(Closed) Anyone else turned off by The Knot?

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I’ve looked at their boards because I heard they were horrible and mean, but I really didn’t see anything offensive. Maybe I didn’t look at the more dramatic boards.

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@urchin:  To be fair, I’ve never dared venture over there!

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I lurked on the knot for awhile before I got engaged.. but I saw some really mean comments and I was too afraid to post myself. It seemed like they loved to tear apart new people. I saw one post that they deliberately made about one person, and it was just pages & pages of making fun of her, digging up past things she said, making fun of her signature.. and then she responded and asked why they would say such hurtful things. And they told her that she needed to get over it & it was just for fun. The thread ended with her saying she’d never come back & they all thought it was great. After I saw that thread, I stopped going there. Who has time to sit around and make fun of people online, that you’ve never even met before?

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OMG they chewed my ass apart on that website. I was asking for advice about a ring once and they literally were screaming at me through the computer on why I would do that, it isn’t their decision its mine, and all this other crap. Every time I made a post on the website, AT LEAST one of them would point out my grammar mistakes. I literally think we should go on their website and just bombard it with posts and be super annoying and bitchy, just like they were to us….totally joking, but it would make me feel better. haha

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Bee Keeper

I have never posted on TK,  just did not find the site user friendly at all… if it is too hard for me to figure out, I give up lol

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Just glad to see I’m not the only one who got chewed out like crazy on the NEY boards.  Three years ago I found TK and was just fascinated by all the planning that went into weddings, and I just loved reading the forums and browsing people’s bios.  I eventually posted asking the NEY boards if anyone had any advice for “just browsing” rings at a jewelry store, like how to deal with a pushy sales person, etc.  I had seen a post on it before, but their search function is SO bad I couldn’t find it again..I checked back a few minutes later and was like “OH NO I’m that new person they’re all ganging up against!”  making up crap about how I purposefully got my bf a watch too big so that we would have to go to the jewelry store and i would have to look at rings and I was crazy..of course I was crazy.  I was only trying to ask about the things they talked about all the time..it was brutal. I tried to explain (and TK had no edit function), and they started disecting every word I said and I just gave up.  A few weeks later I deleted the post b/c I’m paranoid about people somehow seeing it and knowing it was me (BC they make up separate posts and talk about you if you delete right away..).  Soon after that I stopped going to the site, because it was just too frustrating.  The only thing I like is on their main site, searching for dresses gives you the price range of the dress, which is helpful.

Recently, when I started looking back at wedding stuff more, I would go back and check on a few things on my local board or like the DIY board just because I love reading that stuff.  But then I found WB and I realized that just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to hate all other girls! And I found the ring board and was able to read all about the things that I got cut apart for before..

So I agree about the site, the cliquey-ness, the drama, I also don’t like that people can have huge sigs that take forever to load your page, and the videos on the top are so frustrating..the only thing I liked is that members could post their bios in their sig, because I like reading about people’s full journey…but now I just read the WB blogs!  Also, when people post a question on TK you always start getting the same responses.  Usually from the same regulars, so after a while, it’s like what’s the point of reading?  

  I find over here you get a lot more varied responses, maybe because the way the topics post in the main page so more people reply to topics they might not otherwise see.  And just people seem nicer about responding to things, like a common question.  On TK people say “omg go away until you’ve actually read some posts.” and on WB people say “hey! check the last few pages because people were posting about that earlier this week.” and just earlier I saw somebody provide 3 links to her favorite helpful topics on the question.  Of course not all inclusive, but I think that’s why I love WB soo much, because I read TK for a long time..

Ack, this got really long, just wanted to vent a bit.  I’m not all up in arms let’s go sabatoge their site (I dont think anyone on this post is actually serious about that), but it’s just nice to know that other people feel the same way.  Of course, there were some really really sweet girls on those posts, who do take the time to share their pictures and experiences and answer questions, and stick up for poor little people who maybe worded their post wrong.   But overall, it’s too much to cut through all the crap to actually get to something useful. 

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Ladies, I hope we can all agree with the OP that we appreciate the positive, helpful support that we find here in the Hive!  However, this thread has gotten out of hand and at this point is only inviting flame wars and drama between two groups of people.

We’re going to close this thread now.  If you would like to discuss something in particular from The Knot boards, feel free to respond directly to the thread there.  It’s really not appropriate to insult people here, please re-read our Community Guidelines about avoiding personal attacks.

Thank you!

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