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The next size up would be a 4.5 , 4.75, then 5. So I suggest you see another jeweler. Once you get it sized up I’d ask for them to add sizing beads. Sizing beads are great for people with bigger knuckles, i know you don’t want them but it may be your only solution if you don’t want your ring to spin. This is a cheap process that’s easy to undo if you don’t like it. 

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I don’t understand. Do they have sample ring sizes for you try on? It sounds stressful having to chance it like that! For the record, I had to squeeze my ring over my knuckle too, so it’s a bit loose on the finger bit (I can turn it around, but not so much that it will do it on its own). I don’t know if they’re supposed to be that tight, but I doubt it’s a good thing if they are.

PS yeah sizing beads and whatnot!

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vericari:  I agree with 
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MrsSparkleBee13:  . There are sizes in between 4.25 and 5. The jeweler should have been able to size your ring to a 4.5 or 4.75 without jumping right to the next whole size.

I recently had to get a sizing “bump” put into my ring. I didn’t want the sizing balls, either, because they have always looked so uncomfortable to me. It sounds like my ring is quite a bit wider than yours, but would something like this fit? (If you can’t get it to a size that is comfortable for both your knuckle and your finger?) Sorry … it’s a terrible picture, but at least you can see the “bump” at the bottom of the shank.

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vericari:  Good jewelers can size in 1/8 increments. ANY jeweler can size in 1/4 increments. I have no idea why she told you you had to go up to a 5! I would imagine a 41/2 would be perfect for you.

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And on a somewhat more somber note, there really is no way to prevent any eventuality where an ER staff might have to cut off your ring. Injuries are injuries. There are no guarantees. I’d simply go with the best size you feel will work for you, while still being able to comfortably remove the ring over your knuckle.

And, quite frankly, I’d really be nervous to wear a ring that I have to “work” to get off the knuckle because people are known to cut fingers off to get your rings if you can’t hand it to them in a stick up. (Yes, I’ve lived in dangerous places such as this.)

Now back to our happier discussions of ring sizing. 😉


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vericari:  I have big knuckles too, but I’ve always like my ring a little loose… My e-ring is 3.5. I had my wedding ring made to 3.75 at first, for future purposes in case i get pregnant etc., but I had to size it down again because 3.75 was definitely huge! A 0.25 size bigger is definitely different. Anyway, both rings are now 3.5, and TO ME theyre perfect in the summer, still can move them around easily and can remove them easily as well, but since its still cold, they’re loose, so I use snuggies, and since ring snuggies are a bit chunky, I’d cut them to small pieces so that it doesn’t get too annoying at the back of my finger. I’d say go with a 4.75 since 4.25 is TOO tight on you. I’m guessing a 4.5 might still be a little tight.

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I have larger knuckles too but I figured sizing beads wouldn’t work for me because my fingers are just skin and bones.  Even without beads it’s tight when the ring passes over my knuckle so I imagine adding sizing beads would make it impossible for me to get my ring on (and off!).  I think this would be different if there was more fat on my fingers.  My fiance’s wedding band is pretty snug and he had trouble getting it off when we were at the store and the jeweler told him to relax the hand his ring was on and push the ring upward at the bottom (the same side as the palm of your hand) as he wiggled it off and it came off smoothly.  The process doesn’t work as well for me but it’s much better than just wiggling it side to side!

If the 4.25 was that tight and the 5 is huge definitely try a 4.5 or 4.75.  Remember a wider band will make the ring harder to get on and off vs a thinner band.

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Ugh, yes. My first engagement ring was a 4.5, and it was way too big–it spun and moved up and down constantly. Then I switched it for another ring, and this one is a 4.25. It feels great on, but sometimes it’s a struggle to remove (especially if I try to remove it during the day, when fingers are bigger).

I think I’ll risk resizing it to a 4.5… my first ring’s stone was a lot bigger which I think exacerbated the spinning issue. If that doesn’t work I’ll try sizing beads. :-\ It’s really annoying. 

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Recently where I work somebody turned in a ridiculously HUGE DIAMOND ring that had been found in the parking lot, and that most of my coworkers thought was a fake, until I spied that there was actually a ‘hinge’ like feature to it.  You could open the ring and close it so that you didn’t need to put it over your finger but just clip it on.  I told my coworkers nobody would go to the trouble of having that put on a fake ring, so we kept it in our safe.  

Eventually a very nice man came in and claimed the ring, letting us know that it was his Grandmother’s ring, who had the same issues with having large knuckles but tiny fingers.  The hinge had been custom made for her ring, but it had been a while and the clasp wasn’t so great on it anymore and needed to be reparied and it had popped off when she’d got in to the car.  They were very grateful as the diamond itself was worth over forty thousand dollars! 

So it might be something you can look in to if you really don’t want your ring to be too loose, I just don’t know how much that would cost.



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I have the EXACT same issues as you!  Finger twins!!!

So what my dad suggested to me (he made the ring after all) is to keep it at the current size (4.25).  I can get it over my knuckle – no use of soap, lotion, vaseline thank goodness – but it spins and spins on my finger.

My dad added a “ring guard” to it.  So I can loosen it up and tighten it when I need to.  He doesn’t recommend sizing it down, as in the summer, my fingers will swell due to the heat (I’m in Canada).  Plus, my Fiance and I want to have a baby right after the wedding so again, my fingers will swell.

Another thing to try is go to a Claire’s Accessories store, they have “ring snuggies”.  They are $4 for a pack I think.  They’re clear plastic things that you can attach to your ring to make it fit better.

The first pic is the ring guard, but that’s NOT my actual ring picture – just a sample and I don’t have a picture of mine.

Hope this helps!



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There are DEFINITELY sizes between 4.25 and 5. I have a right hand ring that I wear.  It was initially sized as a “tight 4” – close to a 3.75. However, when the jeweler sized it, it was out of round and never really worked. I had it sized to a 4 and put back in round recently. It was still tight over my knuckle, so they sized it to a “full 4” which is probably close to a 4.25 and it fits perfect. 

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