Anyone else TTC in 2018?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2017

Your age/partner’s age: 31/30

Baby #: 1

When will you start TTC: going off the pill after our honeymoon in Jan, will probably start actively trying from April

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: no

Most excited for: being a parent with my future husband

Most nervous about: not being able to fall pregnant

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: our wedding!

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? There is no reason I’m aware of that we should have trouble, but I can’t help but feel like it may be difficult

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I’m starting (technically) in October this year, but I’m still not having periods after depo injections, and they say that takes up to a year to leave your system completely which is next March – so I think we’ll almost certainly still be TTC next year.


Mine/Partner’s Age: I’m 26 he’s 25 in two weeks!

Baby #: 1

When will you start TTC: see above!

Doing anything to prepare: Losing weight (got 3 stone to lose), taking pre-natels & I’ve stopped BC (just using condoms to let my body sort itself)

Most Excited For: The whole thing… I used to be scared of pregnancy but I’m even excited for that now. Just generally parenting together!

Most Nervous About: Everything being ok with TTC, really anxious about that

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby? We’re timing it so if it happened right away baby would come at the end of husband’s masters 

Do you anticipate any trouble concieving? I have mild endometriosis so that might affect regularity of my cycle when it returns… otherwise I’ve idea, I really hope everything will be ok.


I like this thread, it’s nice seeing other people’s plans & experiences 🙂

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2016

Meeee! So excited to actually join in with one of these threads!


Your age/partner’s age:  I’ll be 27, DH will be 33

Baby #: 1

When will you start TTC: We’ve said January, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we got excited and started in December. We’re avoiding Sept/Oct/Nov as we ideally don’t want a summer baby (lots of other bits going on!)

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: I’ve been charting my cycles for years (I’m training to be a Fertility Awareness teacher) so I feel like I know my womb inside out haha! I’ll start taking folic acid in October.

Most excited for: telling my hubby if we get a BFP, telling our families, seeing my hubby as a dad

Most nervous about: everything else! Terrified of generally being crap as a parent or not being able to cope emotionally

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: We just moved house and want to do some work to it, replace flooring, extend our bathroom. We’ll be able to get this started in January so work will definitely be completed by the time a baby came along.

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? On my end I don’t anticipate any issues as I’m so in tune with my cycle, I ovulate every cycle and have good quality mucus. My husband has a varicocele (enlarged, twisted vein in the testicle) which can affect fertility, so we’re prepared for this to be a potential issue.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: April 2017

Your age/partner’s age: we’ll both be 27

Baby #: 1

When will you start TTC: might be as soon as November 2017, basically waiting to hear about a job situation and we’ll decide from there. Can I stay on the this thread if we decide to do it at the end of this year!? 

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: planning on starting prenatals about 3 months before. We both don’t drink or smoke and live a healthy lifestyle so not much needs to change. 

Most excited for: sharing this amazing experience with my husband. I can quite honestly say I feel like I’m born to be a mom. And my husband is amazing with children, we are both so excited for this next chapter. 🙂 

Most nervous about: not much to be honest. Not at this stage anyway 

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: renovations to our new house. 

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? No. We’re young and healthy and my own mom fell pregnant with me the first month they tried after 9 years on the pill. Touch wood! 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2016

Thanks for starting this! I’m already so impatient even though it’s more than a year away for us! 


Your age/partner’s age: Will be 30

Baby #: 1!

Sibling age now/ when TTC:

When will you start TTC: Not till the fall

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: Will start charting more closely next year

Most excited for: Everything! 

Most nervous about: Everything! 

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: Finish my dissertation

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? I have no known reason to, but yes I worry about it

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Helper bee


Your age/partner’s age:  34/35 at TTC

Baby #: 1

Sibling age now/ when TTC: NA

When will you start TTC: Spring 2018

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: I will be doing all of the mentioned. Considering buying an expensive ovulation test kit. I have started to read some books on family planning.

Most excited for: Those two lines naturally 🙂

Most nervous about:  We are a little bit older for the first go and would like to have 2-3 kids. I am in very good health but I do have a stressful job. I also deal with arthritis in harsh winter temperatures and that may dictate when it would be best to TTC/be heavily pregnant. 

