(Closed) Anyone else TTC in 2018?

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Your age/partner’s age: Will be 31 (me), 35(him)

Baby #: 1

Sibling age now/ when TTC: N/A

When will you start TTC: around March

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?:Vitamins

Most excited for:  Getting a positive result on a pregnancy test (fingers crossed!)

Most nervous about: I’m at a high rate for late-term miscarriage, so I’m worried about that. 

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: I’d like to get in better shape and finally close on our house.

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving?: My mother had trouble in her 30s and I’ve never been regular, so perhaps? Hopefully not, trying not to stress about that yet!

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Your age/partner’s age: 30/31

Baby #: 1

Sibling age now/ when TTC: N/A

When will you start TTC:  Q2/Q3 of next year (all depends on when my office transfer goes through — we’ll start TTCing a few months before we plan to move so that I have 6 months to settle in to the new city before baby arrives)

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: hahahhaaha nope – I’m not that organized

Most excited for: a baby?

Most nervous about: a baby?

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: Getting more settled in my job, it’s a high intensity, high demand job and I want to make sure I can balance the role and motherhood before having a little one (the new job is the only rease we postponed TTC to next year)

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? No, the women in my family (and there are a lot of us) have always gotten pregnant extremely quickly but you just never know 

We don’t plan to learn the gender but we may change our mind once we actually have a “bun in the oven”

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We Are! I am soooo excited. I am proper baby crazy for the last three years, now finally he is ready too! Can’t wait!!!

Your age/partners age: 32/31

Baby No. 1

When will you sart TTC? Feb./March 2018

Doing anything to prepare? Starting prenatals in December and comming of BC end of January

Most excited for? Experiencing pregnancy, preparation for Baby, getting to know my baby

Most nervous about? Not able to conceive and that something happens to the baby during pregancy/birth/live

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby? Loosing a bit of weight and becomming a bit healthier

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? Sadly, yes. My partner and I are both overweight (we are working on that) and I was also diagnosed with multiple fibroids (too many to count) a few months ago. 


Idealy, I would like to keep it a suprise but I don’t think I will be able to wait for that long to find out. We will see!

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We will be!! I’m very excited!

Your age/partner’s age: will be 28/31

Baby #: 1

Sibling age now/ when TTC: N/A

When will you start TTC: September 2018, it seems like forever away. πŸ™

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: I haven’t yet, but in March I’m going to go off the bill and start vitamins and charting

Most excited for: Starting our family and becoming a stay at home mom

Most nervous about: it taking a really long time to conceive/having infertility issues

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: buy a house and go on a couple more trips. We are planning on buying the house in the spring and I have one trip planned already for January and are planning the other for early September- we will start trying on that trip!

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? I hope not…. We are both healthy to my knowledge

ETA: we will want to know the gender. Perfect world, we will end up with one of each!

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We will be! I have another username, but created this one so I could start talking about all this here on the bee anonymously without wedding pictures linked. :-p 


Your age/partner’s age: 29/32

Baby #: 1

Sibling age now/ when TTC: N/A

When will you start TTC: February!

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: I’m taking prenatal vitamins and continue to eat healthy/exercise.

Most excited for: Growing our family, experiencing pregnancy, seeing our baby for the first time

Most nervous about: Deciding whether to work or stay at home. We’re lucky in that we’ll be able to choose, but I see so many pros and cons on both sides!

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: A couple of things – one vacation, a few house projects, etc.

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? If I’m like my mom, then no! Haha. But seriously, I am pretty dang healthy, so I hope so – but you never know until you try!

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Well ladies, it’s been THREE years since I’ve been on these boards, but the fever is starting to hit me again (finally) after DH brought up TTC a few weeks ago, hoping we could this winter or spring. We were very anti TTC for the first two years of my daughters life, ha! She’s amazing but didn’t sleep well at all, so we couldn’t imagine having another so close. She’s so much easier at age three, though. All that to say, I’m not 100% on it yet, but I did find myself back on here and getting kind of excited, so I’ll play πŸ˜‰ 

Your age/partner’s age: we just turned 30/32 

Baby #: 2

Sibling age now/ when TTC: 3, she’d be four before we had the baby though

When will you start TTC: January 2018 at the earliest

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: I have a pretty regular cycle that I keep track of, and if we decide to TTC for sure I’ll start prenatals. We use condoms now, so no hormonal stuff to deal with  

Most excited for: seeing my daughter become a big sister. She LOVES babies, and is born to nurture! 

