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I haven’t tried Botox, but I’m with you on the chronic migraines! I’m really sorry you’re facing them! I’ve recently been put on Topamax, but it hasn’t had enough time to really take effect. Prior to that I was going through boxes and boxes of Imitrex.

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LittleMissRuca:  I did, they’re very well controlled now with Topamax.  I have a dual diagnosis – chronic migraine, in addition to cluster headache.  Good times.  The migraines are super well controlled now.  I don’t need the Topamax for them.  But the cluster headaches are not as well controlled, I often have to go back on the Topamax to get them back under control.  (I’ve been dealing with all of this for 10 years now, so I’ve had several rounds of treatment – each round lasts 8 months to a year.) 

My neurologist and I discussed Botox, but there wasn’t enough long term studies to satisfy her to do it on someone so young (I was 21 when I started seeing her.)  Nothing else worked.  I tried everything.  Topamax was a last resort.  (I’m also allergic to half the meds due to a common ingredient, so there were lots that I wasn’t able to try.)  Topamax has some pretty horrible side effects, but the headaches outweighed some of them. I did have to come off a course of treatment one time – not sure why but that particular round had a bunch more side effects than normal and I just couldn’t hack it.  We waited 6 months and tried again and I was able to tolerate it for the full course.  

I also had some supplements that had to be taken (with the Topamax).  Magnesium and B2 among others.  She still does quite a bit of research (she’s the head of neurology at one of the hospitals and she specializes in headache disorders.)  So this was part of her research.  

I am so, so thankful I was referred to her.  I went from having migraines 22 – 28 days a month and recurring clusters seasonally, to a cluster a year and almost no migraines.  

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I started having migraines in spring time of this year and had maybe only had 5 total my whole life before that (I’m 28). I battle with migraines almost daily. They put me on 50mg Topamax then took me off for whatever reason and put me on Propanalol for months. They didn’t want to raise the dosage so they switched me back to Topamax. I’m back to 50mg and I still have to take excedrin migraine once or twice daily to help combat the migraines. I plan to call me dr soon about this and see what she has to say because obviously the topamax isn’t doing its job.  I feel miserable.

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A magnesium deficiency was the cause of my chronic migraines. I would try magnesium before any more serious drugs. I’ve been taking it for over 3 years now and I only get migraines if I miss a day or 2 of taking the pills. Check the dosing though, for 2 years I was taking just 1 pill when the bottle says 3 is the recommended daily amount… ooops! Topoax did absolutely nothing for me.

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We haven’t testedme for anything to find out the cause of them although I do have a boatload of other health issues and am on a rack of medications. So it very well could be a side effect of something else. Lol I did have a cat scan and nothing showed up though.

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I’m on Naproxen. Nothing seems to help but sleep, and even that doesn’t workout sometimes. I’ve had these for years. I’ve gone to the nureologist and have had several test done, but they show nothing. I’m going to go back soon because my Fiance is terrified I have something seriously wrong, like a brain tumor. 

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I get botox injections for migraines.  It hurts having 20 needles stuck in your forehead, head, and shoulders.  The result is completely worth the temporary pain.  

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I have had chronic migraines for about 10 years now. Topamax didn’t work. Naproxen is a joke for me even with minor aches and pains. Imitrex and Treximet, as well as Excedrin gave me horrendous rebound headaches. Mine are triggered by my hormones, so I’m on Nuvaring which helps some to keep the hormones more stable. I am now on a low dose of Elavil, which is typically used for depression (which I had issues with in the past) but off-label is used for migraines. I’ve seen a huge decrease in intensity and frequency, as well as the fact that it helps me sleep at night. As needed, I use Fioricet because it’ll kill the migraine pretty quick without knocking me out. I’ve just been given Maxalt to try, though I can’t speak for efficiency on that just yet. The goal is to decrease the amount of meds I take. So far, so good with the Elavil.

I also put two tennis balls in a sock and lay down with it under the base of my skull/neck. Works on those nerves and relieves some muscle tension when I can’t just sleep off a headache. 

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Ive suffered from them for 18 years and now im currently on 50mg nortriptaline daily and take relpax when i get them(works 80% of the time and doesnt make me drowsy). With the bad ones i go to the ER for shots. My neurologist ordered an MRI(ill be getting it next week) because he’s worried i might get a stroke or aneurysm. 

I also tried acupuncture for 3 months with no luck.

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I use the nasal spray, but honestly. Nothing helps. I also find when I feel that it’s coming on I put peppermint oil on the pressure point its on (behind my ears, my temple, neck, etc) and it seems to delay it. Not kill it. It’s awful. 

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LittleMissRuca:  I have a ton of clients that suffer from migrane headaches ( I’m an RMT) and massage therapy really does help quite a bit. See you Dr. and make sure they aren’t secondary to another condition, then ask around to your friends for a good massage therapist recomendation. Some of my clients have stopped needing to take their meds as long as they get weekly treatment. I’m always down with more natural treatment over meds whenever possible and when it’s safe to do so. Good luck  babe 🙂



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