed from my fear of not being perfect. My sister and I were working on our licenses at the same time and I always compared myself to her. I am not sure but that is how I justified my crazy phobia. 

But, I finally go the nerve to do it. I still haven’t mastered highways at the age of 26.

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Bumble bee
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I’m 28 and I’m currently learning to drive, and I get freaked out at times because I am scared that I will cause an accident. I do wish I had learned to drive when I was younger, and I guess less scared of my own mortality. I used to live in a city with easy access to public transport, but now I’m in a small yet spread out town so I really find it limiting to not be able to drive. The only way to get over this anxiety though is to push past and start driving. I suggest that you start slow, maybe take some lessons is a dual control car, sticking to quiet times and less busy areas and gradually work your way up. You are the only one who can get past this. 

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Helper bee
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I’m 29 and have had my license for 3 years now. Since getting my license I have driven once and that was just literally around the block. Driving scares the shit out of me. I even hate being a passenger, I feel like I’m always on high alert and become very anxious. 


Sometimes I do feel motivated to get behind the wheel (what if there is an emergency and Fiance can’t drive, what if something happens to my family and I need to get to them asap?) but the anxiety kind of takes over and the motivation disappears. 


The crazy thing is – I even own a damn car! 


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Helper bee
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I was really scared, and now I’m just a bit nervous. What really ‘hurt’ my cause was avoiding driving…I was exactly the same as you, with my Darling Husband chauffeur. This summer I’m living in a diff. city for my new job and we have smart cars at work that I have to drive…like, if I didn’t drive I wouldn’t have this job. I love the job, and I,m happy to say I love Smart cars! They are automatic trans., and remove any of the complications of driving! Highly recommend haha. That, and using a gps that talks to you, and smiling while in the car and breathing deeply…I’ve really gotten to like it. Now the only thing that still scares me a bit is driving with other ppl in the car, and merging onto the highway. 

Anyway, if you can get comfortable with your route, and your car and do it frequently, you CAN conquer this. Perhaps you could go to the grocery store every day and buy yourself a treat ! 🙂 I also find that I drive better alone without Darling Husband…when he is there I defer to him and freak out and think he’s judging me. When I’m alone I have no choice but to be confident. 

Good Luck

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