(Closed) Anyone else worry that their house will be broken into?

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Do you have an alarm on your house?

I used to feel this way when I lived with my ex, he had his own business and stored a lot of stuff in the garage and I would always be worried that someone knew and would break in. He also pissed off a lot of people so that used to cross my mind a lot too. I was always terrified that someone would come in and hurt my pets. Once I got an alarm I felt a lot better, it was connected to the local police and cost something like $20/month. It was worth it for piece of mind.

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I guess i dont worry about it much. 


I try to only worry about those items which I can control. So we chose to live in a gated community in a good town, we lock the house, keep a light on or TV on at night when we are gone. etc.  We do what we can do protect ourselves, and then just live our lives. 


I dont want my life to be ruled by fear. I take the precautionary steps I can, and then let the rest go.

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@mchitt329:   We had an attempted break in (whoever it was tried to kick in the side garage door) several months ago.  Luckily our alarm system scared them off, and the police came out and did a report.   So, I can’t say enough good things about having an alarm security system, they really do work.  My husband and I were both at work at the time it happened and got the call from the security company who then dispatched the police.

After that we had new heavy-duty deadbolt locks installed on every single door, and the cost was over $1,000 to have it done.  But I feel more secure now, so it was money well spent.

Some people have dogs that help with security.  At night we leave a lot of outside lights burning.  I’m sure other Bees will have some good suggestions, too.

Try not to worry too much! 

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Sure it is always in the back of my mind, but you can’t live your life in fear. If it is going to happen it is going to happen.  I just try to make sure doors/windows are locked before we leave. 

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We have two dogs that are about 100 pounds each, and while one is a big suck, one is actually quite aggressive (we are working on it, have been working on it since we got him). Good luck to whoever tries to get in to my place!

There are so many things you can do to deter people from breaking in… Google it! There are a ton of great and inexpensive ideas that make your home less desirable than another on your street.


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I’m the same way.  I live in a pretty safe area, but a few months ago our neighbor’s house across the street was broken into.  In their case, they left the garage door open and the door unlocked, so someone just walked right in and took what they could.  But it definitely made my Fiance and I reevaluate our own home.  

Talking with neighbors is always good because it will clue you in to any suspicious activity.  I always recommend buying some outdoor lights and putting them on a timer to turn on at night.  People are way less likely to mess with a house if the outdoor lights are on because they’re more likely to be seen doing the act.  Some efficient LED bulbs will offset the extra cost of keeping lights on longer.  Dogs are another great deterrent, even if they’re total pushovers like my dog.  If our dog is startled, she’ll always bark and make noise.

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@mchitt329:  That’s a good idea! A cop that had to come out to my house once (because *someone* forgot the alarm code lol) told me that the stickers are what deters people most of the time.

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Nope. We live in a really safe city (the most prevalent crime is shoplifting, though we have a few meth labs and the occasional OWI and assault) and will not move into one of the less safe neighborhoods. Right now we live in a third floor apartment, so someone would have to be pretty ballsy to break in. 

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I am worried.  But I’m not worried about my things being stolen – I really worry that someone will steal my dog!

Lots of people have dogs for protection, but my dog is really popular and there are constantly stories on the news of them being stolen (more recently at gun point!). 

She’s really the only thing I would be upset about losing in the event of a break-in.

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When I lived at my mom’s house in the summer of 2010, my house was broken into in broad daylight.  It had to happen between 2:30 & 4:00 pm, so you just never know.  (We got an alarm system the next day.)

I told my husband that even though we are buying a house in a safe neighborhood, an alarm system is a must. 

It gives you such an at-ease feeling, so regardless what area you live it, it may be worth the $35 a month.

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@mchitt329:  I worry about this all the time.  I made the mistake a couple of months back of reading a bunch of articles about peoples homes/yards being broken into and their pets being stolen.  I also ALWAYS have had a fear of house fires.


As far as dealing with it, I’m not very good at it. Since reading the stolen pet articles, I have *absolutely* left work at lunch in a panic a few times to race home and make sure our dogs were still there :-/

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