Most nervous about: my relationship with my daughter changing…we’re so close, and get to do lots of fun stuff now with just the three of us 

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: not really. We have some house projects we’re working on, but it’s not a huge deal if they’re not done before a baby comes. My job is very flexible since I work PRN, so it wouldn’t be an issue to take time off. 

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? we got pregnant right away with my daughter, but then again I’m four years older now, so it could definitely be different this time around. We don’t have any known issues. 

As for gender, I think my husband would like to have a boy so that we had one of each, but we’d be so thrilled with another little girl. We did find out the gender last time, and I imagine we would again. I’m a planner and have to know these things, ha! 


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I’ll Play! We will be TTC for the first time!

 Your Age/Partner’s Age: 28/28

Baby#: 1

Sibling Age/When TTC: N/A

When will you be TTC? March-May 2018

Doing Anything to Prepare (Vitamins, Charting, Etc.?) Currently off BC (have been for 3 years), planning on starting Pretatals next spring. Started tracking cycle on Ovia app this cycle! Currently saving every $ we can! 

Most Excited for: I am excited for the whole experience! It will be all new for both of us! 

Most Nervous for: Same answer as above. It is scary, knowing there will be so much change! after 7 years of it just being the two of us (and our dogs) it will be a different dynamic at home. 

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby? Currently working on my degree, I would like to get a little closer to graduation first. Save more Money! 

Do you anticipate any touble conceiving? I hope not, but I have had 2 Chryo treatments on my cervix. I don’t know if that will translate to anything when TTC, but it’s in the back of my head. 

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New here! Just saw this and am SO excited!!


Your age/partner’s age: I am 27 and he is 30

Baby #: 1!!

Sibling age now/ when TTC: N/A

When will you start TTC: We have planned for December 2017 or January 2018

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: Researched prenatals and have been taking Rainbow Light for the past 2 months jsut in-case we do decide to try in December. Already in good shape so didn’t need to lose weight, I don’t drink any caffeine and I drink maybe 1 glass of wine a week so thats not a worry!! I don’t want to stress myself out yet with charting and such, so I am going to try to let nature take its course first, if it doesn’t happen in a few months than I will start doing some more πŸ™‚ We are in no rush so I want to make it as fun as possible!! 

Most excited for: Seeing that positive test and knowing I will officially become a mom!

Most nervous about: Infertitility issues i may not be aware of πŸ™

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: We took some really big trips this year to enjoy some jsut us time, but I want to do one more big ski trip this winter!

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? I don’t think anyone does unless you know about pre-existing issues.. Really hoping it happens within 6 months of trying 

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Hey all!  Saw this and wanted to post.  I got married a few years ago and sadly my hubs and I ended up getting divorced.  It sucked all around, but we are on decent terms and moving on with our respective lives and wish each other well.  Which brings me here! I have a SO of a couple years and while we are in no rush to get married (both divorced), we are really REALLY happy together, our relationship is so much easier than either of our previous marriages, we both want to have a family, and we’re kinda old AF!  Lol.  So we are TTC in early 2018 πŸ™‚

Your Age/Partner’s Age: 35 / 44  eeeek!

Baby#: 1

Sibling Age/When TTC: N/A

When will you be TTC?  I think as soon as January, if neither of us get cold feet – here’s hoping

Doing Anything to Prepare (Vitamins, Charting, Etc.?)  Prenatals, cutting back significantly on caffeine and booze, starting to chart this next cycle so I know if my O dates are as expected, or different.  We have a great sex life so nothing needs to change there πŸ™‚

Most Excited for:  This is something we’ve both independently wanted for a looooong time… my ex-husband kept pushing off our TTC date, and his ex-wife had two MC and unilaterally shelved any further forays into having children, even via adoption etc.  So we are happy to have someone who is equally excited about the possibility of expanding into a little family, and all the possibilities therein.

Most Nervous for:  We’re both older, so I’m mainly worried about fertility issues, birth defects, autism which is correlated with older dads, etc!  Eek.  Plus my job is not conducive to motherhood, so I am contemplating Stay-At-Home Mom for a few years, which sounds equally appealing and scary – I do like working.  

