(Closed) Anyone else tired of being told to lose weight? RANT

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Yep! And can we add in pressure from family? I am overweight (by any definition including my own) and I am trying to lose weight but the ONLY way that will be accomplished is through my own decision and actions. My mom thinks that she can “help” me by bringing it up all the time. Like telling me about how she wishes she would have lost weight when she was younger because now its so much harder and omg did you see Jane Fonda on Oprah? She is 70 and she’s in great shape! you should be like her! 

Every time I mention I went to the grocery she says “Did you buy good healthy food?” She checks up on if I’m going to the gym. Before my dress came in (and fit, thank Jesus it fit) she would ask me “are you nervous about fitting into your dress? I’m really nervous about that.” arghhhhh

the thing is i 100% know she is doing it because she genuinely wants me to be healthy and happy, but her approach just pisses me the hell off. /rant. 

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Well, there’s “overweight” and then there’s “fat” a.k.a. “obese.”  While it’s pretty much impossible to be healthy and obese, it’s quite possible to be healthy while still being overweight.

I’m also 5’4″ and have gotten up to 165 before.  I was definitely chunky and very dissatisfied with how I looked, but I still wouldn’t have considered myself “obese” or “fat.”  I was overweight, pure and simple. 

I just think the general population tends to equate “fat” with “obese.”  If the inverse were true, the majority of the population in the U.S. would be “fat.”

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haha yeah. I’m considered “at risk” and like you, I can run a 5k, have great blood pressure, and my doctor doesn’t understand why I’m unable to lose weight. I’m undergoing a lot of test because within the last 8 weeks I gained 30 lbs. (with no change in eating or exercise). It’s really frustrating and I don’t understand why this happened 6 weeks before the wedding!

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In general, I hate advertisements, magazines, and television shows geared towards women. We’re too fat, too hairy, too sweaty, our hair is gray, we need a makeover, a boob job, etc, etc. We pretty much just fail at life!

On the other hand, advertisements, magazines, and television shows geared toward men are the exact opposite. Their stuff is pretty much all about, "YOU’RE AWESOME."

Such a double standard.

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I’m overweight but my blood pressure is normal, my heart rate is normal, I can run a mile in under 7 minutes, I eat healthy (mostly)

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Hell yes! I’m tired of it too. I’m obese (by the current medical definition – BMI over 30), yet I have great blood pressure, eat well and am active.

I finally realized something – sure,  I can control what goes into my mouth. I can control my exercise. But I *cannot* make the scale go down, since lots of medical research (plus my own experience) has shown that it’s not a simple matter of calories in v calories out. That’s part of the equation, but it’s not all of it.

So I control what I can (food and exercise) and say to hell with the rest. I’m more than the number between my toes!

(also, as a sidenote, did you know that the US Government redefined what it means to be “obese” in 1998? That change meant that lots of people formerly in the “normal” and “overweight” categories suddenly became “overweight” and “obese”: http://edition.cnn.com/HEALTH/9806/17/weight.guidelines/. Also, the BMI ignores gender and  body composition (fat v. muscle)  – and it was developed by studying a small pool of white men. So, clearly, it can be applied to all people, right?? (No)  Can you tell I hate, loathe and despise the BMI???)

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I am sick of the ads too.  Thank goodness I have an ad blocker.  It gets most of those annoying adds.  I already know I need to lose weight, I dont need the computer telling me too.

And Jane Fonda does look REEAAALLLYYY good.  But I think her boobs are fake or she has a really good bra and maybe some plastic surgery in the face, but her body is a perfect shape.

I check my BMI daily.  My weight fluctuates by 5 lbs all the time.


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@CorgiTales: Do we have the same mother?

I am 100% the same way. I feel I am overweight, but losing weight HAS to be my idea and HAS to be 100% me. The more I’m “checked up” on the more likely I am to sabotage myself.

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Agreed on family pressure to lose weight. My mother encourages me to simply because I’m on the verge of being a diabetic and she is concerned. My aunt and her family know nothing about my health and nag me to death about how I need to lose weight. Mind you, I was always thin, but I had gotten run over by a car and couldn’t walk for a little over two months and therefore gained weight and my system completely went crazy, but do they think of that?! NOPE, all they do is nag, nag, nag. Oh, did I mention my aunt is overweight, too? I understand my moms concern, but my aunt just wants me to look “nice”…seriously?! So, since I’m on WW, I’ve lost 10 lbs so far, hoping for 60 more(I was 202 and want to be around 130 and I’m 5’7) and I didn’t tell them I was on a diet or anything. When I lose the weight, I’ll make sure they shut up. People are so horrible, I swear!

Oh, and a btw Im not on a diet because of them, Im dieting due to my wedding coming up in July lol
Sorry, went on a little rampage Tongue out

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I’m going thru a major hormonal upheaval that’s making it tough to lose weight.  I’m getting blood work when my new insurance kicks in 1/1.

I swim laps most mornings, eat stuff like plain oat bran for breakfast & steamed veggies for snacks.  I cut out alcohol because of the calories.  Do some lower body weights to keep quads strong.

Seriously, is there something else I could do?

So my new knee doctor, not exactly Dr. Svelte, btw, tells me it would help if I lost some weight.



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Lol, well I keep logging on to pictures of engagement rings… and I’m not engaged yet.

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