(Closed) Anyone else work with their SO?

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My hubby & I are both in the same industry… but never worked together.  I think both of us are competitive enough that working together professionally would really challenge our relationship.

My parents, however, have worked together for more than 35 years… and they’re still very happy together.

I would think that if it starts to become an issue in your relationship, than perhaps chaning jobs might be best.  It doesn’t seem logical to let competitiveness at work interfere with your relationship.

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I don’t work with mine now (our career paths were similar at one time but diverged pretty sharply about 2 y ago), but we met at work (he professional, I an intern) and then about 5 years into our relationship, he came for a summer internship at my job. We both have very different professional work styles and skill sets so let’s just say I think things are good the way they are now 🙂 It was weird having him as a boss, and it was weird being his boss.

Navigating professional relationships with a SO is hard! The one thing I found helped was communicating my feelings to him about how we related at work vs. home.

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@yaneres: I feel like you just told my story!! We also work in the same department for almost 4 years, it felt super awkward while dating, but its different now that we are engaged, no one gossips anymore! We both got promoted last year, then he got a better rating than me and I felt a little underappreciated, but happy for him and proud! We also have gone through some recent org changes, so maybe this will provide more opportunities for us both. So yes, you are not alone.

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We work together, and have for about 2.5 years; I love it!  We moved here together, when my husband (then Fi), got a job at our company; we were already engaged when we moved together.  I started as temp a couple months after that, and then became a permanent employee in Feb., 2009. 

Our company is notorious for married couples, so I think everyone was super supportive.  We’ve never heard comments about breaking up, or any negativity at all, really.  Out of about 120 employees, there are 4 married couples and 1 engaged couple at our workplace, so it’s pretty common here.

As far as jealousy in work performance goes, yeah, it happens sometimes.  My husband and I don’t work in the same department, but it’s a pretty small company.  I’ve received Employee of the Month twice so far this year; my husband hasn’t received it even once.  :/  He’s genuinely happy/excited for me, and he would never admit it, but I know my awards made him feel a little bad about himself.  He’s a really great employee, but his department is terrible about recognition.  Idk, I just try to show him extra appreciation and love; he’s employee of the month every month at home, even if he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves at work!

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Buzzing bee
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We both work for his father’s construction company. We are in totally different fields, though, so no competition there! I really like it because we can see each other once or twice during the day, and it’s easier to coordinate vacations, and such. We both always know everything that is going on in each other’s jobs, as well, which I think makes us closer. 

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Ah, my Fiance (boyfriend at the time) and I worked at the same company for a little while.  It wasn’t too bad because we worked at different offices on different teams. When the job economy took a turn for the worst, I took a more stable job.  Once the job economy changed for the better, I started looking for a better job.  I applied at FI’s company/my old company, but decided to go in a different direction.  After I turned down the job, Fiance applied for it.  I was somewhat weirded out that we had applied for the same job – I would have felt jealous if Fiance had been offered more money than me.  As it turns out, though, I was the one who was offered more money.  Poor Fiance, he is smarter than me.  Needless to say Fiance didn’t take the job either.  He was mad that the hiring manager could not offer him the same amount of money that was offered to me.  To this day, the hiring manager didn’t know we were together and Fiance knew that the hiring manager had the funds to offer Fiance more money.  Oh well.  FI is still at his old job and got a promotion a month or two ago (now we are equals 🙂 )

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Helper bee
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Yup. How do you think we met? Innocent I sit roughly 15 feet away from him every day for the last 3 1/2 years!

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Fiance don’t work in the same location, but we work for the same company. We work for a large hospital/health care group here in St. Louis and I work in radiology and he works in tech support. It’s fun. I get to call him with my stupid tech questions and we get to chat on the inter office communicator and things like that. Sometimes I wish we were in the same building, but other times I’m grateful he doesn’t have to witness my crabby work moments lol.

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I met Fiance at work also, he was a new hire and I’d been there a few years.  We work in the same department, but have never worked on a project together (and prefer it that way).  I don’t think our company would allow us to be each others boss though if we were to be promoted to management level.  There’s no competition with raises/promotions between us either, since we’re in a different group within that department.  Its a govt contracting company so our raises are barely keeping up with inflation as it is.

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Fiance and I do work together – same company, but different departments – different buildings, but seriously, the buildings are joined by about a 10 feet long hall, so it’s not a big separation.  It’s really nice because of course we are just a few steps away from each other, and can go to lunch together and everything.  I think it also helps that we know what the other is going through at work and can really understand and relate. 

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My fiance and I work in the same dept, but we specialize in different areas, so we don’t have to worry about working together on projects, except on rare occasions.  The company we work for is like a big family anyway, and there are a ton of married couples that work here, so they are very supportive of us. 

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Fiance and I work for the same company but not in the same department. I’m an auditor and he’s a software developer. Our departments work together on occasion but we’re at completely different ends of the building so we only ever see each-other on lunch. 

People often think that working together and living together is hell but we love it. I’m sure if we saw each other all day it would get a bit old but knowing all of the same people and working the same hours has made our lives a lot easier. It’s also allowed us to only have 1 car payment since there’s really no need for a second car. 

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