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: Yes, we would like to go on a ‘babymoon’ cruise. I am not sure if we can go where we were hoping though (Peru, Mexico) , due to Zika concerns. My student loans will also be a continuing concern to me and I  would  like to make a few massive payments in addition to my normal payment schedule. I am going to continue to work hard on my health in preparation for the best pregnancy possible.

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? Not on my part because my cycle is very regular and I have never been on birth control. However, my fiance may have some issues. Either way, I am going to get a check up with a Gynecologist this summer. 



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Sugar bee

We are! probably in the spring.


Your age/partner’s age: When we start trying we will be 32/36

Baby #: 1

Sibling age now/ when TTC: 

When will you start TTC: Next spring

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?:  Probably will start taking prenatal vitamins a few months before. Other than that, will likely not do anything strategic at first – if no luck for a few months then I’m sure I’ll become obsessive with the charting etc.

Most excited for: Being pregnant! I am weirdly excited about that. Also excited to expand our family and watch DH become a father. 🙂

Most nervous about: Having a newborn/sleep deprivation/being afraid for the rest of my life that something bad might happen to my child.

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: Save some more money, maybe buy a house depending on whether we end up staying in this city for more than another year (depends on DH’s job, still up in the air).

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? Honestly yes! My mom had massive trouble conceiving me and she was only in her mid 20s when she and my dad started trying. She had a lack of viable eggs. Doc told her she would never be able to conceive. She did eventually have me (naturally), but could never get pregnant again. So I’ve always worried I’ll have the same issue, although there is obviously no telling!

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Sugar bee

jbirdlee1015 :  I am in the same boat as you re: getting v tired of being solely responsible for contraception. I want to go off bc too when my pack runs out (which is only a few weeks out, eep!) but we don’t actually want to try until next year. Trying to find the right moment to discuss this with DH, who I know is going to whine about having to wear condoms. But I have been on the pill for the greater part of a decade and I know it fucks with my hormones and I’m just done, I want to give my body time to adjust and see what my natural cycles are like. Anyway good luck to you!

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Busy Beekeeper
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beevincent18 :  We plan on finding out the sex. We have a slight preference for a girl but will be happy either way. But if we do have a boy we are going to need that extra time to decide on a name! We’ve been talking about baby names for years and still can’t find 1 boy name we both love.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

hikingbride :  I feel your pain with names! My FI and I did end up being able to decide on a set of names…but who knows if they’ll actually stick until we actually TTC! 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: April 2016

We are also planning way ahead! I’m a few weeks away from my due date with #1 (team green). We know we want 3+ children so we are planning to TTC #2 some time in 2018.


Your age/partner’s age: Currently both 34. 35 by the time we TTC #2.

Baby #: 2

Sibling age now/ when TTC: Baby will be 1 year old. I’m hoping to wait until after his/her birthday but we will see!

When will you start TTC: Fall 2018

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?:  Will start charting again after I give birth to this one!

Most excited for: Being pregnant again. I am already sad that my 1st pregnancy is almost over. I love being pregnant.

Most nervous about: I’m prepared for 1. Going from 1 to 2 seems like the harder transition so we’ll be trying to prepare for that in ’18.

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: Go back to work and perhaps transition to part-time or freelance status.

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? No. We got pregnant pretty quickly with #1, and the women in my family have all had babies well into their 30s so I’m not too worried.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

lalanono :  

I felt almost like they thought she was their kid and I was just a surrogate.

I can TOTALLY relate to this. I found out the gender of my son, and my ex’s mom is SUPER overbearing, it was her first grand child and she basically acted like I was a surrogate for HER baby. But…she wanted a girl so bad and when she found out we were having a boy she was like visibilty disappointed. She actually told us she was sad it wasn’t a girl (which is so strange).

My FI’s parents are awesome. His mom is super laid back and not overbearing at all…his dad is great. I am really excited for when we have a child!

I brought up to my FI the other day waiting until birth to find out but he is not on board at all…and honestly I don’t think I could wait anyways! Honestly though, I think we might find out and not tell anyone!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2018

lalanono :  Shes a quack in general.

My ex and his girlfriend just found out they’re expecting. His mom messaged me just to talk and she told me my son would always be her favorite grandchild….like what? Their child is just as much her grandchild as my son is. 

It’s just weird. She’s weird. So glad I don’t have to deal with her anymore. LOL

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