(Closed) Anyone Else With Less Than Perfect Teeth?

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  • Wedding: June 2011

You know I was just reading on yahoo news this week the best teeth whiteners.  They said a rembrandt rinse was the best one.  I have no patience for the strips so I think I will go try that rinse!

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I hear you, honey. My teeth are not even close to perfect. I got into an accident in my teens and was only able to afford braces recently. It does make me super conscious especially because FI’s teeth are perfect. 

I guess my advice is to focus on something about you that is FABULOUS! Your hair, your eyes, your figure….

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  • Wedding: February 2011

i’m def going to try out some whiteners. my teeth are far from perfect but for the most part im ok with them. Fiance has beautiful teeth, straight and white. he will def show me up in pictures.

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I’m with you. Fiance and I both have had braces, mine where within the last few years,  but his teeth are still way better than mine. But, I am sure that you have some absolutely great feature that everyone who sees your wedding pictures will be focused on.

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I actually got braces when I was 19, but never wore my retainer so my teeth moved back (even after hearing my mom tell me the same thing happened to her.  Ugh.) My two front “eye” teeth (the ones on either side of the front two teeth) are crooked, as well as a few on my lower teeth.  I tried the whole “half smile not opening the mouth” thing, but that just looks like a creepy smirk.  I learned to just own it and give big ol toothy grins all the time, no one seems to notice or care. ๐Ÿ˜€

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I have a gap between my two front teeth and a cross bite (the right side of my lower teeth overlap my top teeth…the left side sits correctly).  Braces can’t fix the cross bite.  I’d have to have my upper jaw broken and reset for it to be fixed (I refuse to sit through that kind of pain to fix it).

I love my gap.  My great aunt (who I look just like) had a gap, and I think it’s cool.  My sisters all had the gap, too, until they got braces.

I’ve just learned to accept it.  I smile big in pictures, and I don’t care.

I do plan on whitening my teeth prior to the big day, though.

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Let me tell you, my Fiance has Doug teeth. Remember that cartoon, where the guys teeth are all spaced out? He loves them like that, he never gets cavities or anything, ever. When I look at him, I don’t see it, and he still has an amazing smile. Be confident in yourself, is all I’m saying, and that is what will show in the pictures, not your teeth ๐Ÿ˜€

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I had braces when I was young and never wore my retainer so my teeth are a little crowded. I’m going to whiten my teeth but I don’t really mind that they aren’t perfectly straight.

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@Belle2Be: I love your description!

My fiance’s teeth are like that, too. But he is Mr. Stoic Manly Man who can only be bothered to smirk in pictures anyway so his teeth rarely show. I am really self-conscious about the gaps in my own teeth, so I notice his in pictures but not in day to day life, if that makes sense. I am also a half smiler with my mouth closed in pictures. People say I tend to never look truly happy, but honestly, I look more like “me” and everyone expects that kind of smile anyway. I hate my teeth and was thisclose to getting braces earlier this year but finances changed. I will get them someday.

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  • Wedding: July 2011

My teeth were straight until I turned 17 and my wisdom teeth pushed my other teeth a bit out of alignment.  I didn’t want braces for my senior pictures, and I went away to school , so orthodontics wasn’t an option (I wouldn’t have been able to get back for tightenings).  My teeth weren’t too bad, but I really started noticing them when I got to dental school.  I felt judged because my father was a dentist and my teeth were a bit crooked, which is dumb and vain, I know.  I have braces now, and I am glad I got them, moreso for my professional life than for my wedding.

If you are really self conscious about your teeth and think that they will always bother you, I would suggest going to a nearby dental school.  There are several in CA.  It takes longer but it is a fraction of the cost.  At my school, braces cost between 1000-3000 and we accept insurance.  In private practice in my area, they cost $6000.  I was planning on having a smaller honeymoon or taking the money for braces out of the budget somewhere, but luckily, my orthodontist is a family friend so I’m getting them done gratis. 

A lot of people don’t really notice teeth that are a bit crooked.  In fact, dentures are made to have the teeth a bit out of alignment so that the teeth look real.  It’s really a priority call.  For me, it was my top priority to have a smaller wedding if need be, and to get my braces.  If that’s not your priority, that’s fine too.  It’s definitely a difficult decision to make.  Having teeth that aren’t perfectly straight doesn’t compromise your health, and many times, make you look unique :).

As for whitening, I’d recommend Crest White Strips, Professional Strength.  In My Humble Opinion they are the best OTC whitening products, and use an active ingredient that is similar to prescription bleach.  Unfortunately, rinses aren’t very effective.  I’m going to look for that yahoo article, because that goes against what I’ve learned.

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I also have a gap between my two front teeth.  It is hereditary, and all of the other girls in the family who had the gap have had braces – except for me. 

I don’t love it, and would love to have one of those gorgeous ‘perfect’ smiles – but everyone I know says it is so “me” and that they love it.  I have grown to accept it and become less self conscious about it.  I am hoping that it will be the last thing on my mind on wedding day!

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  • Wedding: March 2011

My teeth are okay, but need the whitening and my FI’s teeth are well, atrocious, but I have put us on a Rembrandt regimine and it has helped my teeth become more white. I didn’t think they were that bad, but my planner hadn’t seen me in about a month and when we had our meeting, the first thing out of her mouth, before she even said hello was, “Wow, your teeth are so white!!!”. I was taken aback a bit, but I am so totally happy that just using the intense Rembrandt toothpaste has helped so much. My FI’s teeth needed whitening really bad and I noticed a difference with his teeth right away; a good difference. He also has crooked and spaced teeth, but that doesn’t bother him or me too much. He doesn’t ever fully smile, so it really isn’t that noticeable in pictures.

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Thank you for posting this!

Oh my goodness- I had a bad dentist who gave me a bad filling, then it got HORRIBLY infected when I was off at college and another dentist said, in response to my excruciating pain, “probably your wisdom teeth.”  I had a complex surgery to remove my wisdom teeth (that had not emerged and were deep in my jaw :/) and then all the while I had this horrible pain.  A golf ball-sized infection formed on the roof of my mouth and I had to have an emergency root canal (what I needed in the first place) and the pain never stopped.  My mother (I was 17) didn’t want to pay for my crown to be put on and she left the temp. filling there.  Meanwhile, my tooth has been falling out in pieces.  Darling Husband says you cannot see it, but I am really self conscious about it.  I smile constantly so I hate stopping my smile.  :/  I have an appointment (finally!) to get a crown put on or whatever needs to be done in January.  But when it started falling out right before my wedding, I was SO upset.  I had to do my best to ignore it and hope no one could notice :/ 

I have to say, I was in love with someone (and he happened to have less than perfect teeth.)  In my opinion, it just added to his charm.  So, whatever your situation is, it probably is not as big of a deal to others ๐Ÿ™‚

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