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?  I gained 25 pounds over the past few years due to the stress of everything, so even though I’m still at a healthy weight, I’m working on dropping some of that because I’m vain πŸ˜›

Do you anticipate any touble conceiving? Frankly I am assuming it will take a while or we might have trouble – although no known problems.  I’m trying to keep expectations low so I’m not disappointed after month one!  I am going to chart to maximize our chances and so that if nothing has happened after 5-6 months, we have all the possible info to move forward.


Anyway, thanks for this thread and see yall in 2018!  πŸ™‚

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Your age/partner’s age: 36/31

Baby #: 1

Sibling age now/ when TTC: N/A

When will you start TTC: May 2018

Doing anything to prepare (vitamins, charting, etc)?: Just started charting, and taking pre-natal vitamins

Most excited for: Starting a new chapter in my life that includes a child

Most nervous about: Infertility due to my age, pregnancy complications (also due to my advanced maternal age)

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby?: Getting a better job

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving? Yes I do, due to my age, and the fact that it’s going to be my first attempt at pregnancy. I have never been pregnant, so I have no idea on whether I am fertile. My husband will still be 31 in May, so I’m hoping he has good young sperm to counter my 36 year old eggs.

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Is this thread okay to use as a chat? I posted with my answers to the question earlier. Just thinking of how we’re at that point in the year where it seems to fly by with all of the holidays. 2018 isn’t so far away! Are any of you reading books in preparation to TTC? So far I’ve read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and I also just bought Get Ready to Get Pregnant and What to Expect Before You’re Expecting. I don’t know which one to start reading first! πŸ™‚ 

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ladyvictoria :  DH and I were just talkiing about how close 2018 is! We don’t plan to TTC until the fall but it occurred to us that we just exactly hit the -1 year mark till we do… which I realize is slightly crazy to be this excited about this far in advance but clearly I’m obsessed. I read Taking Charge of your Fertility too, though a while ago so maybe I’ll pick it up again next year or read one of the other books you mentioned. You’ll have to let us know if they’re worth it! 

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jz0909 :  I completely understand your excitement πŸ™‚ We plan to start trying in May or June, depending on when we book our vacation. I plan on ditching my bc in March or April so that I can track my cycle. Though I’ve only just begun to dive into What to Expect Before You’re Expecting, I do like it! I even read a bit of it aloud to hubby, which was fun. They have little sections for the dad-to-be throughout each chapter, which is nice because they are a big part of the process! I plan on building up a little TTC/Pregnancy library though just because I like to read to death about whatever I’m pursuing lol 

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Your age/partner’s age: We’re both currently 27.

Baby #: We’ll be trying for our first!

When will you start TTC: Probably March. We’re trying to wait 6 months after a trip to SE Asia (due to Zika).

Doing anything to prepare: I’ve been doing FAM for a little over a year now. I’ll start taking prenatal vitamins in November. I’m going to slow down on my drinking about a month before TTC.

Most excited for: Everything about being a mother.

Most nervous about: Telling my employer, negotiating maternity leave

Anything you want to accomplish before having a baby: I need to buy a new car.

Do you anticipate any trouble conceiving: No, but I’m still paranoid..

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ladyvictoria :  I found What to Expect pretty helpful in my first pregnancy. Of course every pregnancy is different, but there were so many things I didn’t know I might experience – like nosebleeds, CRAZY dreams, and suuuuper sensitive nipples. I basically just expected heartburn and nausea, but those weren’t even too bad for me! One suggestions I have (if you’re into this sort of thing) is to buy a journal, and update it with each doctor’s appointment. I would record my symptoms, my weight (although that got kind of depressing lol), cravings, what I was excited/nervous about, etc. I think that will be helpful for me if I get pregnant again, to remember how I felt each month of my first pregnancy (it’s been 4 years, so I’ve forgotten a lot!)

2018 feels SO soon to me, probably because I had BAD baby fever and had to wait to TTC for a couple of years before we had my daughter (I was in school, and wanted to wait till I was done to have her). This time, we just decided this fall that we might try for a second baby next year, and it’s a couple of months away!! Of course the holidays are coming up, and I have several friends due this winter as well as a new nephew due in January, so it’s going to be here before we know it! 

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